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I Will Deliver More Then Your Pizza

I will deliver more then your pizza

When I just turned seventeen, I was like most teenagers, horny as hell and not able to do much about it.. I was talking to my cousin about my dilemma and he got me started down the path that got me tons of pussy. He told me to go to work for the same place he did.. The pizza place in town to deliver pizza.. He said, people will order a pizza all the time and then try to get you to give it to them, and most of them will offer services in exchange.. So I went to work for the place.. The boss was a prick.. The way he worked it, was you had to pay for the pizza before you left to deliver.. Then what you got for it was yours.. So you always had to start out with like 50 bucks at the start of the night. Well I delivered for like a week and a half with no luck.. Then my first time came when I got a delivery... a middle aged woman opened the door, and said.. Hey I can’t pay for it... but I am really hungry... I was kinda dumb and said hey I just can’t leave it.. I had to pay for it.. She then said well maybe we could exchange something for it.. Still dumb I asked what? She said well how about a blow job for it.. I said really.. She said sure come one in.. I walked in and she closed the door. She was in her mid 40's not too bad looking and she didn’t waste any time.. She got down on her knees unzipped and unbuckled my pants and yanked them down to my knees.. Now mind you since I had hit puberty no one had seen my cock, we never took showers in gym class, and well the doctor never even had to see me.. So I had nothing to compare anything too and no experience.. As my pants came down she exclaimed FUCK your hung like a horse. I always thought everyone was about the same size.. But guess not.... anyhow she kept her promise and sucked on my cock until I felt like I was going to fall down and I shot my load in her mouth.. I thought this is as good as it gets. I was ready to go buy her the whole fucking pizza store for that... well as time went on I realized there is much more to sex then what she did for me that night.. I got a lot of middle aged women sometimes with their husbands home ordering pizza and giving me something in trade.. I even ended up with some regulars.. My most favorite regular was A girl who was about six months older then me... she always called and ordered pizza on a Wednesday night... I would take it over and she was babysitting an infant.. I had been working delivering pizza for about a year so I kinda got wise to get a good price for my meal. She answered the door, and I told her the price.. She gave me the same line.. Oh I don’t have any money.. I forgot my wallet at home and I am babysitting for these people and I am starving.. And I can’t leave cause the baby is sleeping. Can’t I just leave the pizza and trust her to pay me later.. I told her it was against store policy to do that, but I could cover the cost for her if she would like to maybe pay me in a different way giving her a sly wink.. She smiled and said well what do you want from me.. I just told you I have no money.. So I suggested maybe she could trade some intimate services for her order.. She looked at me kinda indignant and exclaimed you want me to FUCK you for the pizza... I said well there are cheese sticks a salad and cinnamon bread sticks too and the pizza is a deluxe supreme .. But if you are not interested sorry I suggested it, and I will just take the order back with me.. She said wait, how do I know I won’t catch anything from you... told her same way I know I won’t get anything from you.. I am going to use a condom, duh... at least when I fuck you.. She said ok come on in.. I walked into the house and we went into the livingroom.. She stood about 5'10" 135 lbs with light brown hair to the middle of her back.. Nice size tits and a very slender waist. With a light honey brown tan and gorgeous green eyes. I set the pizza on the table and she said so what should I do.. I walked over and slid down her jogging shorts feeling her creamy soft thighs and finding the shorts were hiding a black lacy thong. And then I pulled her top off to find her perky breasts didn’t need a bra of any kind she looked so hot standing there in just that black thong.. But a deal was a deal.. So I started to pull those down and found she was perfectly shaved.. Not even a trace of a hair anywhere around her very small tight little pussy. Since this was a business transaction I wasn’t about to waist any time.. I took her over to the couch sucked on her nipples for a few seconds.. Then gently pushed her back onto the couch spread her legs and started sucking on her pussy.. She tasted so sweet and flagrant she got wet immediately and not that soaking wet.. But the nice I am wet and ready for you to have me.. Well she came almost immediately from my lounge.. And I started to wonder if I would fit in her.. As she was very small and petite in that area... and well Like I said earlier.. I found out I was hung like a