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My Girlfriends Suprise

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My girlfriend?s surprise

Let me start by explaining my marriage. My wife and I are happily married and have been for almost 20 years. We have an open marriage and we swing. We enjoy being with other people and like to watch each other with other people. She is bi and I am straight (I think). Besides swinging together she has her boyfriends and I have been known to have a girlfriend or two. We are both 40ish and keep ourselves in pretty good shape. With that said I can tell you what happened a couple weeks ago.

I have been seeing Julie for a few months. We get together have dinner and drinks and end up having some hot sex. She knows about my wife and has even play with us as a couple. The two of them get along great and have lunch together on occasion. Julie called me and wanted to have dinner. She said she had a surprise for me. I told her to meet me in the bar at the steakhouse we like at 6:30. I called my wife and told her I would not be home for dinner. She responded by telling me she had already talked to Julie and to have fun. I got done at work a little earlier than I expected and got to the bar about 6:00. I was working on my second drink when I spotted Julie at the door and I waved her over.

Let me tell you about Julie. She is 35 5? 6? tall and weighs 130 pounds. She has light brown hair and all the right curves with her 36C tits and an ass to die for. She loves to dress sexy and wear heels. Tonight was no different. She was wearing a skin tight blue dress that fit her every curve and caught the attention of every guy in the restaurant. She had a stunning blonde following her. The blonde was also dress sexy in a low cut red top showing off a great set of tits and a short black skirt. Julie gave me a tongue kiss hello and grabbed my thickening cock for a quick squeeze. She broke our kiss and said ?This is Lori a friend of mine, do you mind if she joins us tonight?? She had a naughty grin on her face and I knew she was up to something. I said sure offered them both a seat at the table and waived for our waitress. We ordered drinks and dinner and started to get acquainted. It was the normal small talk about work but was quickly turning sexual. Julie explained my situation and Lori seemed interested. I was having a hard time paying attention to the conversation with these two beautiful women to look at. Julie snapped me back to reality when she said ?Doesn?t Lori have the most prefect tits you have ever seen?? I blushed a little knowing I was caught staring. We all laughed and ordered a round of after dinner drinks. The waitress brought the tab with our drinks and gave me a funny knowing grin. Julie suggested we get going that she was in the mood for dessert and said that she was sure I would mind Lori going us. I paid the tab and we were on our way back to Julie?s town house.

I sat on the couch with Julie and Lori on either side of me. We talked some more and the conversation was really becoming sexual. Lori leaned in and gave me a kiss. Her lips were soft and parted as she slid her tongue into my mouth. I could feel both of their hands rubbing my thighs. Julie said ?I want some too? and inserted her tongue into our kiss. The three way kiss was making all of us hot and my dick was starting to strain against my pants. Lori broke away and stood up telling she was going to the bathroom to freshen up a little and she would be right back. As soon as Lori was gone Julie asked how I like my surprise. I said she was great. Julie stood up and said we needed to get more comfortable. She took her dress off and removed her bra and panties. She told me I need to get naked and started to undress me. We were naked and back on the couch in no time. Julie stood on the couch straddling me and began to lower her wet pussy onto my face. Julie was moaning and I was licking her close to orgasm when I heard Lori say ?Wait for me.? I felt her warm lips touch my dick. Her tongue was swirling around my head as she took my entire cock into her mouth. Julie grabbed my head, clamped her thighs and shook as she came all over my face. I continued to lick Julie as I was enjoying the amazing blow job from Lori. She was squeezing my balls while bobbing her head up and down on my dick. She was giving me some world class head. Julie fell off of me and on to the couch watching Lori work her magic. I looked down to watch my cock disappear into the back of her throat. At this rate I wasn?t going to last much longer. I told Lori to stop that I was going to cum. She just sucked harder and then slipped her finger into my ass. That was it. I shot my load deep into her throat and she swallowed it all. She kept sucking me till I went completely limp.

