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Love In Reverse

She was enjoying herself, she realized to her delight and with
not a little shock... she was actually enjoying herself. It was
mostly, she understood, because of the heat of pure lust that she
could feel eminated from his body, even as he moaned and twitched
beneath her ministrations, but still, this was more fun than she had
imagined it would have been. And she felt a wicked smile curling on
her lips, knowing that she was startling him... perhaps even
frightening him... with the intensity of her present attentions. And
had it really only been two hours since it had begun? It seemed much
longer. It seemed timeless. And however long it had been, above all it
had been wicked and wanton and heavenly.
It had begun as a shock, for both of them, but mostly for him.
Oh, they had discussed it before, briefly. She had even had him once
write a story for her about what it might be like. But when she
finally had decided to attempt it, had gathered the instruments she
would need and laid out her plans, carefully, step by step, she did so
almost with a disbelieving smirk that it would ever come off the way
she would have liked it to. But it was, in every detail. In fact, in
some ways, it was even better.

She had been in the city for most of the week, enjoying the
sights, meeting on-line friends, exploring this strange environment.
And they had spent time together, stealing away to share moments in
each others company when nothing else was planned for her. It was
lovely, and the electricty between them had been just as strong in
person. She had surrended her body and soul to him and her reward had
been a shattering night of purest lust and the essense of gentle love.
He had quickly brushed against her limits of endurance and gently
pushed her beyond them, turning the next entire day into a swirl of
wanton abandon and giggling fulfillment. And again, at other times
they had enjoyed their deepening relationship. But then, as her time
was drawing to a close, she had gone to lunch with a couple of friends
she had originally met on-line, and blushingly mentioned her curiosity
about that other side of things. They knew him as well, and all had
shared a giggle over the image. And then they had encouraged her... if
she wanted to... do it. And with a smile, and a faint throbbing deep
in her sex, she had decided she would. She had slipped from the chair
at the restaurant where they were sharing a quiet lunch, and went to
the phone. When he answered, she had automatically addressed him with
the repectful 'Sir', as always... but then she suddenly heard herself
beginning to tell him what she wanted him to do... she was instructing
him... and with a tingle along her spine and the noticable budding up
of her nipples she realized she was enjoying it... His breathing
deepened as she knew he was realizing what was happening, and although
his tone remained low and even, she could hear it recede slightly,
taking on an awed and humble edge.
"Yes" he had acknowledged, when she had finished telling him
where she wanted him and exactly when, and how prepared.
"Yes what?" she heard herself say into the phone, a
disapproving tinge to her voice.
"Yes..... Mistress" he virtually whispered, and she felt her
sex clench at the sound of the word.
Yes, she decided as she hung up the phone and turned back
toward the table where she knew giggling and squeals of excitement
waited once she had informed them of what she'd done... she was going
to thoroughly enjoy this game...

The room had been prepared and she lounged on the bed, tense
and anxious, awaiting his arrival. She suffered a momentary flash of
panic when she wondered what to do if he arrived late. Certainly, she
would have to punish him for that disobedience, but how? It was
difficult enough for her to arrange to shock him even as it was...
however would she go beyond what she had already planned to occur? She
dismissed the thought and tried to focus on the program droning on the
tv set, failed and began flipping through the channels, grateful that
the hotel had provided a remote control for that purpose.
The phone rang, causing her to flinch visibly, startling her.
She quickly picked up the reciever and heard his voice, telling her he
was downstairs and asking permission to come up. Asking permission!
She smiled to herself and quietly gave her ascent, the edge of amused
tolerance in her voice. Even as she hung up the reciever she was off
the bed, moving the turn off the set and take one long, slow scan of
the room, assuring herself that what he had provided for her the past
few nights, she would now return to him, and with interest...
There was a knock on the door and she took a moment to stand
perfectly still, drawing in a deep, steadying breath, before moving
down the little hallway and turning the knob, pulling it slowly open.
