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My Day at the Tanning Salon

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My Fun Day at the Tanning Salon

I am a 56 year old attorney and my husband and I have a comfortable life living on the North Shore near Chicago. I have been told many times that I have the body of a 36 year old, thanks to a very good surgeon! My husband likes to arrange boy toys for me to have fun with but I have never done anything with other guys until last Wednesday at the tanning salon.

One Wednesday evening I told my husband that I was going to get a quick tan on my way home from work and I would be home in thirty minutes or so. Little did I know what was going to happen to me. I go to a nice place called Almost Florida and it is owned and operated by a family. They have a son and a daughter in their twenties that work there, so there are usually a few of their friends hanging out. When she is there it is usually cute girls dressed in short skirts and cute clothes. When the son, Chad is there, there are usually some hunks there because he was the star of his high school football team and now plays ball for a junior college. Most of them are in their late twenties but look much older.

That afternoon several of the guys were there and when I go to tan, I wear very little clothes because no one sees me and there are less clothes to take off. I had changed my clothes on the train commute and I had on a little white Lenin top and a very short skirt. I noticed Chad and his buddy behind the counter which is up on a platform checking me out so I bent over a bit so they could see down my blouse, which they did, and the one sitting in the chair in the lobby got a good stare at my Brazilian wax job. I could hear their comments as I walked back to the booth.

I was the last appointment of the day and I am sure the guys were just waiting for Chad to close up so he would take them out chasing pussy. One had a Vette, the other had a Boxster and the third had a new Mustang. These north shore kids have it really rough.

Well I went to the booth and got on the bed naked. Just before I put those little goggles on I noticed that I had not shut the door and it was opened a couple of inches. I started to get up and close and lock it but decided not to since no one was around. When my fifteen minutes were up I got up and was wiping the sweat off me and saw one of the guys go by slowly and taking a long look. I also noticed that the door looked like it was opened more to about six inches.

I felt a little tingle between my legs thinking about these guys seeing me naked so I pushed the door open some more and dressed very slowly with my face away from the door. I could hear foot steps walk up to the door and slow down to a halt then walk away. I was really getting wet so I fingered myself to a climax not worrying about who was watching me and I know they were.

I then got dressed and headed for the door to leave. They were all out standing around the door smiling when I came out. As I walked up Chad says,?I hope you enjoyed your tan Mrs. Goldberg. I hope everything was to your satisfaction.? I turned around and got right up in his face and I said, ?It was all very nice and very nice of you to ask.? I was so close to him I could smell his cologne and could also tell that the boy had been drinking some beer.

As I turned to leave he said, ?One moment Mrs. Goldburg. We have a confession to make. He started telling me that one of the guys walked by the door and saw it open and that they all went back and watched me lying there naked while I tanned. I was a bit embarrassed but I made sure that it did not show and I could be cool about it so I said, ?Did you youngsters like what you saw??

Chad answered, ?Yes mam.? I liked his answer but the mam made me feel like his elder. One of the other guys said, ?I have had several women before but none of them had a body as sexy as yours.? I put my arm around him and gave him a hug where he could see and feel my tits on him and told him he was very sweet. He then said that they would like to see more.

I thought that this could really get me in trouble teasing these four young bulls but my instinct took over and I pulled my shirt over my head and start walking around to all of them rubbing my tits on them and letting them cop a feel. Chad said to lock the door and turn off the light and he escorted me away from the front strip mall window.

We went to the back and I asked for a beer and one instantly appeared. I then asked if anyone had some pot and soon we were in a cloud of smoke coming from a little wooden pipe. I had my shirt off and these guys were rubbing me. The budges in their pants were getting more and more visible. Chad was kind of hanging on to me so I made him take his shirt off and started rubbing my tits on his bare chest as I ran my tongue down his throat.

The others follow Chad and removed their shirts and one actually pulled his monster cock out and was stroking it. It was hard a baseball bat and I noticed while kissing Chad he started moving around behind me. I felt is hand raise my skirt and his cock went straight up my very wet pussy with no trouble. I thought to my self, ?Shit. What have I done now and there is no turning back. I?ll just have to fuck all these guys!? Little did I know what was going to happen later that night?