horse from the first lady I had ever been with and had many many more reiterate it too me.. I am all of 10.5 inches in length and if you wrap one of those dress maker rulers around my cock it is right about 8 inches in circumference... Anyhow after she came a couple of times.. I decided time for her to please me.. So I stood up and she leaned forward on the couch to see my jeans bulging.. She kinda laughed and made a joke.. Looks like you rolled some socks up today... she unsnapped my jeans and unzipped the fly as I hooked my thumbs in them and yanked them down.. Saying.. NO, this is the meat we forgot to put on your pizza...she gasped, but was a trooper and grabbed it with her hand and started licking it and sucking on the head... she even reached down and played with my balls, (which I love) and then wormed her finger up the crack of my ass and played with my asshole as she sucked and licked the head of my cock.... she then leaned back and said I don’t think that will fit into my pussy... I said well were gonna find out.... as I knelt down getting between her legs.... I reached into my back pocket of the pants wrapped around my ankles and pulled out a condom... unrolling it on my rock hard cock... she looked a little nervous and said I don’t want you too hurt me.. I promised her I would go slow and if it was too much she could suck me off, but without a condom and I cum in her mouth... She agreed and relaxed and laid back with her ass out to the edge of the couch.. I leaned down for one last taste and to make sure she was good and wet... then I moved forward so the head of my cock was touching her cunt rubbing it up and down across her clit she grabbed the back of her legs pulling them up and spreading them for me... and I pressed down on my manhood pushing forward until the head popped in her very tight little hole.. She took a deep inward gasp and I held still for a second asking her if she was ok.. She said fuck that is huge. I started slowly pumping the head of my cock in and out of her pussy.. Holding it with one hand and stroking her clit with the thumb of my other as we both watched after a few strokes I started slowly going a bit deeper after a minute or two I was a couple inches into her and she started breathing very deep and moaning a bit.. So I knew from previous experiences she was starting to get her fuck lust going on...and it was now time for me to pick up the pace and depth just a little bit.. Over the course of the next few minutes I was now giving her the whole thing and even letting my balls slap her against the ass, her head was now tipped totally back and she was breathing very hard and her chest was covered in perspiration from coming so hard.. I don’t’ think she even realized that during one of my outward strokes I rolled her over so her chest was on the couch and I had her kneeling on the floor grasping her hips fucking her as hard as I could because after all she was paying me for the pizza.. And I wanted her to get it hot and now.. My balls were swinging wildly and I knew they were slapping against her tiny little clit.. And her cunt looked so stretched around my cock.. She was now screaming in orgasm and trying to breath at the same time.. Fairly soon I was at the point of no return I could feel my balls getting that familiar burning sensation they get just before they explode.. I was all the way out of her when I knew the first wave was about too hit.. And I thrust into her grasping her hips yanking her against my cock slamming into her ravaged cunt driving it too the hilt hearing her moan from the impact and the intense sensations I knew she had to be feeling.. I held her with my cock deeply impaled in her well fucked pussy as jet after jet of my jism shot out of me.. I felt it start to ooze around the condom and dribble down her pussy lips and my balls... after we both calmed down and collected ourselves.. She asked if the price would always be the same. I assured her it would and so for the next 8 months she would order pizza from me at least once a week while she was babysitting.. At the store all the delivery guys had a saying for when we made a special delivery.. We would come back in and claim we got stiffed... and the owner would always say.. And that is why I make you pay me before you go to the delivery.. People will always take advantage of you..well after about 8 months of making very regular deliveries to her.. And collecting my payment in many delightful ways along the same lines of course.. I made a delivery a bit out of the ordinary too her.. It was on a Friday night and I had never taken her an order on that night. When I got there, she met me out on the front porch and said look, my boyfriend is inside and I promised him dinner, I really am broke, can you spot me until next Wednesday, and I promise to make it well worth your investment in trusting me.. Well to be honest, even if she did not come though as much fun as I have had with her.. She deserved a freebie so I agreed and left. Sure enough like clock work the next Wednesday I got a delivery