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Js Return

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Hi, this is a true story that actually took place on Saturday. I hope you enjoy it

We are a both bi couple I (M for short) stand 5? 9? 195lbs short brown hair and brown eyes. She (A for short) is 5? 3? 138lbs with long red hair hazel eyes and a full D cup, yumm yumm.

So I was chatting on yahoo with a few friends when I received a message from someone I did not recognize. Of course after a min or so I realized it was a guy we have played with a few years ago and had lost touch with. Turns out he moved away for business and now has moved back for the same reason.

We exchanged the usual pleasantries. How are you, what have you been doing, all of that good neighbor stuff. Then of course he asked if we were still playing and if so could we get together again.

Btw he (J for short) is a very well hung black guy his cock is and this is no lie, at least 9.5? probably closer to 10?and thick, of course he is a heavy cummer with those big balls to match that cock.

Of course I was interested in getting together again with him. Watching him fuck A?s mouth pussy and ass was always a turn on. She would drain us both for hours; we had great sex with him.

So I asked him when he was looking to get together and he said that he was free now. Of course he was free and ready to go what single guy isn?t. I let him know that A was not here she was shopping. What he said next caught me off guard, he asked if I was interested in sucking his cock and getting fucked. Now being the slut that I am I immediately told him yes that I would love to. He told me where he was and that I should cum over right away. And with that he logged off.

Then a second later I realized what I had just said yes to. I would be sucking and getting fucked by one of the biggest cock we had ever seen or played with. So I was a little nervous to say the least.

So with directions in hand that I grabbed my keys and off I went to J?s place. He is only about 20 ? 30 min away but the drive seemed longer. I guess with the anticipation of getting my lips wrapped around that big cock made it seem longer. So I finally arrived at his place.

I gave J a quick call and he told me to come on up that the door was open. He heard me coming up the stairs and as I entered the apartment I heard him. I looked left and there he was standing in just a pair of shorts no shirt. I closed the door and headed over to him. We shook hands and said hello. He invited me to sit asked if I wanted something to drink. I was nervous so I asked for water.

He returned to the room with my glass of water. I took a sip and then he said lets not waste time and dropped his shorts. There a few feet away was his big cock sitting on those cum filled balls. I was drawn to that cock he did not have to say another word I was on my knees and taking my shirt and shorts off in seconds. I looked at it up close and then I took his whole cock in my mouth. I could feel my own cock get rock hard as I sucked and worshiped that cock of his. I swirled my tongue on the underside of his cock and I sucked and swallowed all the precum that he was offering. With my other hand I felt the weight of his sack and balls. I took my mouth off his cock so that I could take both balls in my mouth.

He grabbed my hair and said ?get your mouth back on my cock bitch!? pulling me by the hair as he said it.

It felt so good to be treated like a cocksucker.

His cock was getting harder by the second and I was doing my best to make sure I sucked as much as possible. Being a good cock sucker I tried to take him balls deep in my mouth, I managed a few times but he was getting harder and I could not keep it up. At this time he decided that he wanted to fuck my face. So he grabbed my head and started to drive his cock in and out of my mouth. He was slamming his cock in my mouth and I could feel his cock head driving against the back of my throat. After several minutes of this he pulled out and told me to get on the floor on all 4?s with my ass up in the air.

It was as I was sticking my ass up in the air that I realized that I did not bring any lube or condoms for him.

I was about to turn around when he came back in the room and put his hand on the center of my back as if to keep me in place. I could feel him rub his cock head on my hole lubing it up. And then there it was the pressure of him pushing against my rosebud.

He told me to ?reach back and pull your cheeks apart, open that hole for me?.

I of course reached back and pulled my cheeks apart helping him get his cock head into my ass.

As he was pushing into me I tried to tell him that we need to stop and put a condom on his cock.

I said ?we need to put a condom on that big cock?

J said ?no problem give me one and I will put it on? as he was working his cock deeper and deeper into my hole.

I was still holding my cheeks open as he was driving deeper and deeper into my ass. And I knew that I did not have a condom to give him and I did not want him to stop. So I did what a cock hungry bitch in the heat of the moment does.

I told him ?forget about the condom and fuck me, fuck me hard use my hole?

J said ?I always knew you were a cock hungry bitch. I am going to fuck you hard long and I am going to dump my load in your ass. You want me to cum in your ass don?t you??

I said ?GOD YES!! Fuck me, fuck my ass, use it for your pleasure.?

I could feel J get harder as he heard those words come out of my mouth. As if he needed any encouragement J worked that big fuckstick deeper and deeper into my ass. His big thick cock was opening my ass and I found myself thrusting back to get as much of his cock in me as possible. Soon those cum filled balls were slapping my ass as J drove his cock into me.

Once J was balls deep he would pull all the way out and slap my ass and call me a bitch and ask me if I liked his big cock. I told him that I loved that big black cock of his, that I wanted him to pound that white ass and fill it with his juice. I told him to keep using that ass till he is satisfied, that it belonged to him and to ignore me if I ever tell him to stop.

J asked me if I was ready to become his slut. Of course I screamed out yes I would be a his slut.

A few more minutes of hard and deep fucking and then all of a sudden he was buried balls deep in my ass and it happened. I could feel his cock start to pulse in my ass. All of that black cock seed was being dumped in my ass. I quickly reached under and cupped his balls as they were sucked up tight to his body, emptying that precious juice into my ass. I felt 6 or 7 pulses and I could tell that there was a lot of cum in my hole.

J kept his cock in me and told me not to move. I still had my hand on those big balls and they felt fantastic. After a few minutes he started to soften and pulled out. I was told to stay like that he wanted to get a picture of my cum filled hole. I was looking between my legs as I was on all 4?s and I could see and feel some cum running out of my ass and onto the floor. J took some pics and told me he would email them to me. He told me to get up now.

I stood after having been on my knees for over 30 min and not only were my legs a little stiff but my ass felt wide open. I do have to admit that I loved how it felt.

J told me that he had to do some errands and that I should dress and get going. So I did as I was told and got dressed. As I slipped my briefs on I could feel cum soaking into them. I was standing only a min or so and I was starting to leak already. I thought that this is going to be an interesting ride home.


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