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Meet You Half Way The Climax

Sue and I got too warm and she slid off me and laid on her side pressing her breasts against me and put one leg over mine.
I got restless and found laying on my belly pretty comfortable.
When I awoke, my hands and feet were tied to the bed posts.
Ha ha I said, ok untie me please. Sue crawled up beside me
and said, there's something I want to try. So just relax
and accept I am in control. (Oh Shit) I thought as I felt my butt getting stroked. What was it she was using causing
goose bumps. A fur mitten or a large feather is my guess.
She untied my arms and legs and said slide to the edge of the bed with your feet on the floor. Yes maam I said as I followed her instructions.
Now move your feet back away from the bed just a little more and I felt my cock dangling off the bed. Stop, thats perfect. She tied my hands to the bed again and blindfolded me. Hey what are you doing lady? Oh hush I told you about paybacks. What!?

Sue used the flavored lube to lube my puckered spot and
letting it travel down my crack and then she spread it on
thicker with her fingers. Thats when the buzzing started
now just relax Michael and the buzzing 6" vibrator
was slid into my butt! Oh my god Sue come on, thats not funny! Don't mean for it to be funny! As she slid herself under me and took my cock in her mouth and started stroking and sucking my cock. She occasionally squeezed on my balls when I would ask her to pull out the vibrator. Then she reached between my legs and started to pull it out of my dark, now numb hole.
A couple inches out of me and she pulled on the stick and went probing for my prostrate.
She pushed right up by it and I was going crazy wih the stroking, sucking, and now the serious buzz I was receiving internally. Oh god, Sue I'm cumming!!! She deep throated my cock and and put the squeeze on her control stick and I shot load after load into her waiting throat. As she sucked me dry, I begged, please Sue make it stop!
Oh my god, sorry. She pulled out the vibrating demon and
sucked another little squirt of cum out of my cock. MMMMmmm, Michael, that was greatest payback I've had in quite awile. Happy you enjoyed it I smiled. She untied me and we hugged.
Guess its time to clean up and head for home hey, she said.
Yeah as much as I don't want to I know we should. We jumped
in the shower washed each other head to toe. We toweled each other off hugged and kissed one final time fully naked.
Getting dressed seemed foreign considering the whirlwind sexathon we had just completed. Call me in an hour and we'll talk each other home. Ok but I have to call Carl and then I know I'll have to recharge the battery. Didn't seem
to be a problem for the little demon I chuckled. No, Sue smiled, it worked just the way I dreamed it would. Thanks Sue this was spectacular. Your welcome Michael. And I agree it was indeed. We walked out the door towards Sue's car. We hugged and kissed one last time. So long Sue this was sure a hot day. Thank You Michael, yeah we did alright for a chilly fall day.

End of Story