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My Sessions

a lot of my members ask me if I take pictures
or videos of my sessions, the answer is I like to
enjoy the sessions and not be bothered with any
distractions and concentrate in giving my female partner
strongest orgasms that she deserves in my sessions, but
I can describe how usually they go: She comes
the way I instructed to dress usually with a skirt
and black lace panties I ask her to lift her skirt
from the front to show me her panties and to turn
around and bend over to show me her panties again and I
insert the panties in her ass cheeks, give her a
spanking and the session starts by we embracing each other
while standing up, I feel the softness of her skin
smelling her perfume and touching her from the breast
to under the skirt to initiate fingering her panties
covered clit and make her soak her panties and moan
almost fainting in my arms . Me: Does it feel good my
little girl? Her: HHOOO yes Master.... Me: Open
your legs to let me finger your shaved pussy
better! After a good clit fingering session is time for
Over The Knees (OTK) spanking. Me:Is time for you
spanking, over my lap now. I continue to finger her shaved
pussy over the panties while spanking her ass with
my hands and leather spanker. SMACK, SMACK,
SMACK, SMACK... Place her over 2 pillows covered by
few towels tie her hands backwith a rope and tell
her: Me: Raise your ass high and spread your legs wide for
your discipline! I spank her ass, finger her clit
and pussy and let her feel the head of my dick
splitting her pussy lips and tease her with the head of my
rock hard dick. Me: Feel my hard dick my little
girl? Her:Yes Master Me: Do you know why it is so
hard? Her: No, why Master? Me: It wants to fuck you good
my little girl, you are are made to be fucked
good and nothing else. Her: HHOOOO, yes
Master. Me: Being too long during the day needing a big dick
like mine to play with your little pussy? Her Yes
Master I need it very much during the day! Me: Well
now you have it all yours to play with, let it fuck
you the way you need it. Her: HHHUMMMM She was
pushing her pussy to my dick in a way to try to be her
fucking my dick instead of me fucking her.
Me: Is time for you to get your suppository my
little girl! She:Ho Master will it hurt? Me: No it
won't it is for your own good and pleasure. See the
big suppository here? She: Yes Master. Me: Does
It looks good? She:Yes Master! Me: Where is it
supposed to go? She:In My ass? Me:Yes my little
girl, it will be inserted deeply in with my finger
after you spread very wide to receive it. I spread
her ass cheeks with one hand while with my latex
glove covered finger from the other hand tease her by
placing the suppository right at the entrance of her poop
shoot hole and pushing in and out, rimming the tight
light pink entrance. Me: Does it feel good my litle
girl? She: Yes Master, please shove it deeply in. Me: Ok,
it is time for you to take it with no
complaint. HUH She: HHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOO Me: Bad girl, a
spanking will make you get hot to melt the suppository
faster. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, ... Me: Pussy hungry? Time
your fast rough banging! SLOP, SLOP, SLOP,
SLOP, ... She: HHHHOOOOOOO.....(she cums strongly)
Me: Do you
see the long nozzle in this hot soapy water
filled bulb syring? She: Yes (speaking very quietly with
fear expression in her eyes) Me: Do you think is
time for you to feel it sliding in your tight ass
and let the water be injected deeply in to clean the
ass of a naughty little girl like you? She:
Yes Master, please! Me: Spread very wide and stick
your poop shoot hole up for your injection! She:
Yes Master. I initiate to very slowly to play with
the length of the anal nozzle by sliding it in and
out of her tight poop shoot hole. Me: Feels good
my little girl? She: HHHHUUUMMMMM, yes
Master. I squeaze the soapy hot water filled bulb syringe
and she moans of pleasure feeling it be injected
in her tight little hole. WOOOOSSSHHHHHH She:
HHHHHOOOOOOOO, it feels so good.....thank you Master.
Pussy wet and hungry? Is time for more stiff dick
takes one bulb and then another 4 administrations take
place. Me: Would you like your big size butt plug to hold
your enema now my little girl? She: Yes Master,
please. HUH (I insert the butt plug plug all the way
in) Me: Spanking and dick pumping in your wet pussy to
hold your enema for 5 minutes. SMACK, SMACK, SLOP,
HHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO...... Me: Go expel now and coma back
for your next
discipline! She: Yes, Master.She goes over the 2 pillows
covered by few towels
that are placed on the edge side of the bed to make
her ass stick up high on the air for the next
fase of her discipline treatment. I get an ice
cube and iniciate to slide it between her pussy
