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Humble Abode

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We held a typical friday night party at our home on one July evening. This was common, and was a way for friends to unwind from the hectic day to day running and shuffling of family life.

Our friends Jim and Lynn usually join us, and called to ask if another couple could come over that we had never met. We welcomed them, as well as their friends and set the stage for a fun night.

A total of 10 people showed, all of which were the usual crowd with the exception of the new couple Mike and Emily.

As the night wore on we all drank, and enjoyed the summer evening. We enjoyed everyones company, and seemed to be having a great time with Mike and Emily as well. The four of us drank much more than the rest of the crowd, and appeared to be the life of the party.

Our friends all left by 1am with the exception of Jim and Lynn, and Mike and Emily. Jim and Lynn had family obligations the next morning, and asked Mike and Emily what they preferred to do. My wife immediately offered for them to stay in a spare bedroom, and they agreed willingly.

We continued to party and have a great time, and I noticed my wife and Emily had become very touchy feely. They kept daring each other to do silly pranks throughout the house, most of which was the alcohol taking its effect. By 3am we all decided to call it a night. Mike and Emily went to the guest bedroom and we went to ours. The girls seemed to giggle all the way to the bedrooms and my wife commented she would get Emily back for her actions earlier.

We were only in our bedroom for about 5 minutes when we could hear Mike and Emily having sex. My wife tried every attempt to contain her laughter, but was unable to do so. She even yelled through the wall in a joking manner for them to keep it down or we would come in there.

Emily and Mike laughed, and Emily responded with "We dont think either of you have the balls to come into their room". My wife yelled back "is that a dare" and Emily responded with "yes, its a triple dog dare".

Well thats all my intoxicated wife had to hear, and she looked at me as if we both knew what was about to happen. I did not think twice about it, and in seconds we were both at their door laughing. My wife sprung the door open, and there was Emily riding Mike as plain as day.

She just paused for a moment, and slow pulled her husbands dick out from her and stepped off the bed. She began to kiss my wife and undress her. Once my wife was naked, they began fingering each other while standing up as both Mike and I observed in disbelief.

My wife suddenly stopped kissing Emily and began to laugh. She turned Emily away and smacked her ass as she playfully pushed her an I out of the bedroom door. We heard the door lock and my wife say through the door "Now I have your naked husband, and I told you I would get the last laugh".

Emily just smiled, and said to my wife through the door "We will see you in the morning". Emily then took my hand and led me to our master bedroom where she shut the door and locked it... The house was extremely quiet for a few moments, and then we heard My wife and Emilys husband fucking through the walls.

That night was only the beginning of an absolutely increadible sexual experience. Emily told me she enjoyed some things, but was always scared to ask for them from Mike.

I was more than willing to give her those things, and offer my assistance. She began to tell me that she wanted a man that would tell her to do things. I playfully complied and asked her "I can tell you to do anything and you will?" She said she loved that idea, and that nothing would shock her.

I started to make love to her, and she again said "tell me to do something" I told her as she was slowly riding my cock facing me to "stop, and suck my dick".

She immediatly got off from my cock and put the tip of my dick in her mouth. She slowly took the entire thing her mouth, and slowly pulled it out. I immediatly like this idea, and began to give her more forward commands. I said "I want to fuck your face". She got up from her knees, and got on all fours on the bed and faced my at crotch level. She said "I want you to grab my head and fuck me as hard as you want."

I slid my dick back into her mouth, and this time began to slide my dick forcefully in and out of her mouth. I asked her if she liked that, and she just motioned up and down as she concentrated on deepthroating. I then said "I want to fuck you, and paused." She stopped sucking and pleaded for me to tell her how I wanted it.

I flipped her around and began to fuck her from behind. Her pussy was so moist, I could tell she getting very excited. She looked back at me as I fucked her and said "I know you want to fuck me in the ass, and its ok".

Since most guys wives will not allow this, I took every opportunity to sieze the moment. I slid my dick slowly out of her pussy and rubbed it around her ass. Within moments I slowly inserted it into her ass.

This made her whole body shake, and she let out a very loud moan. I slowly worked it in, and began to pump harder and harder. Emily let out a louder moan, and said "dont stop, please dont stop".

As I began to reach orgasm, I said "I want to cum on you". She pulled away at just the right time and I came all over her tits.

We continued to fuck like that till sunrise, and about lunch time we all came out of our rooms for breakfast. We continue to see Mike and Emily, and know every time that we meet that we are going to swap partners for the night. None of our other friends are aware of type of relationship we have with Mike and Emily, and the girls to this day say to each other "is that a dare"

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