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His Wife Wanted 9 Inch

Just sitting online one night and hoping to get a response and just as I was getting ready to head out for a couple cold ones I get a message. This husband said his wife always wanted to feel and ride a big one and he seen by my profile that I was hung and was her type. Not living to far away he agreed to get a room and have me meet them there. I only got to see a few pictures of her but seeing her in person was something else. When I knock and enter the motel room she was already just in her red bra & matching thongs. I was thinking W O W this is one hot playboy type model beautiful in everyway with nice big breasts and a slim waist and great ass. She said hi my name is Chrissy and I was speechless. I have sent them some pictures prior of myself so she knew I was long and big and wanted it right away. She said take out that huge cock I want him to watch me suck it. So she dropped down onto her knees and looked up at her hubby and smiled and said thank you. He just sat down in a chair with a drink and said I just will enjoy the show. She started licking and sucked my 9"er for what seemed like hours but was only maybe 15 minutes and she shouted ' I want to feel this long pole in my pussy' so she laid down on the bed and said watch this stud and put both her legs behind her head and I just got harder seeing that then she said "fuck me" I then started to enter her while she squealed just alittle saying it was big and fat but don't stop. Over from the chair he yelled stick it all in she wants all that 9 inch cock in her. After a few minutes squeezed it all in and fucked her front and back, sideways and everyway we could. After a good 45 minute fucking I blew a load all over her d cups and she licked some off her nipples and said next round I want anal but, she said her hubby would start and loosen her up since she never had such a big one in her ass. So after a group shower and another long blow job session her husband loosen her backdoor up and I fucked her good long and hard until I blew another load deep up inside her ass. What a night :)

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