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My 40th birthday

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My wife was working on my 40th birthday which in many ways wasn't looking forward to. She promised me that it would be truely something that I'd never have experienced. THAT SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME!

I knew that after the simple family party with my kids, we were going out to a bar that we'd been to before and I'd seen plenty of female eye candy. Almost all of them, I knew that I couldn't have as most didn't know that we were swingers.

Now I'd been chatting online with several folks and so had the wife. This is what happened:

One of the more bi genteleman friends contacted me and said that he too had a birthday gift for me. I was to meet him at at his lake cabin. When I got there I noticed some other cars parked there, but didn't really give it much thought as his cabin was next to another cabin, so I just figured that they were staying at the other cabin. When I got there, John wasn't anywhere around. He left a note saying that he had to run to the store down the road and would be right back. For me to get in the hot tub and relax. Well I did just that, and after I was in there, I heard someone in the cabin. I asked if it was John, and no answer. Now I started to get out of the tub, when a guy walked in naked as can be and told me that his name was Karl and he was asked to come over. He told me that John asked me to start the party for me until he got back. With that said, he went got into the tub and his hand went straight to my cock. He asked me if he wanted to him to suck on my cock and I told him of course. I loved getting my cock sucked. I sat on the edge of the tub and Karl started to suck my cock. Karl was sucking me so good, that I didn't notice John had returned.

John returned with yet another guy and that guy walked up to me and when I looked up, I saw with his cock near my face. What was i to do, but to take his cock into my mouth. Now at this point I was getting my cock sucked and I wasa sucking another guy's cock. John told both guys that maybe it was time for me to get the rest of my present as he knew that I'd have to get back home in about 2hrs. With that both guys got up and guided me to the bedroom. John laid me onto my back and started to suck my cock again, this time getting on top of me and lowering his cock into my mouth. Karl started to lube my ass for his cock as his was the smaller of them. John held my legs up and Karl started to put his cock into me. Slowly pushing his 5" cock into me. Working me while John was sucking me good. Now the guy that I'd sucked while in the tub was watching when Adam walked into the room. Adam undressed and asked if this was the guy that he was told to come for. John said that it was and it was my birthday. Adam told both Karl and John and Keith that they'd better stretch me good cause he wanted to make sure that I enjoyed him. With that Adam took off his boxers. I never saw a guy that big before. Keith tried to suck him but it seemed to make him harder. I told John that I couldn't take that guy as he was too big and thanked him for the offer. John grinned that he didn't think he ever could either but he had and knew that I'd love it. With that Karl finished pounding my ass and pulled out. I was rolled over and lubed more by John. Then John sprayed something cold on my ass. He asked me if it was cold and I told him that it was. He asked me if I could feel this, as he pushed his cock into me. I told him that I could some and he sprayed my cock again. Fucking me harder and harder. Adam then walked up to me and put his cock into my mouth. I could just get the head and part of his cock ito my mouth when I heard him slap my ass. Yet I didn't feel anything. I asked what was in that spray. He told me it was his own mix of numbing spray. He told me that he found it easier for guys to take his monster cock than with just regular lube. Adam then moved behind me. He spread my checks apart and started to push into me. I couldn't handle him and told him to stop.

Adam told me that he didn't drive 2hrs not to fuck a guy, and pushed into me. I started to cry out in pain, when I felt the cold spray on my ass. This time it was being POURED onto me. Then Adam pushed in slowly but kept pushing. I gasped out loud as I could feel my ass stretching. Adam told the guys that he was going to fill this birhtday boy full, then they'd get a turn at his stretched pussy. Then I felt his hands on my hips, pulling me into his thrusts...fucking me harder and harder...I didn't think he could go as long as he did, but he told me that his own cock got the spray on him and my tight ass felt great. Then I felt it...Adam dumping his load into me. He pulled out and one after the other, the other guys started to fuck my stretched ass. Dumping load after load into me. I'd cum several times myself.

I went to the shower and started to clean up when Adam open the door. I started to wash his cock off when I felt him getting hard again. I looked at him and turned around on my own. I felt him approach me. I felt him pushing his cock back into me. This time, I felt it. He slowly entered me, working me slowly. This time without the spray and he worked me slowly till he got ready to cum. He pinned me against the shower wall, bent me over some more and worked me till he cum in me again.

We got out and cleaned up. When I left, I reached into my pocket and found all 3 guys phone numbers and addresses. Each wrote their own number on a different piece of paper and but only Adam left me a note. Telling me that no man had asked for a second helping of his cock without the spray, so if I wanted to do it again when I "healed", just to call.

I look forward to calling him soon!

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