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My LIttle Waitress

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She danced around the subject all night, Tessa wanted to have some fun in the restaurant. She was feeling my rod under the table and working it into a pretty good bulge when the waitress arrived. Wow! She was gorgeous little blonde thing about 5'6", nice tits, about 115lbs, blue eyes, and a gorgeous tan. She locked eyes with Tess right away and they just giggled at the long stare they were both caught in. We ate dinner and the two of them exchanged more than the normal glances. Tess was staring at her ass every time she walked away and the young lady would look back and smile. I paid no attention trying to act oblivious to what was going on and Tess continued to work my tool under the table. At one point she asked me to come closer in the booth and unzipped my fly and pulled my erection out playing with it right then and there while we ate dinner. The waitress came back and Tess pulled my cock straight up and gave her the view while she took away some plates and filled our water glasses. The waitress licked her lips and said she would be right back.

Tess finished playing with me and stuffed my slorp back into its confines and waited for what we found out her name was Denise the sexy waitress. She took our plates and left us a number and a message to call her after 8pm when she got off that night. It was still only five, so we went for a walk around this store complex and poked around here and there wondering what Denise had in store for Tess. I chided her that those eyes told a story of lust and she wanted to eat her alive, which just made her even more anxious about passing the time. She took me between two buildings and starting kissing me hungrily with that tongue and opening my shorts to relieve the hardened tool in my briefs. Tess knelt down and took me into her mouth and forced it down, enjoying the length with her warm tongue sliding down to the base. It felt so good and I had already been leaking precum from the previous action. It didn't take long given my excitement and her working my balls and cock to send me over the edge and I start draining a load for her right there in the alley. She grabbed my ass and kept it lodged inside her throat until she was satisfied that I had emptied everything into her gullet.

I tidied up. dressed back up and we walked out and by this time it was just about 8pm. We called and she immediately answered Tess with an exciting hello, evidently she had been waiting for the call in her car and had not left the restaurant yet.

We walked to her car and asked what she wanted to do and she suggested going to her place first to change, she did not live far I guess and she lived alone. Turns out she was 24 and trying to finish a nursing degree while working a couple jobs and this was one of the few times she was allowed some free time. Her boyfriend had moved out and she was eagerly in need of some assistance she eluded to later on. Tess asked to use the bathroom once we got to her apartment and she pointed to her room while I sat on the couch down the hall out of visual sight of them both. Denise undressed right in front Tess as she walked through the bedroom I would find out later. Tess close the door and when she opened it, Denise was standing there with nothing on but a black lace thong and some heels. Tess said to her cum to me my little blonde delight and met her just locked eyes and knew what to do, they kissed softly and Tess groped her lobes all over. Enjoying the nice hard nipples springing from her tits, Tess licked them all over for a second releasing them and whispering we shouldn't keep him waiting. Denise said why should we, let's take this action for play and join him in the other room naked together. When the two of them reappeared, they were both naked except for the thongs and heels arm in arm, hands on each others ass. Denise said that Tess told her we shouldn't keep you waiting, so I thought we could stay here and play instead of going out and just fumbling around before the main event. Tess told me I was overdressed and with Denise's help undressed me right there from head to toe of all my clothing, until I was standing there with nothing on but a hard-on. I told the two of them to continue first without me seeing how it was their mutual attraction that led to this in the first place.

