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Just A Christmas Party Part 2 Continued

Just a Christmas Party PART 2
By Scorpio00155

Janice's hands went straight to his trousers, she pulled down the zip,
reached in and struggled to bring his cock out past his underpants.
Finally she succeeded and still holding his erection in her hand she
looked down at it then back at Ken's face for instructions. No-one
could have any doubt by now that Janice was totally under the control
of whoever was with her at the time, her actions driven by the lust
that had been instilled in her by hours of kissing and fondling.

"Stroke it." He almost whispered to her.

I watched as her hand slowly moved back and forth on his hard shaft,
Ken leant his head back and laughed with sheer pleasure then looked
back down to watch the action of her hand on his cock. His hands
stayed on Janice's shoulders as she wanked him with firmer and faster
strokes, her eyes glued to the actions of her own hand on this man's
flesh. A while later Ken moved a hand to her chin and tilted her head
up so that she could look at his face.

"Take off my trousers and pants." He told her as his hand slid back to
her shoulder.

Janice looked down again, I watched as her hands fumbled with his belt
then the clip of his trousers, it was only seconds before she was
pushing his trousers down his legs. Crouching she pulled them down to
his ankles then off each foot in turn while Ken steadied himself using
her shoulders. Reaching up Janice put her hands on either side of the
waistband of his pants, with gentle tugs she rolled them down to his
ankles and off then stood up again. Ken reached down to her pussy to
thrust two fingers into her, his eyes looked deep into hers as he
finger fucked her for a few minutes with his thumb pressing and
rubbing on her clit. All the while he kept on looking into her eyes
and hers were locked to his. As Janice rose to a climax her legs began
to tremble and her eyes half closed in ecstasy, at this Ken moved his
hand back to her shoulder and applied barely enough pressure to bend a
tissue. Despite the gentleness of the downward pressure Janice sank to
her knees in front of him, her face tilting up as she kept on looking
into his eyes, her whole bearing appeared to be one of total
submission to this man. For a long moment Ken kept her gaze locked to
his, his lips parted in a huge smile then he gave a short nod of his
head and Janice dropped her eyes to look at his cock mere millimetres
from her face.

A movement out of the corner of my eye made me glance that way, Nancy
was moving towards the couple in front of the sofa, her boobs wobbling
to her movements as she came up behind Janice. Nancy knelt down behind
my wife her legs between Janice's widely parted knees, she did nothing
more than kneel there waiting. Janice, seemingly unaware of the
presence of the other woman behind her, reached up with one hand to
grasp the base of Ken's cock in her hand. I watched breathlessly as
her mouth opened to close a moment later around the cap of his cock, I
knew from experience just how much pleasure my wife's mouth could
give, but now I was watching her give that pleasure to another man. As
Janice slid her lips down on Ken's cock Nancy reached around her body
to play with her boobs and finger her pussy. Head bobbing Janice
sucked on Ken's meat, I knew that her tongue would be sliding around
and along his flesh and there was no doubt that Ken was enjoying her
actions. Closing his eyes his lips curled into a beatific smile as he
enjoyed the movements of my wife's mouth on his cock for long,
exciting minutes. Then his hands moved from her shoulders to the side
of her face and I thought he was going to guide her movements to the
pace that gave him most pleasure, he nodded to Nancy who increased the
pressure and pace of her actions on Janice's body.

"Take it all Janice." Ken commanded as his hands drew her head
forward. "I want you to kiss my groin."

I gave a low gasp of surprise at his words, although we had read about
deep-throating Janice had never done it, oh we'd tried, but the
choking sensation as my cap pushed at her throat had turned her off
the idea. My first thought was that my wife would balk at this demand
from Ken, but I hadn't reckoned with how far gone in lust she was.
Janice gave into the pressure of Ken's hands without any hesitation,
her lips sliding lewdly down his shaft until they came to the lowest
point she had previously achieved. I heard my wife take a deep breath
though her nose as Ken continued to pull her head down on his
erection, she gagged then snorted and then to my amazement her lips
slid further down his shaft! Stunned and thrilled in equal measure I
watched Ken pull Janice down on his cock, her lips sliding down his
flesh in a steady motion as she swallowed his length, her breathing
coming in sharp snorts through her nose. Half his length was in her
throat when Janice gagged again, but he was not about to ease up, his
hands continued to apply pressure and gradually her lips mouth took in
the rest of his hardness. Although it may sound boastful Ken's cock
was neither as long or as broad as mine, nevertheless it was an
astonishing moment when I saw my wife's lips kissing his groin.

Ken held her still for a moment, his cock buried to the hilt in her
mouth and throat, then guided her head back up so that his flesh slid
wetly from her mouth. As her lips reached the base of his cap I
remember wondering if this meant she would be able to do this to me, I
knew a moment of disquiet about having such thoughts. Then Ken began
to pull her down on his cock again and all thoughts faded in the
excitement of the scene being enacted in front of me. Janice was still
snorting as she was drawn down on the hard flesh in her mouth, but she
only made a couple of gagging noises and this time when her lips had
touched his groin Ken immediately guided her head back upwards. For a
few minutes he kept her moving up and down on his shaft in long, slow
motions and although her breathing remained ragged and short Janice
eventually stopped gagging completely. This must have been what Ken
was waiting for because the next downward pull was faster and firmer,
gradually he increased the pace of his guiding hands until Janice was
moving with hard fast motions, her lips bouncing against his groin
before each back stroke. Behind her Nancy was grinding her body
against Janice while her hands toyed roughly with my wife's boobs,
nipples, clit and pussy, loosing her hold on a boob for a moment Nancy
reached around to take Janice's free hand, drawing it behind her I
watched her guide my wife's hand to her pussy. Head bobbing quickly
Janice began to finger Nancy's pussy while my head spun with the
erotic picture being presented to me. Then Ken moved his hands from
Janice's face to her shoulders, Janice kept on moving her head without
guidance and Ken leant his head back to laugh loudly, vaguely I heard
laughter and comments from the others in the room, but my attention
was wholly focused on what was happening with Janice.