There he stood, in the hallway, attired exactly as she had
ordered... the boots, the black jeans, black shirt, the long black
coat. His gaze fixed on hers and he smiled, that soul stealing smile
which caused her sex to throb and moisten to recieve him. But then his
gaze trailed down her body, his eyes widening in surprise as the
vision she presented. For she had attired herself to suit the role for
tonights exploration. The long boots hugged her slightly parted legs,
the stockings terminating just below her bare sex, above which the
bustier held her tightly, gripping her up to the demi-cups which
cradled and held her breasts, ending just below where the already
tight and tingling nipples stood revealed. She could see his
expression go from surprise to pleasure and then begin to glaze
slightly as his mind drifted down, tapping at the door of that
subspace he had not known for so long.
"Come in" she said, her voice strangly firm even in her own
ears, as she turned away, back toward the room "and lock the door."
She did not look back as he entered, closing the door quietly
behind him and slipping the locks into place. By the time he moved
down the little hallway, past the mirrored closet door and stepped
into the expanse of the room itself, she was already returning to the
bed, lying down in a luxuriant pose.
She could see him begin to smile as he watched her settle into
place, and part of her wanted to simply open her legs and order his
tongue to caress and stroke her clit... but she wanted to take her
time with this game... and perhaps make him wonder just how much of it
was something more than idle play.
She nodded and spoke.
"Just there, baby. At the foot of the bed. Stand."
She saw him close his eyes for a moment, could almost feel the
abandon beginning to well up in him, and her own body began to ache,
recognizing what he must be feeling from her own deep soul. But he
opened them again quickly and stepped slowly to the place where she
had indicated, his body tight and coiled as if to aviod exploding.
She lay, staring at him, sweeping her eyes slowly over him,
noticing the firey gleam in his eyes as he looked at her. She smiled
and began to savor the moment.
"Hands behind your back, I think" she said, and as his arms
drew back, disappearing behind him, she could feel her pussy well up
with further wetness.
"So" she said, quietly, teasingly... "you've had quite a nice
week, fucking and tormenting me, haven't you, Jon."
"Yes" he said, his voice virtually a whisper, and that too
caused her body to well with a dull aching. She drank in the feeling
and let it settle through her before she sighed slightly and
"Well, tonight, it's time to pay the piper for all that fun.
Tonight I'm going to have the fun... and you're going to do exactly
everything I say, understand?"
"Yes... Mistress."
She moaned and smiled, relaxing now and beginning to enjoy the
game... and to understand that, yes, she could order him to do
anything she wanted... ask any task, demand any sacrifice, any
attention... and he would do it.. fully and completely, without
question. Perhaps there really is something to this Domming thing
after all, she mused momentarily, before she shook herself out of the
building reverie and focusing on him once more.
"You do know, don't you, that your cock belongs to me" she
said, feeling the moisture in her sex begin to slip out of the lips.
"Yes, Mistress" he said, his breathing beginning to become
more rapid now.
"And your mouth, and your hands and your ass... they all
belong to me and only me."
"Yes, Mistress" his voice barely managed, shot through with a
quivering tightness.

She could feel her own breathing growing tighter, more rapid,
as the excitement welled up in her, the ache in her pussy now palpable
and demanding. Yes, she realized, she could own him if she wanted to.
Own him totally, body and soul and forever, just as he could own her.
Without even realizing it her hand slipped down, brushing over her hip
and slid to her sex, sliding between the now glistening lips and
finding her clit. At that first brush she whimpered as the wave of
pleasure rolled through her... and she could see in his face an agony
of bliss as he watched her, which caused her to drive two fingers deep
into herself. The deep shudder of pleasure at this impaling caused her
eyes to roll closed and she moaned, a long, animal sound. And in her
reverie, she almost growled...
"You're my fuck slave, Jon."
Beyond her drifting, tightly shut lids she heard him merely
whimper softly, like a hungry dog.
The cumming bubbled through her, expanding, as she impaled
herself on her own fingers, stroking herself hard and deep, feeling
the surface of the growing orgasm fill her.
"Will you be collared by me...... forever" she groaned...
"Yes, Mistress" he hissed, his entire soul leaping toward her
in the affirmation...