to that address... I could hardly wait to see what she had in store to make it, “worth my while” when I rang the bell I was surprised by a hot little blond that answered the door.. She stood maybe 5' 6" weighed in at about 120 with very nice full tits and very sexy tanned body with a knockout smile and wearing a very short mini skirt and a very revealing halter top.. I was shocked and thought what the heck is going on... where is Jenn.. She must have sensed I was puzzled as she said come on in.. The pizza smells wonderful, can you put it on the table over there.. That is when I saw Jenn sitting on the couch with a very wicked smile on her face...I came in and Jenn introduced me to her sister Barbie.. She told me that Barbie would be paying for part of the bill tonight in the usual fashion... my eyes snapped back to Barbie and she immediately blushed and looked at the floor.. Jenn went on to say that she had told Barbie all about the payment process and well quite frankly she didn’t believe her.. And so she invited her over tonight for a first hand experience for two reasons.. First of all it was Barbie’s Birthday and she wanted to give her something memorable for her birthday and secondly Barbie and Jenn had a bet that is was all for real. And as soon as I dropped my pants Barbie lost the bet... and would be obliged to do as she was told. I quickly set the stuff on the table and walked into the living room undoing my pants pulling them down.. Jenn said for tonight I would be better to get totally naked.. Something that I normally didn’t do because I did have a schedule to keep. And didn’t want to get caught, but this looked to be interesting so figured I would be a whole lot late getting back to work... So off came my clothes and Jenn immediately dropped to her knees and started to suck my cock to make sure it was good and hard. She then turned to Barbie and said now you know what you are supposed to do.. Barbie immediately went to the coffee table and laid back on it so she was laying on it with her heals brought up to her ass showing us both she wasn’t wearing any panties and she even hiked her short skirt up so she was fully exposed.. Her sister then walked up and pulled the halter top up so her tilts were in full view.. She then waved at her pussy and said would you care to taste.. Didn’t take a second for me to dive in and start sucking and licking on her sister juicy little cunt. As I buried my face in her crotch, I saw her sister move to the other end of the coffee table pull her pants and panties off and sit on her sisters face, telling her sister to “eat my cunt, and make me fucking cum.. This is one bet you are going to pay in full and we will both enjoy..” I could see her sister hesitantly start to lick her sister which only gained her sister sitting harder on her face pinching her sisters nipple and then pulling her sisters head into her saying I said fucking eat that cunt. Now that is better.. I was eating Barbie and her hips were starting to buck a bit and I couldn’t believe she actually even tasted better then her sister and I didn’t think I would ever find anyone that tasted that good let alone better.. I went to put a finger in Barbie’s pussy when her sister said.. No... just start fucking her.. And can you not use a condom this time.. I promise we are both clean and I want you to pull out and let us both lick you clean... I smiled and moved up to start easing my cock into her very small tight cunt.. When her sister insisted I give it too her in one hard thrust.. I asked are you sure.. And she said OH YES, I am sure.. I want her to feel you fully on the first thrust and pound her.. Fuck her hard.. I smiled because I love a very fast hard entry thrust feeling that pussy stretch out and grasp my cock.. And she was certainly moist enough in that respect she was unlike her sister in the fact she was soaking wet with a pool forming on the very edge of the table and running down onto the carpet.. From previous experiences with Jenn..we knew the table was just the right height for me to get a good straight thrust.. I placed the tip of my cock against her opening reached between her legs and grasped her hips... and with one very viral thrust My cock rammed into her extremely tight fuck hole and my balls slapped her ass in almost the same instant.. Barbie hand grabbed her sisters waist and she screamed as Jenn pressed her cunt tighter into her sisters mouth and said happy birthday sis... And I started to fuck her cunt wildly pounding in and out of her hearing her juices squish with each thrust and feeling her pussy sucking onto my cock as I pull back to thrust again... Barbie laid there ridged for the fist couple minutes just grasping her sisters hips and her sister holding her arms.. And Jenn kept grinding her crotch into her Barbie’s face barely letting her breath.. After a few minutes I noticed that Barbie started to relax and her hips started trying to meet my thrusts... and I could feel her having wave after wave of orgasms as her tight little fuck hole would get tighter on my