Minutes passed, Janice rose to a climax and somehow managed to keep
her mouth moving on Ken's cock throughout her moment of ecstasy.
Behind Janice Nancy suddenly groaned then shuddered as my wife's
moving fingers brought her to a climax and still Janice kept on moving
her mouth on the cock in her mouth, her lips were now pressing
crushingly against Ken's groin on each down-stroke. Ken gave a low
growl of pleasure, his hands suddenly moving to Janice's face and
pulling her sharply down on his erection, then his buttocks were
clenching and unclenching, his hips thrusting at Janice as he came in
her throat. I saw Janice's throat moving quickly as she tried to
swallow his sperm as fast as it flowed, to my amazement a white foam
of spittle and sperm bubbled from her lips as the excess fluids forced
their way back up her throat. It seemed ages before Ken released his
hold on her face allowing Janice to pull back until his glistening
cock fell from her mouth. Taking a deep quivering breath Janice licked
her lips and looked up at Ken's face, at the same time Nancy moved
away from her and Carol moved in to stand behind my wife. Patting
Janice's cheek Ken smiled then indicated that she should stand up.

Unsteadily Janice rose to her feet as Ken walked away, his place
immediately taken by one of the other men. Janice looked her new
partner in the eyes waiting for him to tell her what to do, moments
passed without a sound other than her laboured breathing, all the time
his eyes were locked on his until his eyes flickered downward once
then looked back to hers. Obeying the unspoken command Janice removed
the man's clothing then sank to her knees in front on him, her mouth
closed around his cock then slid right down to the root of it. Behind
her Carol was kneeling between her legs, her hands moving to Janice's
body and Janice, without need of guidance, reached behind her to
finger Carol's pussy. Now there was no music to call an end to events,
each man was going to take as long as was needed for her to suck them
to ejaculation. One after the other the men approached my wife, locked
eyes with her and waited for her to remove their clothing and suck
them off, the three women taking it in turns to play with Janice's
body and be fingered by her. Each of the men had a pace and variation
of movement that pleasured them the most and each would guide Janice
until she had reached the desired actions; some liked her actions to
be slow and soft, others liked fast and hard, but one man held her
head still while he fucked her mouth like a pussy.

Watching all that was happening to my wife made my cock feel as though
it would burst at any second, yet for some inexplicable reason I did
not seem to be able to pass the point of near climax. My balls ached
and my cock throbbed with arousal, but I did not climax as I watched
my wife deep-throat cocks of all shapes and sizes. I had a brief
feeling of triumph as the last man's cock sank into her throat, none
of them had been as long or as wide in girth as my cock, though I did
not consider myself to be over-endowed it was a gratifying moment.
Nevertheless Janice was enjoying their cocks despite the lack of size,
her body was in almost constant orgasm and after each man her head
hung lower on her chest, her breathing grew heavier and it took her
longer to climb back to her feet for the next man to take his place.
Occasionally a thought would filter through my excitement at what I
was watching that it would not be long before the men would be filling
her pussy rather than her mouth. Accompanying that thought was the
sense of relief that Janice was at least on the pill and unlikely to
fall pregnant from what was to be done to her that night.

When she had sucked off the last man Janice stood swaying slightly in
front of the sofa waiting for whatever was to happen next. It was
therefore no surprise when Carol and Nancy came to stand by Janice,
Carol in front of her, Nancy behind her. Carol looked into Janice's
dazed eyes for a moment and Janice sank to her knees to suck and lick
at the woman's pussy while she finger Nancy who was playing with her
body. From the way my wife's chin was moving she was digging her
tongue as far as she could into Carol's tunnel moving upwards from
time to time to suck on Carol's clit. Seemingly ages later all three
women erupted in climax, they stayed locked together for a while then
Carol and Nancy switched positions, as Janice rose to her feet Ann
came over to join them. Following the pattern that had already been
set Janice stood for a moment looking into Nancy's eyes with Carol
behind her and Ann to one side of her, as she sank to her knees in
front of Nancy Carol knelt with her while Ann remained standing.

Leaning forward Janice started licking at Nancy's pussy while one of
her hands reached behind her to finger Carol's pussy, both of Carol's
hands went to Janice's pussy the fingers of one hand plunging into her
while the fingers of the other hand rubbed at her clit. Reaching down
Ann took Janice's free hand and guided it to her pussy, I don't think
Janice either knew or cared who the third pussy belonged to because as
soon as her hand came in contact with it she thrust a couple of
fingers into the wet tunnel and began to finger-fuck it. Ann reached
down to play with her sister's boobs while Janice serviced all three
women, it was an unbelievable sight and had anyone claimed to have
seen such a sight I would have called them a liar to their face. Now
here I was watching my gorgeous wife sucking one woman's pussy while
fingering two other women, one of whom was her own flesh and blood!
With Carol concentrating on her pussy and Ann on her boobs it wasn't
long before Janice was in the throes of a climax, I could hear her
groaning, gasping and even squealing into Nancy's pussy as she somehow
forced herself to keep licking and sucking at it while at the same
time fingering Carol and her own sister. Janice seemed to go into one
long climax as she licked and fingered the other women and even when
the three had climaxed and moved away Janice crouched on the floor
shuddering and gasping for breath for nearly five minutes.

Even though I was a mere spectator to these events I was breathing
heavily and discovered that I was also sweating as though I had been a
participant. My eyes moved from my wife's shuddering body as I saw
movement out of the corner of my eye, Ken crossed the room to the
sofa, his cock once again hard and erect, he sat in the centre of the
seats then waited for Janice to get to her feet. Ken was smiling down
at where Janice was crouched recovering from her tryst with the three
women, his eyes seemed to gleam with ascendancy at the sight of the
woman that up to that night had known no other man than myself. As for
the idea of her being with another woman that had never occurred to
either of us. In one part of my cone of vision I noticed that Janice
was kneeling up then getting to her feet to await her next partner,
whoever that might be, her back was to the sofa where Ken sat gloating
at his control of her.

"Turn around Janice." Ken said softly.