And the bubble inside her exploded, incinerating her in a
flashfire of orgasm as visions of him, under her hands, under her
power, under her control flashed through her mind.
She drifted for a long, timeless moment, savoring the rippling
of the orgasm as it played out through her from her toes to her
fingertips... then she sighed deeply, and opened her eyes.
He was standing, just where he had been, only now his eyes
were wild, alive with a brilliance she understood could only come from
a torment of unfulfilled lust. She grinned and allowed herself a long
stretch, followed by a deep giggle.
"Did you like that, baby" she whispered.
"Yes, Mistress" he said, his voice sounding distant now.
"So did I" she said, a wicked smile in her voice. "But now
look at what a mess I am. I need to be cleaned up. But first, I want
to see my property. Strip for me baby. Put on a good show for your
She could see his eyes focusing slowly as the words were
absorbed into his fevered mind, and then the slow, almost proud smile
played out on his lips and his hands slowly reached for the lapels of
his long coat.
"Wait" she said, suddenly. "Music. I want a real striptease
from you, baby."
He looked confused for a moment, but she nodded toward the
television behind him. Again the smile returned to his lips and her
turned away, crossing to the tv set and pressing the power switch. It
instantly came on, the screen showing a text readout from the lobby
about various services offered by the hotel, and the speakers began to
ooze a slow, almost languid jazz song.
He turned back from the tv and fixed his gaze on her. Then, on
the beat, he stepped toward the bed, flipping the long black coat off
his shoulders and letting it trail down behind him, as if it were
being dragged from his body as he moved slowly closer.
My God, she realized, he's really doing it... he's really
stripping. And her attention perked.
A few feet from the end of the bed he stopped, and slowly
began to undulate in time to the deep beat of the music, his eyes
fixed on her, burning, challenging... coaxing her to enjoy him. And he
stripped.... slowly, teasingly opening and discarding first his shirt,
then his boots, then his jeans and finally, with a sudden, startling
jerk, tearing the velcro clasps on the hips of his breifs and
revealing his already hard and throbbing cock.
She was aching again, throbbing and even wetter than before,
as she raised her knees and parted her legs as far as she could get
them, reaching down with both hands to pull apart the lips of her
pussy. He moved slowly, tiger-like, toward the bed, leaning down onto
his hands and crawling slowly towards her, settling down onto his
chest, his lips moving smoothly to her pussy and then she felt his
tongue against her clit and she moaned with a deep shudder as the
waves began afresh.
"Oh shit" she whined as the pleasure rippled through her "I
wanted to tie you up first, ooooooh fuuuuuuccckkkkkkkk..." and then
she was cumming once more, this explosion more a rolling wave of
release, like a breaker sweeping her off her feet and carrying her
along. She reached down, laying a hand on the back of his head and
pressing him, hard, against her pussy. He answered with a stabbing of
his tongue into her pussy and then a fluttering across her clit that
sent aftershocks, like tiny firecrackers, popping through her stomach.
Suddenly she pushed his head away, with a firm "Stop!" and
then fell back on the bed, almost spent. This was crazy, she thought
to herself. He's been here five minutes and already I've cum twice....
and I couldn't help myself.... No, I've got to get some control here.
Got to focus.
"Kneel" she gasped "on the floor" gesturing vaguely with an
arm towards the foot of the bed "there".
She could feel him slither quickly back off the bed and she
allowed herself one long moment to savor the fading scream of pleasure
that was just echoing away from her flesh, before drawing in a deep
breath and mentally shaking herself free of the clutches of her own
abandonment. She sat up and looked over the foot of the bed.
He was kneeling there, in the same posture she had been
taught, back on his haunches, back straight, eyes downcast, hands
resting on thighs, awaiting her pleasure. And the sight of him caused
her to stir yet again. But this time she decided to hold off the
obliteration of pleasure and abandon herself instead to the game she
had planned.
She slid off the bed and stood, stopping to allow her head to
clear a moment, before moving to stand beside him, gazing down at him.
"Very good, baby" she said, her voice soft and soothing, as
she reached out and gently stroked his beard. His eyes closed and he
nuzzled against her hand for a moment.