cock and quiver and her legs would shake and soon Jenn had her head thrown back screaming that her sister was pushing her over the edge and that she was a great little fucking pussy eater.. Then I realized I was fucking her without a condom and I was about to cum... I quickly pulled out and screamed here I cum.. Standing up and straddling Barbie’s waist as Jenn crawled off and my first load shot out and landed on Barbie’s neck and face.. Jenn got her face in position to catch the second and third shot along with Barbie. After I stopped shooting my load Jenn leaned down and kissed her sister and asked well how did you like your first time.. Barbie laid there and gasped it was great.. But it hurt like hell when he fist shoved it in.. Jenn replied that is why I had him shove it in.. And not go slow.. It still hurts, but this way it is over quicker.. My Jaw dropped, and I stammered she was a virgin? Jenn laughed and said yeah look at the blood on your cock.. I looked down and sure enough there was a small amount of blood on my cock and on her crotch... I said damn you’re a fucking ass.. You should have told me... her sister said hey that is a good idea... I looked at her puzzled.. And she said you need to fuck Jenn in the ass.. She has never had that done you know.. Jenn objected immediately. When Barbie reminded her that It was her birthday and she gets to make one wish.. And her wish is to watch her sister get fucked up the ass.. OH and have Jenn eat out her pussy the whole time just like she had too ... The thought of sliding my cock in Jenn’s ass started to get me excited.. And my cock started to grow.. Barbie said and look he is ready to do it too.. Before Jenn could object any more Barbie reminded her they saw it in their dad’s porno’s many times and Jenn had always said she wanted to try it.. Barbie was up off the table and disappeared into the bathroom, could hear her opening the medicine cabinet and out she came holding a bottle, she said and look we have some Vaseline.. Now it was Barbie’s turn to give the orders and Jenn did as she was told.. She got down on her knees and bent forward as Barbie grabbed a large wad of Vaseline and shoved her fingers into Jenn’s ass... Jenn Jumped and Barbie took her other hand and slapped her sisters ass hard enough to make me jump and said stay still.. She then looked at me and said well looks like your ready so take her now.. I got down between her legs looking at her ass as her sister spread her cheeks apart showing me her little brown pucker that was absolutely covered in lub.. Jenn started begging for me to be careful and go slow.. Barbie said I should make him drive it in with one thrust like you did me.. But I would rather he take you slow.. She gave me the nod and I started to press against her back door feeling the head of my cock starting to spread her asshole.. Jenn started to whine it was hurting I started to back off when Barbie said no push harder.. I gave a little shove and the head of my cock popped in Jenn screamed loud enough I would have sworn that it would have woken the baby up that was sleeping in the nursery down the hall..I froze for a second and she said it was starting to feel better and I started to push in again.. She said it stung a little but not as bad as that first time.. I worked very slowly in and out with each time I pressed in I would push a bit further.. But always very slowly.. I thought it felt good fucking their tight little cunts.. But her asshole was so fucking tight before long I had managed to work most of my cock in her ass and she started moaning and I could feel her massaging her cunt and then Barbie kept the rest of wish and moved up and positioned herself so her sister could eat her pussy.. It was so fucking hot pounding Jenn in the ass watching her eat her sister.. Barbie started moaning almost immediately and I could hear Jenn starting to breath hard, without thinking I did the stereotypical thing and smacked Jenn on the ass and yelled, Who’s your daddy.. Jenn Bucked her face into Barbie who immediately squealed in delight and told me to keep smacking her ass every now and then.. I lasted a very long time.. And finally I felt the cum welling up in my balls.. And felt the need to cum.. I grabbed Jenn’s hips and shoved my cock deep in her ass, as the first load of my cum splashed deep in her bowels.. At this point I became very animalistic.. Something I never did before and something what wasn’t consciously being done then.. But I grabbed her hips very tight and started grinding my hips into her and actually growling.. After the last load shot up her ass.. My cock shrank and he body pushed it out.. Barbie then asked her sister what it was like.. She said well hurt like hell at first but then started feeling pretty good.. But not too worry because in two months it would be her birthday and she would return the favor to Barbie.. Should I be interested as she looked over her shoulder. I just smiled and asked do I have to bring the pizza....

End of Story

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