This guy was pounding me from behind while I was still lip locked with Chad but I managed to undo his pants and as soon as his cock was out my head was thrust down on it. He was holding the back of my head cramming his cock down my throat while the other was pounding my pussy. I do not like being face fucked like that but his big massive hands and arms overpowered me and with the slamming from behind on the same cadences they were both maximizing the amount of cock that they were putting into me with each thrust. I was choking and could not breathe. I was getting very scared in one sense but in another it was very erotic and I was climaxing every thirty seconds.

I was about to the point of collapsing and got a break. The guy behind me shot is load. Man what a load he shot. This guy came for what seemed like an eternity then Crad let his load go down my throat. It was either swallow it or die?..I am still alive!

After that they fed me a beer, a couple Geajerameister shots, and a big bong hit. Make that more. Several more bong hits and another shot. Suddenly I was standing there naked when the other two guys moved in. One was a little short and stocky but he had the fattest cock I had ever seen. I told him I wanted to be on top of that thing so we went over to another room that had a small bed in it. He lay down and I climbed up on his massive member. Even though I was dripping cum, I had to work it slowly to get it all the way in. This thing was fatter than a water bottle and he was stretching me out to the max but it was a great ride. Once I go it going I was in cum heaven. I had never has so many very intense climaxes in my life until, the other guy moved in behind me and started to stick his big cock up my ass.

I protested, ?There is no way you can get both of those in there at the same time!? I fell on deaf ears. I started to get up but Chad and his friend grabbed my arms and held me down. I yelled, ?Please do not do this it is killing me.? Chad said, ?Calm down it will just hurt for a moment.? So I relaxed and had the most excreting pain of my life as her slowly pushed the head of his cock passed my rectal sphincter. After the head was in we sat there motionless for about a minute as the pain subsided. The two of them started slowly fucking me again and it was feeling good. I soon pushed my ass back and engulfed all of his big cock up my ass. I started really getting into it and cumming like crazy. The guy on the bottom said, ?Talk dirty to me bitch.? I started yelling, ?Give me that massive cock up my ass?it hurts so bad ?fuck my ass harder?give it all to me ?.I am your cum slut?give me all you cum!? The last was so loud Chad came over and covered my mouth to quiet my screams.

That was all it took. Both of these young studs started shooting their loads at once. They filled me with a quart each. I had never had kids this young and could not believe how much cum they had stored. They had had enough of me for now so I grabbed my clothes and went to the bathroom to clean up. I had cum running out of every orifice and I do not know when it happened but had a big wad in my hair which is hell to get out!

We went to the front door and Chad had the top of his white Vette off. I said, ?Take me for a ride. I have never been in a convertible Vette before.? He said, ?Okay but you have to do me a favor when I ask.? I said no problem. Chad made a few calls on his cell and I asked, ?Where are we going?? He said that we were going to drive by his fraternity and he told all the guys to be looking out the windows from the upper floors at the naked woman in his car.

So when we got there I took off my clothes and was waving to the guys from the parking lot. It reminded me of something from the movie Animal House. I was expecting John Bloushe to yell out the window. Then some one yelled, ?Bring her in!? I said, ?Can we. I would love to see inside a Frat house.? He then said, ?Are you sure? I will not be responsible for what happens to you.? I told him that I was a big girl and could handle anything.

I put my clothes on and we went in to meet the guys. The clothes did not last long because they wanted to see a close up shot. We started doing bong hits and they were doing body shots on me and taking tons of pictures. The frat house and guys were just as I thought but a lot more upscale for Animal House. After playing games and taking pics with everyone I was escorted by the president and a couple of his guys up to a room where they all took turns with me. It was nice and nothing too rough. It was real easy to make these guys cum in a hurry. After they finished two more guys came in and started fucking me. I thought I might have to fuck the whole frat house but after them Chad came in by himself and locked the door. We had a really nice fuck session and after that I dressed to go.

It was three am and I left home at six pm for a thirty minute tan. When I left the room they all cheered for me and clapped. I was really embarrassed but Chad was nice and took me to my car. He said, ?Cum again,? as he left.

I got home and jumped in bed with my husband. He said, ?Where the hell have you been?? I told him that I had been a very bad girl as I guided his cock into my cum filled soar pussy. I told him just to shut up and fuck me tonight and I will explain it all later. It did not take him long to cum because he loves to feel my pussy full of another man?s cum. He had no idea it was more like ten guy?s cum. We did not talk much at breakfast because I was still tired. I e-mailed him this the next day at work!

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