"Now, you don't move. Stay right there."
She withdrew her hand and turned, moving to the dresser and
pulling open the top drawer which she had earlier filled with the
impliments for tonight's game. she pulled them out quickly, laying
them on the dresser and closing the drawer before scooping up the rope
and other toys and moving back to where he knelt, unmoving, obedient.
"Kneel up" she said quietly, and he was suddenly up, his body
straight from shoulders to knees.
"Arms back" she said, and he crossed his wrists at his spine.
She went down on one knee, looping the end of the rope around the
crossed wrists and quickly binding them together, snugly. Even as she
did so, the idea of his helplessness before her... his submission to
her wishes and desires caused her nipples to throb all the harder and
her sex to begin tingling yet again.
When the last of the knots was in place at his wrists she
"Up, baby" she said, and watched as he slowly, carefully rose
to his feet. She shifted the next toy in her grasp and stepped up
close behind him, her mouth leaning in to whisper in his ear.
"Open that sweet mouth, baby" she breathed, at the same time
looping the center of the long, leather thong with the red ball on it
over his head and drawing it close into his mouth, pulling back on it
He let out a small, startled sound as it slipped back, pinning
his jaw wide open, and the vulnerability of it made her groan in
growing lust.
She tied it off behind his head and pressed herself against
his back, grining her hips into him with a contented sigh.
"I'm gonna r*pe you so good, baby" she intoned, savoring her
prize and her power. Then she pulled back, placed her hands on either
of his shoulders and pushed, hard, causing him to crumple back to his
knees. She pressed hard and his body bent, his chest falling over the
foot of the bed. Under her hands, she could feel him trembling.
"Don't...... move" she said, a strange new force in her voice,
and on in impulse, she drew back a hand and swatted his ass, hard. She
felt a light-headedness invade her at his answering, helpless whimper.
She strode back across the room, gathering up the rest of the
toys from the top of the dresser and moving back to stand beside him,
laying her impliments on the floor beside him. She picked up the
candle and lighter, and set the taper to glowing, then inched closer
to him, until she half stood, half knelt beside him.
Reaching down with one hand she gently began to stroke his ass
in long, slow, loving sweeps, allowing her fingers to slide down and
tickle the tight bud of his asshole, and was rewarded with a deep
shiver. At that instant, she let the first drops of the blazing wax
fall onto his ass.
The gag muffled his startled cries, but the violent twitching
and jerking almost knocked her off-balance. She shifted, lifting her
knee and placing it across his shoulders, pressing down hard, holding
him in place as more of the stinging wax splashed over his skin. His
legs kicked out and almost in a reflex she swatted his ass, hard,
causing his entire body to shock to a tense stiffening, which quickly
melted into a momentary limpness until the next sting of the molten
wax would drive him to fresh shudders. Again, she swatted him and let
the wax fall, in short streams now, a rhythm begining to establish
itself between the hard, resounding slap of her hand and the gutteral,
muffled moan he emitted under the flow of the blazing fluid over his
And Susan felt herself beginning to drift in an unfamiliar
way... her own body twitching slightly along with his, as if it was
she that was being tortured. And she was vaguely aware that, if she
kept this activity going, she might achieve something very like
cumming, though it would be an orgasm in her soul instead of her body.
She had no idea how long she continued the torment, but by the
time she blew out the candle and reached down to drop it on the floor
and scoop up the flogger, his ass was glowing a bright red, cut
through with streaks of broken, cooling wax that ran down his
thighs... and he was keening a low, constant, mindless sound behind
the gag.... lost somewhere in the overwhelming waves of sensations,
compounded with his love of her.
She began lightly with the flogger, first dragging it slowly
over his tender, enflamed ass in slow circles, tickling him and
causing him to shudder under the feeling. But then, she flicked her
wrist, and it landed on him with a light slapping sound and his gasp
was beyond anything she could have imagined.