lips, top of her clit and center of her ass cheeks
and top of ass hole areas. Me: Feels refreshing my
little girl? She: HUUUUMMMMMM, yes Master. Me:
Want to know where it it is going to go? She: Where
Master? Me: In your pussy! HUH She:HHHHOOO...thank you
Master. Me: Cold pussy needs a fast banging by my hard thick
dick. HUH SLOP, SLOP, SLOP, SLOP... Me:And spanking SMACK,
SMACK, SMACK... She:HHHOOOO... Me: What is time
for you to get now my little girl? She:
What? Me: A good plain water cleansing enema via a 2 quart
bag with the dong nozzle. She: Yes Master,
please. Me: But before you will need to take my dick up the
ass, would you like that my little girl? She:
YYYEEESSSS, please Master! I lubricate my dick and her
poop shoot hole with K-Y jelly, giving her a slow
anal finger fuck with her ass cheeks kept fully spread
with my other hand. Me: Finger feels good my little
girl? She: HHHHUUUMMMMM yeah... I start to rim her poop
shoot hole with the head of my hard pole. Me: Want
to feel it going in deep in your poop shoot hole, my
little girl? She: Yes Master, please fuck my ass
good! Me: Let me finger your clit and wet pussy to show you
who is in control here. She:
my little girl? She:
Master you give it so good to me, please keep fucking my
ass, I need it. Me: Do you know why your Master
likes so much your ass? She: Because is
tight? Me: Yes my little girl there is nothing better than
to feel every inch of my dick penetrating your
ass and having your anal muscles squeazing it in as
it enters than feeling you relax them to let my
dick all in deeply in your warm hole. She:HHHOOOOO,
Master I love to hear your erotic words... Me: This
is my way of showing you how much I want to feel you
cumming for me... She: Yes Master I love it nobody
does like you. Me: Open wide to let my dick
penetrate deeply in, I will open your ass cheeks one by
one and keep them open with the pressure of my body
against yours. I pulled the 2 pillows with her on top
pushing her whole waist to let my dick sink in her
Me: Take dick, my
girl, take it deep , it is good for you, you were made
to be fucked up the ass by your Master and
nothing else... I initiate to bang her fast rough and
deep and spank her. SLOP, SLOP, SLOP, SMACK, SMACK,
SMACK.... Me: Take dick my little girl take it, take, take,
take, take, take, take................. She:
HOOOOOOOOO Me: Let me see if pussy is wet! I finger her
pussy and clit again. She:HHHHHOOOOOOO
Me: Now Look at this big Dongue nozzle here,
does it looks good? She: Yes Master, hummm, it is
so big! Me: Is going to go all up your ass now my
little girl, say "Please Master give me my anal
medicine injection!" She: Please Master give me my anal
medicine injection! Me: Good girl, you have been very
bad before and now need to take your punishment
enema as part of your discipline. I lubricate the
nozzle with A&D cream and proceed to very slowly
insert the dong nozzle inch by inch going in and
out teasing her anally sensitive area and fingering her
clit. She: HHHHHOOOOO Once the nozzle is all in I
ask: Me: And now what are you in need of? She: My enema
Master , please give it to me. I release the clamp
and the water flows in her tight ass
finger her clit than
say: Me: Is time for your fast finger fucking and
HHHHOOOOOO Me: Pussy too hungry needs a stiff dick in. I
insert it slowly and let her feel it in, hard inside
her wet pussy, she moves her waist to feel it hard
inside her. Me: Open, open yourself to me, open wide
for my dick that want to fuck you so much and
give you so much pleasure, I want you to feel how
much I want you to cum for me. I hold her hands tied
back by a rope and shove my dick deep in her wet pussy
while she feels the almost empty bag sending the
last drops of water in her pussy. Me: Let your
mind fly isolating yourself from your body just
feeling my stiff dick fucking your wet pussy to drive
you to the Ultimate Orgasm. She:
cums strongly for the
second time. Me: Good
girl, now is time to hold your enema for 5 minutes with
the big size butt plug in your ass while getting
your leather spanker spanking, clit fingering and
gentle "pussy in and out massage" from my stiff
dick. She: HHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO.....Master you drive
my mind ,
body and soul to the Ultimate Level of
Pleasure...... Me: Yes my little girl, now you can see and
feel what
I was trying to tell you before about how it
should be done
right.................................... Ok, this
story happened indeed
with one of my club
members and I posted here as a reminder of such a good
time that we both had and is an illustration of my
style of driving a female to the "Ultimate Level of
Pleasure". Have fun and you can also be one that shares my
of how it should be done right :)

End of Story

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