Janice turned to face him, her chest still heaving from the events of
a few minutes past, looking into Ken's eyes she stood quivering as she
waited for him to tell her what he wanted her to do. In all the years
I had known my wife she had always seemed so strong willed, but that
night she had surrendered herself completely to these strangers. I
have to admit that I felt a touch of envy as she had never been this
way with me, even when we played D/s games. Ken kept her standing
there for a few moments then simply pointed at a spot directly in
front of him, Janice moved to the indicated spot without faltering
even though I am sure that she knew as well as I did that the next act
was for her to be fucked by Ken, and following him all the other men.
My eyes flickered briefly to Ann's naked body as she came to stand by
my side, even though I was aware of her nakedness as she put an arm
around my waist and leant against me all my attention was focused on

"Make yourself cum for me." Ken said to Janice without breaking eye

This was not what I had been expecting, but Janice obeyed instantly by
sliding one hand to her pussy and fingering herself firmly while the
other hand went to one of her boobs. Her eyes stayed fixed on Ken's as
she drove herself towards an orgasm in obedience to this man's desires
and he sat watching her eyes intently only briefly looking down to her
body to see her actions. It was almost as though he was judging how
close to a climax she was by the rise of pleasure in her eyes.

"Do you want my prick in your cunt Janice?" He asked softly as she
showed the first signs of an approaching orgasm.

"Yes!" Janice gasped out through a moan of pleasure.

"Then ask for it Janice." He smiled up at her. "Ask for my prick, tell
me what you want me to do with it."

Beside me Ann gave a low chuckle which made me briefly wonder if this
was somehow a revenge of some sort that Ann had set up for her sister.
My thoughts were short-lived though, I was too lost in watching
Janice's actions and listening to her responses to Ken.

"I want you fuck me with your prick Ken." Janice gasped out. "I want
to feel you inside me, fucking me hard."

"And my friends?" he smirked.

"And your friends," Janice groaned as her climax rose in her. "I want
your friends to fuck me too. I want to feel their hard pricks fucking
my cunt."

With those words she trembled into a climax that threatened to make
her knees give way, but although her eyes half closed she still
managed to keep on looking into Ken's eyes. Ann chuckled again, more
of a snigger than a chuckle, I could feel the warmth of her body as
she pressed tightly to my side, one of her boobs flattening against me
as she part turned and hugged me. Ken's smirk became a leer as he
pointed at his erect cock, Janice moved to straddle his legs reaching
under her body to grasp his cock and guided it to her pussy, all the
while her eyes were fixed on his. As Janice lowered herself onto his
erection I felt a light touch at my groin, without looking away from
the sight of my wife being penetrated by only the second cock of her
life I brushed Ann's hand away. With the cap of Ken's cock lodged in
her pussy Janice moved her hand up to his chest and sank down on his
full length with such a groan of pleasure that my cock became even
harder and my balls tightened even more painfully. For a few moments
Ken let Janice set the pace, his cock sliding in and out of her sheath
as she rose and fell on him, but then his hands went to her waist to
guide her to a slightly faster pace. Janice was moaning and sighing
with each rise and fall now, her hair fluffing to the faster and
harder pace Ken had set her, her chest heaving as the stimulating
sensations of another man's cock in her pussy hit her.

"What about Paul?" Ken asked as he let Janice do all the work of
fucking him.

"Paul?" Janice murmured as though lost in a dream. "I want Paul to
fuck me too. I want him to fuck my cunt hard."

I felt Ann touching my cock through my trousers as Janice responded to
Ken's words, distractedly I brushed her hand away without moving my
eyes from my wife. Call me a fucking idiot, but I felt it would be
somehow betraying Janice if I let another woman touch me even though I
had watched multiple men and women touching my wife so intimately.

"But you can't have Paul," Ken answered. "not while you are in this
house. Isn't it unfair for you to get so much pleasure while your
husband gets nothing?"

"No ... yes ... no." Janice groaned as she ground down on Ken.

Ken grinned at Janice's indecisive answer and began to move in time to
her motions making the contact between them even firmer. My wife's
head flopped back as she let out a cry of bliss, her whole body stiff
and trembling as she ground down on Ken in orgasm. Still holding
Janice's waist Ken continued his fucking motions making her climax
even heavier and when she started to rise and fall on him again he
picked up the pace even more.

"Look at Paul." Ken spoke commandingly.

Janice tilted her head to look at me, her eyes hooded in pleasure
widened a little when she saw her naked sister cuddling me, I felt Ann
rubbing at my erection again and once more I pushed her away. This
time I looked down at her and shook my head to indicate that she
should stop touching me then I looked back to my wife.

"Look at Paul, such a faithful husband," Ken's voice held a note of
contempt as he spoke to Janice. "watching his slut of a wife fucking
another man and still resisting the offers of another woman. Do you
think it fair that he should resist temptation while you play the slut
to other men?"

"Please ..." Janice pleaded with her eyes fixed on me.

I don't know what her plea meant, but it strengthened my resolve to
try to resist Ann's advances. Ken snorted at her words and began to
push up at her with hard strokes that she matched until once again she
cried out and ground down on him in climax. As Janice came Ken pulled
down on her hips and thrust up with his body, with a grunt of
satisfaction he had his own climax, his sperm flooding into my wife's
depths, the first male juices that were not mine heating their way to
her womb. Some moments later the two of them began moving again, but
Ken was spent for the moment and eventually he pushed Janice off his
shrinking cock and had her stand a couple of steps away from the
couch. As she stood there quivering in post-orgasmic bliss sperm began
to trickle from her pussy onto her thigh, Carol appeared in front of
Janice seemingly from nowhere, with barely any pressure she guided
Janice down to the floor on her back. Parting my wife's legs Carol
knelt between them then leant forward, Janice let out a gasping moan
as Carol licked the juices from her thigh then moved to her pussy.
While Carol cleaned out Janice's pussy Ken knelt by her head, his
cock, glistening with their mingled secretions, brushed against my
wife's lips and her mouth opened to accept it. Licking and sucking
Janice cleaned Ken's cock then went on to entice it back to erection,
her moans and groans of pleasure from the licking Carol was giving her
muffled by Ken's flesh.

"I think Ann should satisfy Paul." Ken spoke down to my wife.

Janice shook her head in the negative without letting his cock slide
from her mouth.

"Don't you want your own husband to get any pleasure?" Ken asked

I watched Janice nod a positive to his question while at the same time
brushing off Ann's hand from my aching cock. Ken was clearly taunting
Janice, somehow he was aware that she did not like the idea of me
being with another woman and seemed determined to make it happen. I
wanted to be equally determined to resist the temptation offered, but
I am only flesh and blood and between what I had watched so far, what
I was watching now, anticipation of what was to come and Ann's
constant attempts to rub my cock through my clothing I felt my
resistance weakening. A tiny part of me was wishing that Janice would
give in to what Ken wanted and let me fuck another woman, which made
me feel guilty.

