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Meet You Half Way 3

Sue woke up first. We napped about 20 minutes. She rolled
off of her mount and laid next to me. She stroked my sleeping body and I roused quickly. Hi there, I said.
Feel like a shower Michael? Yeah, that would be a great idea.
We got out off our mushy water bed and headed for the bathroom. To our surprise, there was a large shower with two hosed shower heads. One at each end of the stall. We stepped in and soaked our somewhat sticky bodies a few minutes.
Sue stepped towards me with a shower mit and vanilla shower
gel. Michael she said, I have a confession to make. Oh Sue,
no you don't have to confess anything. Yeah I do. I spoke
to Carl this morning while I was driving down here. I told
him what I was doing. He was so excited and gave me his blessings as long as I share all the details with him when he gets home.
I understand Sue, cuzz I called Ann on my drive too.
Hey we have great spouses, why ruin it with this right? What did Ann say Sue inquired?
She wants a play by play tomorrow night when she gets home
and some wicked action too. I pulled Sue tight to my soap
slickened body and kissed her pushing my tongue into her
mouth and swirling my tongue with hers. Ok, now lets get
you all washed and rinsed. With that she encased my cock
with the soapy mit and stroked me to a full erection. Oh dear, I seemed to have a swelling problem. Sue grinned, I can fix that in a few minutes. Sue brought down the shower hose and rinsed every inch of me. Your turn lady I said taking the mit and applying more gel to it. I washed Sue with the care to detail she used on me. Soaping her entire body, I take off the mit and started washing with my hands. Stroking her luscious breasts paying special attention to her inch long nipples. It was hard to pinch them too slippery. Caught them with my finger nails and she squealed as I dragged them between my fingers. Next stop was her pussy lips where I stroked her smooth lips paying attention to her hooded clit. She jumped when I made good contact with it.
Proceeding further along the crack I arrived at her anus
which while I plied a finger in she wiggled and letting out a very hushed YESSSS.
Standing behind her, I put my arms around her and stroked up and down the length of her body. Hey mister you're pushing alot of my buttons ya know. I bent her over and took the shower head, set it for gentle rain and applied it to her fine ass and pussy. As the soap ran down her legs I slid my hands over her silky skin teasing her clit a bit more before surprising her when I pushed my cock in her loosened puckered butt. Oh Michael! you devil you. Pay backs are hell you know.
I pulled almost all the way and slid it back in pushing until my balls were kissing the flesh of her butt cheeks. We got a rhythm going and Sue played with her clit bringing her close to an orgasm. You better hurry I'm cumming Sue moaned. Picking up the pace, Sue flexed her sphincter and made a tight fit even tighter I'm not gonna last, me too! We came almost losing our balance on the slippery floor. I shot my load deep into her bowels. Ohhhh Miiiiiccccchhhael
she moaned as my swollen cock finished spilling my seeds.
We stood still a minute. When we caught our breath, We finished our shower and toweled each other dry.
Sue fell to her knees and sucked my cock all the way down her throat or so it seemed. Not be outdone, she pushed a finger right inside my anus her attack ended by hitting my prostrate forcing a very quick shot of cum to her waitng mouth. Told Ya she purred, paybacks.
To Be Continued

End of Story