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This is a fiction, a composite of true events, but at the end of the day, still fiction. So take it easy?

The day after my high school graduation I stuffed a small backpack with some clothes and a camcorder and jumped in my friend Peter?s car. We left New York together. He was heading towards Miami for a summer job on the beach, and I rode with him through to Georgia. From there, I planned to thumb it west in anything but a direct line.

I was young and hot. And as an eighteen year old guy, I could never get enough sex. So I had the idea I?d pay my way across the country by blowing truckers along the way for rides and food and a little extra cash. I didn?t have to. I was a trust fund kid. But the idea sounded fun.

I romanticized the road like everyone else. But in my dreams the road offered a way down, not a way out. I dreamt of becoming a hustler. Getting treated rough by johns, sucking cock for a few dollars, shivering in the rain while I waited for the next guy. These were usually the ?reality hits? scenes in the movies. But to me that was the goal. Like I said, I tended to romanticize things.

Peter and I parted ways in Atlanta. I thanked him for the ride, and I saw him about to say something. But he just told me to keep in touch. He was worried about me I could tell. I promised I?d post video journals so he could check up on me.

So with exactly $60 in my pocket and no credit cards, I thumbed my way out of Atlanta towards Birmingham, west to Memphis, down to New Orleans, back up to Chatanooga, almost full circle back to Atlanta where I started from in about 6 weeks. And I fucked the whole way. Mostly I fucked for small money. The most I ever got was $40. When I could I traded my ass for what I needed to live on and nothing more. I let a few truckers fuck me for a ride. A short order cook fucked me for a hamburger and fries. Once I let a guy fuck me for a pack of smokes. I let guys take care of me for a couple days, then I moved on. It was in Chatanooga that I met Ryan.

He pulled into the gas station right when I came out of the bathroom. I?d just finished giving a fat guy a $5 lunchtime blow job in the bathroom and was following him out when Ryan and I saw each other. We eyed each other in the way we both knew what it was about. There?s a look that guys give, different from a drug transaction, where we just know.

I changed directions towards the pick-up. I?m not one for pussy footing. Can you give me a ride? I asked. He asked me my name. Mike, I said.

He was in his forties maybe. He dressed in jeans and a cowboy shirt, looked like he worked with his hands. I could see the bulge of his cock through his jeans, and he saw that I could see. Hop in, he said.

I got in his truck and he asked me where I was going. Nowhere in particular, I said.

So you have time, he said a matter of factly and eyed my backpack. Yes, I have time.

I?m heading to Kentucky, he said, and asked if I wanted to see his place. Sure, I said, sounds good.

We headed north for what seemed hours. I?m not sure where we ended up. But it was dusk when we pulled up to his place. There hadn?t been many houses on the backwoods road, and his place looked like he?d built it himself. He had a tidy place and a stable some ways off. A couple dogs greeted us as we drove up. I heard a horse whiny somewhere.

He opened the door for me, and I walked in then turned around and dropped to my knees in the doorway. He pushed his hands against both sides of the door frame as I unzipped his jeans and let his cock slip out into my hand. It was soft and veiny, like boiled bratwurst. I wrapped my mouth around his cock and it hardened in my mouth. I was giving this man his fantasy, I thought. I was a coy boy toy giving this lonely guy the fuck of a lifetime. And he let me play that out for a while.

But then he yanked my hair back, and the moment he bent me over on his entryway rug and slammed his cock into my ass, I knew I?d misjudged things.

His cock was about the size of my forearm and he wielded it like a club. I could feel him in my gut trying to split me open. Yes, this is what I?d been dreaming about, I thought as he fucked me like he hated me. I was so naïve.

When he finally came, I was a crumpled heap in his doorway. I could feel cum dribbling out of my ass still pointed up. Warmth dribbled down my thighs. Then he turned me around and told me to eat my ass off his cock. I obeyed and sucked him clean.

He sauntered naked over to his kitchen and opened a beer. You want something he asked. I didn?t move from his doorway. Sure, I said. He came back with a huge dog bowl and a bucket. He looked at me, not for permission exactly, but searched my eyes to see if I?d resist. And what he saw there I think, was not only surrender, but gratitude. Whatever it was, he said, Follow me.