"So you want Paul to get pleasure, but only with you." Ken was saying
as he began to fuck Janice's mouth with his stiffening cock.

Janice nodded in response, then she shuddered in climax, as she came
Ken and Carol moved away from her leaving her writhing along in her
pleasure. I saw Ken look over to the others and grin, one of the men
moved towards Janice as Carol moved back to the group, but Ken
remained near her.

"The slut's cunt is all yours boys," Ken commented to the room as a
whole. "fuck her whatever way you like."

Janice lay on the floor watching the next man approach, her body still
trembling with after shocks of ecstasy. Her new partner told her to
get on her hands and knees facing me, she moved into position as
quickly as she could which made Ken laugh loudly.

"Look at how eager the little slut is." He roared as the other man
knelt behind her, grasped her hips and plunged his cock into her

Although in this position I could not see the cock that was lunging in
and out of her pussy I could see her body moving backwards and
forwards in time to his thrusts. Her eyes seemed to be unfocused most
of the time, but she kept them on me, beside me Ann gave a throaty
chuckle and touched my cock through my clothing, it was becoming
harder to resist Ann's touches and I let her rub me for a few moments
before moving her hand away yet again. Janice licked her lips as
though they were dry, yet I could see that her face and body was
covered in a sheen of sweat from her exertions. Ken was kneeling at my
wife's side, leaning forward a little he spoke near her ear.

"You know," Ken commented. "you are a selfish cow Janice."

His words stung my wife, looking over her shoulder at Ken she gasped
out. "No."

"Oh but you are!" Ken smirked at her. "Look at you, willingly letting
another man fuck you while your husband watches. It's all right for
you to be fucked but not him?"

"Only fantasy." Janice gasped out.

"What is?" Ken demanded. "What you are doing is no fantasy, the prick
fucking your cunt is very real!"

Janice groaned as her body rose towards climax, her partner was now
thrusting into her so heavily she could barely keep upright. Yet she
somehow managed to answer Ken.

"Our fantasy ..." she gasped out. "to see me with another man."

"Your fantasy you mean!" Ken laughed.

At that moment Janice cried out in orgasm, her body grinding back at
the man fucking her who in turn pushed against her as his sperm
erupted into her. Ken waited for the man to finish with Janice, then
waited while Nancy sucked the juices from Janice's pussy as she sucked
the man who had fucked her clean. A few minutes and another climax
later one of the other men came over to Janice, he rolled her onto her
back so that I was still looking along her body from the head down,
parting her legs he moved between them and thrust his cock into her.
With a slow, but hard pace the man started to fuck Janice and she
matched his every movement by thrusting her hips up from the floor.

"Your fantasy is being fulfilled Janice," Ken continued his
conversation. "not Paul's. He is letting you make your fantasy come
true because he loves you, all he thinks about is your happiness.
Don't tell me Paul never mentioned the idea of his being with another
woman as a fantasy game."

I'm not sure that Janice was taking in all Ken was saying, her partner
had stepped up the pace and she was shivering as waves of pleasure
washed through her body, her head shook from side to side as her moans
became louder. Nevertheless she managed a response.

"Yes" She burst out between groans. "He did ... once ..."

"And you went all sulky." Ken snorted as her voice fade into whimpers
of ecstasy. "I bet you made such a thing of it that he didn't dare
mention it again."

Janice was too far gone in pleasure to respond and Ken sat back on his
heels until her partner had filled her pussy with another load of
sperm. Ann moved away from me to kneel between her sister's wide
spread legs as the man knelt over her head so that she could clean his
cock. While Janice sucked on the cock in her mouth and her sister
cleaned out her pussy Ken carried on talking, his comments centring on
how negatively she had reacted to my one and only voicing of a fantasy
of me and another woman. He paused again as Janice became lost in
orgasmic bliss and waited until another partner had mounted her before
continuing. As Janice responded to the motions of the fourth cock to
take her that night Ann came back to where I was standing, her arm
snaking around my back as her body pressed to my side.

"Janice, look at Paul." Ken commanded as she moved in time to the
sharp thrusts of her current partner, her head tilted so that she
could see me. "That poor bastard loves you enough to let YOU get what
YOU want, that's fucked by other men. But you don't love him as much
as he loves you, do you."

My heart skipped a beat at his flat statement to Janice, for one brief
moment I wondered if what he was saying was the truth, that Janice did
not love or trust me enough to let me enjoy a similar pleasure as she
was experiencing. Janice's head jerked as she looked at Ken, but her
body didn't pause in it's fucking motions.

"No!" She burst out breathlessly.

My heart almost stopped at her reply, sensing my discomfiture Ann
began to rub at my cock again and this time I didn't have the strength
to push her hand away. Janice was climaxing and Ken paused until the
moment had passed, as though in a dream I felt a hand at one of my
wrists, raising my hand Ann brought it to one of her boobs and pressed
it to her yielding flesh.

"No?" Ken jumped in before she could gasp out anything more. "Well at
least now he knows."

"Not that!" Janice gasped out as her partner thrust into her cruelly.
"Didn't mean it like that!"

"So how else you could you mean it?" Ken asked as Janice showed signs
of being able to comprehend again.

Breathlessly I waited for her reply, my hand was automatically rubbing
and squeezing the boob under it, but my mind was barely aware of the

"I love Paul." Janice almost whispered.

"But not enough to allow him to do the same as you, sample another
person's body." Ken spoke triumphantly.

Janice made no reply, but her head tilted back to look at me while her
body responded to the man fucking her. When she saw Ann with her hand
rubbing at my cock and my hand squeezing her sister's breast Janice
took a sharp intake of breath, then she looked back at Ken. As her
silence drew out Ann took advantage of my distraction to undo my zip,
reach into my clothes and bring my cock into the open.

"So you don't love him enough to let him fuck another woman." Ken
spoke as though to encourage Janice to speak.

"I ..." Janice faltered while her sister started stroking my cock.