With that they kissed and started slowly roaming their hands over each other, pausing to look into the others eyes, looking at their wonderful figures, and losing some control over what was about to happen. Denise laid on the carpet floor with Tess over her and said let me lick it. Tess acknowledged and said we both shall lick it, and turned around and proceeded to 69 her right there in front of me. It was awesome!! I was watching everything and stroking slowly, not wanting to waste this cum for anything other than mouth, pussy, and ass. The two of them feasted on one another for over 30 minutes and couple of body shaking orgasms apiece, but neither would let up, almost as if challenging the other to see who would give. I was enjoying it all and at one point toward the end of this had moved over to lick Tess's anus, which drew a loud moan and my continued anal assault prompted another orgasm. The two let up simultaneously and licked each others face of the cum drenching they had just enjoyed. They peered over to me and Denise remarked that I think it's his turn now, and with that she mounted my face on the couch and Tess went to work on my aching cock. My mind can control my jizz flow when I am doing something else, so licking Denise's pussy was perfect for prolonging this action until they both had been thoroughly satisfied. Denise came all over my face and to my amazement just happen to be a squirter, light but still a squirter, I tickled that clit a little more and she let loose all over my face again and I licked up everything I could, the rest ran down my chest. Tess was enjoying her cock assault on me as usual and licking under my balls and putting them in her mouth one at a time. They were drenching in saliva, she was really hungry. Denise climbed off and asked for a turn and I motioned for Tess to take her place on my face and she noticed the wetness on my chest and licked some for herself. Tess mounted my face and let me taste her pussy, mmmmmmm it was heaven to be between those legs, she took very good care of herself there and I appreciated it and rewarded it with my tongue lashing. Denise went to work with her mouth and was twisting and sucking down my cock with a fury. She wanted my cum obvioiusly and she wasn't going to settle for no response. She licked and sucked hard, very hard, the suction was hot and man was her mouth warm. Those lips did some serious work and then she picked my sack up and went for my ass. Nope, not with her finger, but her tongue, Tess watched and smiled approvingly at this sight. She stroked me while she tongued my peep hole for a good 10 minutes. OHHhhh Mannnnn did this feel sosososo gooooooood. I was losing it very soon, she switched and started sucking me again hard and then stuck her finger in my ass and started fucking me and sucking at the same time. Tess noticed the response I was getting and new it wouldn't be long before I lost it. She was so excited she grabbed my head and ground her pussy and clit into my face. Rubbing that clit on my tongue sent her quivering and she exploded and squirted too all over my face and chest. I licked and started re-sucking that clit and she squirted again hard, this sent me over the edge tasting Tess and feeling the sucking action going on my tool, I erupted with a huge amount of milk right into her mouth. She started licking and couldn't get everything as it spilled from the edge of her mouth. I could hear her starting to gag a little, my cum tank would not stop pumping. She finally came up for air and continued pumping me for more, licking the head and the excess on my stomach. Tess climped off of my face and kissed me hard and licked around my face, neck, and chest. She proceeded further down to kiss and enjoy my cum with Denise. They both started kissing again and enjoying each other oblivious to me in the room after a bit. I couldn't believe my cock was twitching already seeing this action it was no wonder. Denise sucked Tess's tits nicely and everywhere else on her torso that would shiver when she licked. Tess caressed her face and kissed her neck and sucked on her ear lobes, getting all worked up again as Denise placed her fingers in Tess's pussy again and hugged her close. The two of them were in heaven it looked like and I was getting harder by the minute watching all this mesmerizing display of beauties totally consumed by each other, not even paying any attention to another hard dick waiting for them. Denise maneuvered behind Tess and kissed her neck and down her back, then to her ass and pressed her hand so that Tess bent over, ass hiked in the air for that tongue again. Denise parted Tess's ass, dove in starting that tongue again all over her anus and pussy hole. She would alternate between fucking Tess in the ass and then her pussy lips. Tess was massaging her clit after a little more of this titillating young ladies tongue, she was over the edge again, this time moaning loudly when she let loose of her orgasm, barely able to stay up and meet the thrusts of Denise and her tongue. Denise fingered her ass this time and fucked her pussy with her tongue, Tess was rubbing her clit harder and shook again, and squirted all over Denise and the floor. Denise licked the cream and moaned in delight as she licked the sweet nectar from Tess's quivering labia.

Now satiated with that little event, they once again turned their attention to me and my hardness. Denise excused herself and went to the bedroom for a surprise. She returned with some lotion and and double-ended modestly sized dildo. Denise lubed Tess's ass and asked if she would sit on my cock in her ass and then she lotion-ed up the dildo and put one end in her pussy and the other in Tess's pussy. OH my goodness, I nearly blew and breathed deeply to absorb what was happening. Tess had never done dp and this was so erotic. Tess was so much in a state of sexual euphoria, she just went with it and never questioned it when Denise place that cock in her pussy with mine in her ass. I moved slowly as did Denise, grinding the cock into their pussies while played with Tess's hips and ass from behind rocking back and forth. Her head was back and her hands were around my head just consumed by the pleasure, Denise moaned louder from her increased pace as she held onto the head plunging deep in her twat. I started fucking Tess's ass more quickly now and let her feel my length deep within her ass and she was loving it. One hand behind my head the other once again on her clit. Everyone was enjoying this action, sweating like pigs in heat, and nursing along this moment in time for ecstasy when we all let loose like an orchestrated orgasm that shook us all almost apart. Tess came all over me and my cum was oozing out her ass, while Denise was shaking off the remains of her orgasm. We all collapsed, parted in toys and body parts, a cum-filled mess one and all. We sat there a bit, giggled at what had just happened and thanked Denise for her hospitality. She kissed Tess deeply as we left and said that she would definitely love a repeat of this action so that she could mount my cock in both her pleasure holes next time. Tess pointed out that this was most assuredly going to be a monthly event for us all to enjoy.

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