She felt herself press down harder with her leg across his
shoulder and struck him again, harder this time, milking another gasp
from his gagged mouth. Her pussy was tingling steadily now, the
moisture oozing between her lips and wetting her inner thighs and she
began to flog him in earnest. She slid one hand down, a fingertip
finding her clit and began to stroke herself in time to the sweeps of
the lash as they slapped loudly on his ass.
She could not believe how powerful she was feeling, how
Goddess-like... as if the thongs of the flogger were hot sparks of
fire eminating from her very fingertips as they seared his skin and
made his soul leap into chasms for her. She imagined herself milking
his soul from his body in a glowing ball of tender light with the
power of her transcendance and snatching it from the air, shoving it
deep into her pussy and absorbing it into herself, letting it sear her
insides as it became part of her and exploding with cumming and
cumming as it dissolved inside her until she could taste it in her
She came yet again, a shattering sensation and had to lean
over his body, bracing herself with both hands to keep from falling to
the floor in a heap. He was sobbing now, his body wracked with small
convulsion as the tears flowed into a dark stain on the bedspread.
She pushed herself back until she was sitting, half-limp
herself, beside him, reaching out and as gently as she could, laying a
palm on his enflamed ass. He screamed when she began to rub him,
gently, feeling the heat of her punishment of his flesh warming her
"Do you still love me, baby" she whispered, half lost in a
reverie. His sobs erupted afresh and his head nodded passionately,
smearing the stain of his tears on the bedcovers.
She leaned down on her elbow and gently drapped herself over
him, savoring the moment. Yes, she did own him... as much as, perhaps
more than, he owned her. They owned each other now. And she could see,
having tasted, the heady power of his blazing that was given for
her... only for her...
And now, she thought, blissfully, only the consumation
remains... the wedding night... the sacrifice, to bind them together
forever, beyond all sundering.

When he was able, she helped him crawl, slowly, painfully, up
onto the bed and gently turned him over on his back. With the extra
rope she had attached to his bound wrists, she secured them to the
legs at the foot of the bed.
She coaxed up his nipples and clamped them, causing his
half-lost mind to shudder and force yet another moan from his body.
From behind the headboard of the bed she pulled the loose ends
of the ropes she had secured there in preperation for his sacrific,
gently raising each of his legs in turn and securing them, so that he
was half lifted, his legs high in the air and pulled wide apart, his
back curved, his hands stretched out toward the foot of the bed, more
totally helpless than ever she could imagine him.
She was half-dreamlike as she took the thin strands of the
softer rope and cinched his balls, drawing it tight and tieing his
cock in overwinding strands, causing it to bulge, the veins to throb
angrily, deep red and needy as it helplessly oozed the clear pre-cum
from it's tip.
She was moving almost in slow motion as she wrapped the
harness around herself and buckled it tight, then stroked the dildo it
contained with slick lubricant until it glistened.
She crawled up onto the bed between his captured, helpess,
open legs, reached down to take chain between the nipple clamps in one
hand even as the other guided the head of the dildo against the tight
bud of his ass.
She pressed forward, just enough to feel the head open his ass
and lodge there, savoring the deep gasping moan his shattered soul let
fly with... and with her slick hand reached down to wrap his cock in
her fingers.
She idly thought that someday, if she ever trusted any Domme
enough, she would let her perform this possession of him, even while
she took his budging, tortured cock deep into her pussy, and the two
of them would r*pe him together. She knew what that feeling was
like... that overwhelming, penetration in both places at once, and it
was something she would like to draw from him... to savor from
him..... to feed on from him....
And as she lightly pulled on the chain, stretching his
nipples, she pressed her hips forward, driving the length of the dildo
deep into his ass, and began to stroke his cock.
And she r*ped him. She r*ped his body, which was flung into a
bottomless pit of endless, thoughtless sensation... she r*ped his
mind, which melted to nothingness... she r*ped his heart, which welled
up and flew out to her keeping, even as the tears flowed, and the sobs
began afresh... and she r*ped his soul, which she now knew belonged to
her forever....

Yes, she thought... I do like this.... and I hope, oh I pray
that next time my sweet Master whom I now own, will want a terrible,
delicious, overwhelming and loving revenge...

End of Story

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