Whatever she was thinking was driven from her mind as her body went
through another orgasm, her partner pushing deep as he filled her with
another load of sperm. Once again Ken fell silent while she cleaned
her partners cock and was in turn cleaned out by Carol. During that
time Ann was stroking her hand up and down on my aching cock while I
stood there almost in shock at the thought that Janice really might
not love me as much as I loved her. God knows why, but it never
occurred to me to stop Ken talking as he was, I felt frozen in place.

Another man moved over to Janice, he had her get back on her hands and
knees then sideways on to me so that I could see his cock reaming her
pussy. This guy reached around Janice with one hand to tease her clit
while he fucked her while the other grasped one of her boobs. Feeling
confused and excited I watched my wife swaying in time to the hard
fucking she was getting and when Ken spoke again it made me jump in

"Now Paul knows how you really feel about him." Ken taunted her. "Look
at him, all hard and excited by fulfilling YOUR fantasy. And you don't
love him enough to fulfil his do you. You don't give a damn if HE gets
pleasure as long as YOU get it!"

Janice shook her head from side to side, but whether in denial of
Ken's words or from the sensations of being fucked was not clear. An
orgasm ripped through and I noted through my confusion and arousal
that her orgasms were coming closer and closer together. Her partner
hadn't reached his peak though and as she came down from her peak the
man continued to plough into her pussy relentlessly. At the same time
Ann was moving her hand on my cock more firmly while I became
conscious of the feel of the boob I was playing with and how different
it's ripe fullness felt to my wife's smaller, firmer breasts. Coming
down from her orgasmic peak Janice raised her head to look at me, her
eyes flickering open and half closed in time to the pounding of the
cock in her pussy. Her eyes went to her sister's hand moving on my
cock then to my hand at Ann's breast, a shudder ran through her body
as her eyes met mine again before going through the whole cycle of my
cock, Ann's boob and my eyes again and again. Ann sniggered as she
followed her sister's eye movements, her hand moving with slow, firm
strokes on my engorged flesh.

"I love Paul!" Janice suddenly cried out as another orgasm ran through

Behind her the man fucking her pussy groaned as her muscles clenched
on his cock, his hands went to her hips and pulled her body back as he
gave a final thrust into her. Janice gave a sobbing moan as his juices
filled her and her head dropped to hang between her arms, her hair
flopping limply down. When the man moved away from Janice Nancy moved
in to lick her pussy clean while she cleaned her partners cock. Once
again Ken waited for her next partner to take his place, this man used
his foot to roll Janice onto her back, her legs had closed as she'd
assumed the position and the man reached down to grasp her ankles,
lifting her legs high he knelt down.

"Someone hold her fucking legs up!" The guy said as he knelt there
holding my wife's ankles above his head, her legs spread as far as his
arms would reach.

It was Ken that moved to take hold of Janice's ankles and having a
longer reach he was able to spread them even further apart, with a
broad grin her latest partner positioned his cock at the entrance of
her pussy and plunged it in to the hilt. There was the sound of flesh
slapping on flesh as their bodies met, Janice cried out then cried out
again as he began to fuck her with a force that drove her down to the
floor hard with every stroke. Despite the force of his actions Janice
managed to match his movement and as she ground up to meet her
partners thrusts Ken spoke again.

"So you love Paul do you." He said with a sneer in his voice.

"Yes!" Janice groaned as the breath was driven from her body by the
cock lunging in her pussy. "I love Paul! I want him to be happy!"

An orgasm hitting her prevented Janice from saying more, but Ken was
grinning as though he had won a major victory of some sort, then he
looked at Ann and nodded. Ann moved in front of me, her hand still
stroking up and down on my cock, my hand sliding from her boob as she
moved. Looking up at me Ann grinned, leant up and kissed me lightly on
the lips, with a start I looked at her, in the background I could hear
Janice's voice rising and falling in ecstasy and the laboured sound of
her breathing as she was being fucked.

"You heard her Paul," Ann said softly. "she wants you to be happy

Janice gave a loud cry that was countered pointed by a male groan,
looking past Ann I saw Janice and her partner straining together in
orgasmic bliss. I watched as the man withdrew from her then moved to
her head so that she could suck his cock clean, with a squeeze of my
cock Ann went over to her sister to clean the sperm just deposited in
her from her pussy. When the man and Ann were finished with Janice
they moved away, him to rejoin the others while Ann came back to me,
licking her lips Ann looked at my face. A new partner was taking his
place with Janice, she was still on her back with her legs splayed
wide, her new partner knelt between her legs then reached down to her
wrists, he guided her hands to her thighs then had her pull her legs
up to her shoulders. In this position Janice's pussy was raised and
this man position his cock at her pussy, his entry into her pussy was
a slow sinking if his meat into her, his body pressed down on her
thighs as he gradually sank his full length into her. Ann took my
hands and raised them to her boobs releasing them only once I had
begun to squeeze her fleshy mounds firmly, then she took my cock in
her hand. Janice gave a groaning sigh as her partner finally sank to
his full length in her, her head turned and I found myself looking
into her eyes.

Her partner began a slow grinding fucking motion that Janice matched,
her eyes still locked to mine as she was taken yet again. Janice's
eyes dropped to see where my hands were on her sister's boobs then
looked down at her sister's hand moving on my cock, raising her eyes
to mine Janice smiled and gave a nod of her head then her eyes closed
as the passion mounting in her hit a peak. Yet that one smile and the
single nod had told me all I had needed to know, my wife loved me and
wanted me to be happy, with a lighter heart I tore my eyes from Janice
and looked down at Ann. She was looking down at her hand moving on my
cock, but when I moved my hands to twist at her nipples she looked up
at me in excited surprise. As she looked up I leant down and kissed my
sister-in-law forcefully, my tongue driving past her lips into her
mouth as my hands groped her boobs with increasing pressure. I kept my
eyes open while kissed Ann so that I could watch Janice past the curve
of her cheek, Janice was watching me kiss Ann and when she noticed me
watching her she smiled and nodded again. Then Janice was too intent
on her own sensations to pay further attention to me or what I was
doing and as I watched Janice in the throes of orgasmic bliss I moved
one of my hands down to Ann's pussy.