Lori stood up in front of me and asked if she could have some of what Julie had. I told her I would love to but that she was over dressed. She had removed her top and skirt in the bathroom but was still wearing her bra and panties. Her bra was a shelf bra holding up those fabulous tits and showing off her hard nipples. She was wearing black satin bikini panties covered her beautiful ass. She said she was really modest and that I could unwrap her if I wanted to. I stood up and kissed her. I could still taste a little of me on her lips. I unhooked her bra as I kiss my way to her firm nipples. She moaned when I nibbled on them. As I kissed my way down her beautiful body my hands were squeezing her hard ass. I was now kneeling in front of her and Julie was next to me. Julie helped me start to slide her panties off her hips. With one quick tug her panties were down. I jumped when her 8? cock fell out from between her legs. I was in shock. I didn?t know what to do and froze. Lori stepped forward pushing her legs against me and pinning me against the couch. Julie grabbed Lori?s stiffening cock and said ?Isn?t it beautiful?? I began to panic. Julie pushed my head forward and rubbed Lori?s dick against my lips. I couldn?t believe it. There was this beautiful sexy woman standing in front of me and she has a great big dick. Without realizing what I was doing I opened my lips. Julie pushed again and Lori?s cock was sliding into my mouth. Julie said ?That?s it, suck her nice cock, doesn?t it taste good?? It felt strange at first. It was hard and firm yet the skin was so soft. I was beginning to enjoy the sensation and the taste was intoxicating. Julie pulled her hands away but I didn?t back off. I was in a trance and couldn?t seem to stop. Lori began to buck her hips against her mouth. I grabbed her ass and began to bob my head in rhythm taking more and more of her into my mouth. I hear Julie say ?He must really like sucking your dick, look how hard he is.? She was right, I was enjoying it. Lori pulled away and looked down at me. She asked if I was ok. I told her I wasn?t sure, that I was more than shocked to discover she had a dick and I was not interested in men at all. But that I was very attracted to her and was really enjoying sucking her cock. She told me I could suck it more later that right now she needed to fuck. I had a look of fear. She smiled and said she wanted to fuck Julie for me and that I needed to get her ready.

I laid on the floor and Julie climbed on top of me. As she lowered her pussy to my face I felt my dick slide into her hungry mouth. As I licked het clit Lori knelt behind her. I grabbed Lori?s dick and guided it to Julie?s slit. Julie moaned around my cock as Lori entered her. Lori?s balls were rubbing against my face as I licked her shaft and Julie?s pussy. My cock made a popping sound when Julie pulled it out of her mouth. She lowered her head and began to lick my balls and ass. She had licked my ass before but now she was starting to finger me. Julie?s pussy was sloppy wet and I knew she was about to cum as Lori pounded her. I felt her begin to shake as she rammed two fingers inside me. She let out a scream and came all over my face and Lori?s cock. I had never seen her squirt that much before. My ass was throbbing. I had never had more than one finger in me before. Lori slowly pulled her cock out of Julie letting it fall onto my face. I licked it clean. I was licking Julie?s pussy clean when I felt my dick slide back into her mouth. Lori lifted my legs over her shoulders and slid her dick next to mine letting Julie suck us both. Julie removed her fingers from me. It was strange. It hurt a little when she put them in but now I felt like I wanted them back in me. That was when I felt Lori?s dick press against my ass. I started to panic again. I was trapped, Julie was on top of me holding me down and Lori had my legs above her head. I could believe it there I was about to get fuck by a beautiful woman.

Julie buried my cock into her throat as Lori thrust forward. Her head popped into me. I didn?t hurt. She slowly pushed all of her thick meat into me. I felt her balls hit my ass. She held still for a minute allowing me to adjust to her size. Julie was sucking my dick like it was the last dick she would ever get. Lori pulled back and slammed back into me. She was fucking me and getting harder with every stroke. I could feel her hitting my prostrate and my nuts started to boil. I couldn?t believe how good it felt and how hot it was making me. A few more strokes and I was shooting the biggest load of my life down Julie?s throat. Julie rolled off of me as Lori pulled her cock out of me. My ass was throbbing and felt sore but it also felt great. Lori crawled up by my face and slapped me with her cock. I looked up at her and she demanded I finish sucking her off. I opened my mouth and she started to fuck my face. I started to gag then relaxed my throat and let her have her way. It didn?t take long and I was trying to swallow as she shot stream after stream into my hungry mouth. We all laid on the floor catching out breath and I was trying to wrap my head around what had just happened.

We all slowly got up. Lori and I got dressed and ready to leave. We all agreed we needed to do this again soon. Lori and Julie both thanked me and said I was a good sport. Julie also said she was sorry for tricking me but she knew I wouldn?t be interested if I had known before hand. She was right there was no way I would even think about it. She asked me if I liked it. I told her it was great and thanked her for a great night. I decided on the way home that I was going to tell my wife I had played with two women and that there was no way I was telling her I sucked and dick and got fucked in the ass.

When I got home my wife was in bed watching TV. As I walked into the bedroom she asked how my night went. I played the evening down and said it was fun. I told her I was going to take a quick shower and I would be in to join her in a minute. After my shower I climbed in to bed. My wife grabbed the base of my cock and asked if I got my dick sucked tonight. I told her yes that Julie and I had some fun. She squeezed my ball looked in to my eyes and ask if I enjoyed sucking dick. I gave her a shocked look and she began to laugh. She confessed that Julie had called her earlier in the day to let her know what her plans were and called her again as soon as I had left to head home. My face turned bright red and I looked away in embarrassment. She told me to relax and began stroking my cock to life. She said we were going shopping tomorrow for a strap-on so she could fuck me as well and that the next time I get together with Julie and Lori she want to be there to watch and play. She made me tell her everything that happened in great detail as she fucked my brains out. The sex was amazing. I don?t think that I am gay or even bi but I do have to admit I am more than willing to suck and fuck beautiful woman with a dick. I am also enjoying my wife?s new strap-on.

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