He walked the dog bowl outside. And I followed him naked into the night with both dogs to either side of me. We walked about a block in backwoods measurements to his stable. Inside were a couple horses. He pointed to an empty stall and I went in. It had lots of hay. He put the dog bowl down and hosed in some water, then he pulled up a trough and dumped the bucket of slop. He fitted my neck with a dog collar and chained me to the stable wall.

Eat, he said. I crawled over and put my face into the trough, and as I lapped through what tasted like gristle in grits, he slipped his whole hand into my ass. I jumped. Eat, he soothed. I squealed. EAT, he said. I ate, while he slowly worked his arm in. I moaned and the slop dropped through my teeth. There, nice, eat, he said.

The next morning I woke up in the softness of hay. I could hear Ryan feeding the horses and rubbing them down. He came into my stall and turned the hose on me. Clean urself up, I don?t want no shit in ya?. I washed myself as he watched me. Then he bent me over and gently put the hose in my ass, then sponged me down, almost lovingly. Make yourself pretty, I have friends coming in from far away to meet you.

All that day I heard trucks pull up outside. Hearty greetings exchanged. Truck after truck. They seemed to go into Ryan?s house. And their voices muted, but I could tell they were getting drunk.

Late that night, I awoke to a commotion outside, and the stable door opened.

I looked up from the ground, and faces peered into the stall. They were hard-living faces. Local faces maybe. Drunk, unshaven. Their numbers receded into the shadow behind them.

Boys, meet Tanya. Tanya, say hi to the boys. God he?s so young, I heard one of them say from the darkness.

I said hi. And the stable erupted in laughter as if I?d said something funny. Hey there Tanya, one of them said, you feel purty Tanya?

Yes, I feel pretty. I smiled. They howled.

Ryan handed me some shots. Bottoms up. I drank. No, put your bottom up Tanya. I bent over and raised my ass to the sky. I felt a needle in my ass. He injected me with something. Consider it lubricant, it?ll relax you open, I heard him say.

The first few guys tumbled in. And in seconds I was getting fucked from behind, fucked in my mouth, and holding on to two cocks like handrails. Some time, in between cocks, someone pissed in my mouth. It was like a pause. Then the fucking started up again. My asshole throbbed open from the constant pounding. In between turns, I could feel my ass lips hanging out like meat flaps. It was like a wind tunnel.

My ass got fucked two at a time. They fisted me like machine gun fire. Must?ve been the injection. My asshole felt it could take a tree trunk, and I think it must?ve. They were drunk and mean and competitive. My young eighteen year old body wimpered.

Time measured out cock by cock. I don?t know how many guys fucked me that night. Maybe thirty, maybe less if they went for seconds or thirds. I never saw any faces, just a mass of unshaven beer breath heaving around me. Cocks of all sizes fucking me in twos, threes, fours. Hands yanking back my hair to pull my mouth apart so they could cum down my throat. I gagged, I gargled, I whinnied. I lost consciousness before they stopped fucking me. The last thing I remember was the sound of someone?s balls smacking against my bared ass as he fucked me, that and the taste of cum.

I woke up in my own shit, shivering in cum and piss. It was day again. I could see the sunlight coming through the slats of wood. Good morning beautiful, Ryan said. He had my camcorder in his hands. He played it for me. I watched myself sucking a horse?s cock. It came and my face got glazed like a donut, gobs of cum dribble out the sides of my mouth. So much cum. I could cheering in the background. I didn?t remember that. It was like watching someone else. Clean yourself up, I have friends coming over later, Ryan said. You?re gonna make me some money.

I started washing myself. And he sponged my backside, almost lovingly.

Can you email that video to my friend Peter, I asked him. He looked at me, seeming to understand what I was asking him. Sure hon, he said, sure.

I gave him the email address. Can you tell him, I started. Ryan looked at me. Patient. Can you tell him? I?m happy.

Sure hon, sure.

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