To say that Ann's pussy was wet would have been an understatement, her
juices almost flowed down my fingers as I thrust them into her, my
thumb pressed down on her hard clit and within a few strokes Ann was
groaning into my mouth. Past her face I watched as Janice's partner
ground down into her and sent his sperm into her, my fingers and thumb
moved faster and with more force at Ann's pussy and clit as I watched
the man pull out of Janice. I closed my eyes for moment to savour the
feel of a woman other than Janice, I knew that when Janice cried out
again I would open my eyes to see her new partner taking his place.
Meanwhile I focused on Ann who was trembling against me within
moments, she cried out into my mouth as I brought her to an orgasm and
a minute or so later I heard Janice cry out as she came. Opening my
eyes I watched another man take his place, I had lost count of how
many men had fucked my wife to this point and I had no idea how many
there were yet to fuck her. Ann was grinding her pussy down on my
probing fingers as Janice's partner sat on the sofa then had her sit
facing away from him on his cock, as she sank down on his erection he
reached up to grasp her small boobs, leant back and pulled her back
tight to his chest.

Moving my lips from Ann's I looked down at her face, her eyes were
closed as the pleasure my fingers were giving her ripped through her
body. I moved both my hands to her shoulders then, emulating what her
boyfriend had done with my wife, I applied a gentle downward pressure.
There was no resistance at all to my downward push, Ann simply sank to
her knees and took my cock into her mouth to the root in one smooth
motion that made me gasp. She started a slow up and down motion that
pulled my cock from her throat then drove it back in again. Janice
groaned loudly and I looked over at her to see her partner thrusting
up to grind against her groin before pulling back, his movements still
slow, steady and firm. Savouring the feel of the mouth on my cock, so
different to my wife's, I watched Janice being fucked through yet
another climax, her partner speeding up slightly once she'd passed the
peak of pleasure. Ann's mouth began to move faster and more
demandingly, after all I had seen that night I was aching for release,
but for some reason, despite Ann's best efforts I couldn't seem to hit
that final plateau of climaxing.

Groaning in mixed pleasure and frustration I pushed Ann off my cock
and onto her back, her legs parted for me to kneel between them, when
I placed the cap of my cock at her wet hole Ann thrust her hips up to
take me all the way into her. I fucked my sister-in-law slowly
relishing the feel of the only other pussy I had ever fucked as it
slid up and down on my shaft, I couldn't help but compare the feel of
her with that of my wife's pussy. Watching Janice climaxing again as
her partner pushed tight into her in his own climax I remember
thinking that Janice's pussy felt better than the one I was now
fucking, tighter and somehow more pleasurable. Despite the minor
differences I luxuriated in the sensation of fucking another woman, my
motions became faster as I turned my attention away from Janice to the
body beneath me. Ann's breasts were bouncing as I fucked her and I
stared in fascination at their motion, Janice's small breast barely
moved on her chest no matter how hard she was fucked. When I raised my
eyes to Ann's face I saw her eyes were closed and her mouth open, she
was giving little grunts each time I thrust home in her sheath and
when I started moving faster her grunts began moans. Looking up I saw
Nancy stepping aside as another man took her place, I watched him pull
my wife down onto her back on the floor, thrust into Janice then start
pumping away as though there were only minutes left before the world
came to an end. Beneath him my wife cried out in bliss as his hard,
fast actions drove her almost immediately into an orgasm, beneath me
Ann was letting out a cry of ecstasy as I matched my own movements to
those of the man fucking Janice. Not surprisingly the man climaxed
within a short space of time, his body stiffening as his sperm pumped
into my wife's depths, a moment later he moved to have his cock
cleaned and I looked down at Ann who was now squealing loudly beneath

Surprisingly though the sensation of fucking Ann was overwhelmingly
pleasurable I still seemed unable to reach my own climax and my
quivering erection was becoming painful. Pulling out of Ann's pussy I
sat back on my heels panting for breath while she lay there trembling
and making small whimpering noises. Looking up I saw another man
fucking Janice, he had sat on the sofa and had Janice mount him, I
watched the steady rise and fall of her body on his cock, her juices
making it gleam in the low light level in the room. Sensing movement I
looked down to see Carol rolling Ann away from me then laying back
with her legs opened invitingly. It was an invitation I accepted
willingly, both for the experience of yet another woman's body and in
the hope that I would gain release from my throbbing erection. Once
again I was struck by the difference of the pussy surrounding my
flesh, it felt much looser than Ann's or Janice's and the sensation I
felt from my movements were lessened by this. Despite this I was
getting a great deal of pleasure, more than enough to have made me cum
under other circumstances, but not this time. I felt over-stimulated
from watching Janice being fucked and from fucking first Ann and now
Carol, but I just could not seem to reach a climax. When I looked over
at Janice I saw her partner fucking her with long strokes that were
driving her crazy, her head turned and though she was looking directly
over at where I was fucking another woman I don't think she saw me,
her eyes seemed glazed from the pleasure she was feeling.

Still watching Janice I began to pump in and out of Carol as hard as I
could, her voice quickly rose in squeaks of pleasure then to loud
cries of rapture as I drove her to a climax that I just could not seem
to achieve. I'm sure there is some fancy Latin name for what I was
experiencing, all I know is that it was ecstasy, painful and so
fucking frustrating all at the same time. I felt as though I was
constantly on the verge of cumming, but never quite crossing the edge
to do so. In frustration I ground down even harder and faster into
Carol's pussy at the same time watching Janice being fucked hard by
her current partner. Beneath me Carol started to whimper, vaguely I
heard her almost pleading for me to stop, eventually her pleas sank in
and I pulled out of her pussy. The man with Janice was still fucking
her as Carol crawled away from me, moments later Nancy was lying in
front of me with her legs parted and for the third time that night I
savoured the sensation of a strange pussy around my hard cock. To my
surprise Nancy's pussy was even tighter than my wife's, so tight that
I had to force my cock into her with short sharp jerks of my body that
made her shriek and writhe under me. When I began to fuck her Nancy
shot to orgasm and seemed to stay there all the while I ground my cock
in and out of her grasping, tight pussy; her cries were echoed by
Janice and I looked up to see her thrashing under her partner while he
carried on fucking her in a steady rhythm. I watched my wife's head
tossing from side to side as the slow, steady movements of the man on
top of her drove her into an orgasmic frenzy, I had never seen Janice
cum so hard before. Her pussy must have been clenched around the man's
cock so pleasurably that he could not hold himself back because he was
suddenly thrusting into her with quick jerky motions that ended mere
moments later with his body tensing as he drove down into her pussy. I
could see the clench and relax of his buttocks as he pumped his sperm
into Janice's depths.

Then his whole body relaxed and he knelt up, his cock slithering wetly
from her pussy as he rose. Like the others before him he moved to her
head so that Janice could clean his cock, Ann moved in to clean her
sister's pussy and I watched as Janice licked and was licked. Nancy
was letting out sharp cries beneath me, her whole body bucking as her
muscled tightened even more around my cock, for a few moments I was
forced to stop moving as her pussy trapped my cock in a vice-like
grip. If nothing else this should have sent me over the edge, but it
didn't and when I felt Nancy's pussy relax just enough for me to move
I fucked her like a man demented. Gasping and sobbing in desperation
to cum I carried on fucking Nancy heavily for some minutes until I
could stand the frustration no longer, with a curse I pulled out of
her pussy and sat back on my heels. Nancy just lay there sobbing for
breath and making little mewling noises while I got my breath back,
she still lay there when I rose to my feet and went back to where my
clothes lay by the wall. Not bothering to lean down to retrieve my
clothes I leant back on the wall, sighed with frustration and looked
over to where Janice lay.

I was surprised to see that Janice was not being fucked by another man
or being licked out by one of the women, glancing up at the others in
the room I was struck by the fact that Carol had vanished. Nancy had
by now climbed to her feet and was staggering over to the others and I
wondered if the night was over now that everyone had fucked Janice.
Before I turned my attention back to my wife I saw Nancy dressing, I
thought nothing of this as I watched Janice's quivering body slowly
recover from it's exertions and excitement, when I looked at the
others again Nancy was gone. Ken was standing with his arm around Ann
watching my wife, his lips parted in a huge smile, Ann was smiling as
well as she looked down at her still trembling sister. Looking at the
other men I noted that they were all sporting erections yet again and
I knew the end had not yet come.

Then Ann left the room only to return a moment later with a large pot
of some sort in her hand, she gave it to Ken who opened it, dipped his
fingers in then rubbed what was in the pot on his stiff cock. It came
to me that it had to be some sort of lubricant in the pot and that my
wife was about to be taken anally by Ken and then by the other men. I
looked back at Janice who was still lying there, her body still gently
quivering, her eyes still closed and her breathing still a little
fast, obviously she had not seen what I had seen and was unaware of
what was to come. Anal sex was one of things we only did on special
occasions as Janice was not that keen on it, she did it to give me a
treat and that was only infrequently, now I wondered how she was going
to react to Ken and his friends taking her that way.

Janice opened her eyes finally aware that no-one had touched her in a
while, she turned her head to look my way then her head turned away
from me as Ken loomed over her prone body, his hand still holding the
opened pot of lubricant. Looking up her eyes met Ken's and without a
word from him she rose to her feet, her legs unsteady as she stood in
front of the man who had taken command of her that night.

"There's still time for more." Ken spoke softly into the silence of
the room, his eyes holding Janice's eyes in their gaze. "What should
we do now?"

"Whatever you want." Janice breathed in reply, she seemed almost
mesmerised by Ken's presence.

"Very true my little slut!" Ken laughed. "Get on your hands and knees
with your back to me and your legs spread wide."

Janice did as she was instructed instantly then crouched there waiting
for Ken to do something to her or to tell her to do something.
Kneeling behind her Ken reached forward to stroke her pussy with his
free hand then pushed three fingers into her, I had a side on view of
all this and I could see Ken's cock glistening with a coating of
lubricant. Putting the pot down beside him Ken pushed a finger into
the gel it held then drew it out.

"Play with your clit." Ken commanded.

Janice reached under her body with one hand and although I couldn't
see her fingers on her clit I could see the movements of her wrist as
she rubbed at it. Soon Janice was panting again in excitement, her
fingers still moving at her clit while Ken finger-fucked her pussy
with quick thrusts of his hand. Moving his hand from her pussy Ken
stroked the swell of her buttocks leaving a trail of her juices across
her skin, he plunged his fingers back into her pussy, pumped them in
and out a couple of times then raised his hand to slide his wet
fingers along the crack of her arse. With surprising gentleness Ken
ran a finger over and around her puckered anus, but made no attempt to
insert his finger, wetting his finger in her pussy again then
continued to circle and rub over her anal opening and Janice groaned
with pleasure at his soft touch. A few minutes later my wife climaxed,
the arm holding her up almost buckling as the blissful sensations ran
through her, nevertheless her fingers kept on moving at her clit while
Ken dipped into her wet pussy again then moved his hand as though to
stroke her anus again. This time it was the other hand that rose to
her bottom, the finger coated with lubricant touched her anus and Ken
rubbed the lubricant onto the outer puckered surface. Dipping his
finger back into the pot and into Janice's pussy he repeated the
process, this time a gob of gel sat on the tip of his finger as he
pressed it on her anus, the slippery gel pressing into her hole
without her realising it.

"You like that slut?" Ken asked as he dipped his finger into the pot
yet again.

"Mmmm, yes." Janice moaned as her body trembled towards another

Grinning Ken brought his hand back to her arse with his finger covered
in a thick coat of glistening gel, with a gentle pressure he pushed
just the tip of his finger into her puckered hole making my wife groan
even louder. Slowly and uncharacteristically gently he pushed the
finger further into her making her voice her pleasure even louder,
then he pulled the finger out, dipped it in the pot again and
reinserted it into her arse. My wife shuddered as his knuckles brushed
against her fleshy cheeks, little yelps of pleasure escaped from her
throat as Ken began to slowly finger fuck her arse with just the one
finger. Between the actions of her own fingers and Ken's finger in her
arse Janice was soon hitting a pleasure peak, as she climaxed Ken
pushed his finger all the way in and held it there until Janice has
passed the peak of her passion. Pulling his finger from her anus Ken
reached down to dip two fingers into the pot, my wife was still
rubbing at her clit and Ken looked my way with a huge grin on his face
before focusing his attention back on Janice. Folding the second
finger back he once again probed her anus with just one finger, the
lubricant already in her and the new coating on his finger made his
entry easy, keeping the tip of the finger in her hole Ken slid the
second finger alongside the first. Janice gasped loudly as he eased
the two fingers into her then groaned with pleasure as he once again
finger-fucked her arse slowly and gently.

"Nice?" He queried in low voice.

"Yes." Janice sighed in pleasure.

He fingered her for a few more minutes then pulled his fingers out of
her, reaching down to the pot at his side Ken pressed his fingers into
the gel then twisted them in the pot so that when he drew his hand
back a large amount of gel came with his fingers. He pushed his gel
covered fingers back into Janice's anus, some of the gel squidging out
around her opening, twisting his fingers around inside her he
deposited the major part of the gel in her back passage then pulled
his fingers out to scoop the gel around the rim of her hole into it.
In response to his actions Janice gave a long moaning sigh of delight
that rose to a cry of joy when Ken began to use the two fingers to
fuck her more firmly. He kept this up for a few minutes then removed
his fingers from her hole, his hand moved to the base of his cock and
I knew that the moment had come for his cock to enter her anal

In ignorance of what was about to happen Janice continued to play with
her clit, her movements fast and hard as she rose towards an orgasm
yet again. Leaning forward a little Ken placed the tip of his cock at
Janice's little puckered hole, clearly thinking it was his fingers she
pushed back against him and the first few millimetres of his cap
pressed into her. Groaning with pleasure Janice pushed back a little
harder and his cap began to sink into her, Ken put his hands to her
hips and held her tightly, then she paused as it hit her that it was
something larger than a couple of fingers that was entering her.
Before she could act in any way Ken thrust his hips forward and pulled
her back towards him with his hands, his cock bored into her anus to
the hilt in one sharp thrust. Janice let out a yelp of pain, surprise
and pleasure then drew a sobbing breath that ended as a piercing cry
as Ken pulled back to thrust into her again. I could see tears
springing to my wife's eyes as Ken plunged his cock in and out of her
arse while using his hold on her waist to pull her back against him
with each thrust, her voice was raised in sobbing wails that spoke of
pain, but I noticed that her fingers continued moving on her clit and
that she made no move to pull away from this violation of her body.

Ken had also noticed my wife's busy hand and her lack of an attempt to
move away from him, laughing he loosened his hold on her waist and
stopped pulling her back towards him. With his next thrust Janice
pushed her body back at him just as though he had been pulling at her
and Ken laughed even more loudly at this submission to his actions.
Increasing the speed of his thrusts Ken moved his hands from Janice's
waist to her butt cheeks, pushing outwards he spread her cheeks
letting his cock slip even deeper into her back passage. Although my
wife's cries never diminished in volume they took on a new tone, one
that spoke mainly of pleasure, soon she was climaxing with the man's
erection buried deep in her bowels. Ken held still while she went
through the throes of her orgasm then began lunging into her as soon
as she started to relax a little. For ages Ken pummelled his cock into
Janice's arse driving her from one orgasm to another until she would
barely end one before another would rise in her body. Then with a loud
groan of satisfaction he rammed as deep into her as he could, actually
driving her to the floor with the force of his thrust, I saw his
buttocks tighten and knew he was sending the first of many streams of
sperm into her back passage.

A few moments later Ken pulled his cock from her anus, standing up he
looked down at my wife lying on her front shivering with delight at
what had been done to her. His lips curled into a sneer as he rolled
her onto her back using his foot, then he knelt by her head, put a
hand under her head and raised it to his cock. Despite where his cock
had just come from Janice opened her mouth and sucked his softening
flesh in, driving her face down she took him to the root and I could
see her cheek moving to the movements of her tongue over his filthy

"That's it my little slut," Ken roared with contemptuous laughter.
"clean it all off."

I felt a little sick at my stomach at the sight of my wife cleaning
away whatever dirt had clung to his cock with her mouth, but I could
not look away from the scene either.

After a few minutes Ken moved away from Janice and the next man
stepped up to take her. He stood over Janice for a few moments until
she raised her eyes to look at him, then he knelt down as though to
fuck her pussy and Janice spread her legs wide for him in anticipation
of this. Instead he took hold of her legs and literally shoved them
over her head so that she was bent double, her arse pointing upwards,
next he forced her arms over her the inside of her thighs so that they
would hold her legs in place and held them out straight as though she
were to be crucified. I had not thought that my wife was so limber,
but she let herself be guided into what looked to be such an
uncomfortable position without a murmur of protest. Raising himself
slightly he positioned his cock at her anus and it was only then that
I noticed that his skin lacked the gleam of a lubricant, clearly all
who would fuck her arse from now on would use only what lubricant was
left from Ken and the natural lubricant of the previous man's sperm.
In the position she was held my wife could not have moved even had she
wanted to and the man leered down at her as he pressed his cock a
little way into her arse, Janice whimpered softly as he penetrated her
which made the man's ugly grin even broader. He sank a little deeper
as he stretched his legs out behind him balancing himself on his toes
and his arms, his hands crushing down on Janice's wrists as he put his
full weight on them. My heart leapt into my throat at the piercing
scream Janice let out as he lifted his feet completely clear off the
floor and his cock rammed into her propelled by his full body weight.

Janice drew a sobbing breath as he put his feet down to push himself
up so that his cock slid out of her arse then screamed when he rammed
back to her again by taking his feet from the floor. The way she was
held meant that Janice had no way of moving either with or away from
the man's impaling erection, but to my amazement she began to tremble
with arousal within a few minutes of the man entering her. Her partner
laughed breathlessly as he continued to fuck her by raising up then
dropping down into her and even when she screamed into a climax he
kept on moving, his cock forcing it's way into her tightly clenched
back passage as her body strained in his grasp. This went on for ages,
obviously each man having cum twice before was lasting longer each
time he fucked Janice. As the time passed her body erupted into an
almost continuous orgasm though her orgasmic movements were
constrained by the position she was in, her cries were wails of
pleasure with an undertone of pain that became steadily weaker. Then
the man dropped down on her one last time, grinding down on her he
added another load of sperm to her back passage before breathlessly
rising to his feet. As he moved away from her Janice literally
unfolded, her whole body leaping off the floor as the waves of bliss
so long constrained hit her and barely had her contortions eased than
the man had his cock to her mouth for cleaning.


End of Story

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