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He She Experience

He was young, a few years out of college, and an average sort of guy. He saw a beautiful
woman in her late 20s sitting at the bar. To all outward appearances, she seemed to be a rather
tall, busty blonde, with a soft seductive voice. She was several inches taller than he, and was
wearing snug fitting jeans with a clingy low front sweater and impressive cleavage that
caught his eye. He struck up a conversation with her and was surprised that she was
interested in talking to him. He bought her a drink and they moved to a quiet table and chatted.
One thing led to another and after another couple drinks to the end of the evening, they ended
up going back to her apartment where they necked. She was a great kisser, sometimes passive
and tender, other times demanding as they fenced with their tongues. He caressed her breasts
through the sweater, then slid his hand up under to cup them. At the same time, her hand
stroked his thigh and then scratched the length of his cock through his jeans with her finger
nails. He could hardly stand it, his cock throbbing painfully inside his jeans. She stopped for a
moment, coming up for air, and removed her sweater. Her breasts were large and firm,
straining to be let out from her bra. He unhooked the bra, releasing her beauties to his eyes. At
the same time, she was groping at his belt and zipper, struggling to free his hard cock. He
began to kiss and nibble her nipples and she was stroking his cock. She then leaned down
on him and slid her mouth down over his cock. She was totally focused, and all he could do was
hold onto her head and let her go. She stroked his shaft with her hand while sucking his balls
into her mouth. Then, releasing them, she moved back to his cock taking it all the way into her
throat until her nose was buried in his pubic hair, and then made swallowing motions to stroke
his length without moving her head. When he told her that he would be cumming soon if she
didn't stop, she just went "mmmmmmmm" on his cock and went deeper and faster until he
blasted for jet after jet of hot cum. She gulped and swallowed, continuing until she had
sucked him dry.
After that, they went back to some cuddling and kissing. He suckled on her breasts, nibbling on
her nipples, eliciting a moan from her lips as she closed her eyes and held his head to her
breasts. When he moved his hand up her thigh, she stopped him and said she didn't want to go
further that night. They cuddled for a while longer, finishing their drinks, and then exchanged
numbers. They made plans to meet the following weekend for a couple drinks.
The next weekend, he met her at the same club. she was wearing a reasonably short black
leather skirt and a low cut blouse that accentuated her incredible cleavage. After some small
talk they went back to her place. As soon as they made it through the door, they were back to
kissing. Remembering her hesitancy the previous weekend, he kept his hands to caressing her
breasts, as her hands wandered to his crotch to stroke his growing bulge. They moved to the
couch, and things got more heated. Much like the previous weekend, she pulled away as
soon as his hands started to reach lower. She dropped to her knees at his feet, pulled out his
cock, and went to orally working on him. Then she stood up and took his hand, leading him to
the bedroom. He thought finally, now I will get to lick and fuck her pussy. Instead, she stripped
down to her waist, and then began stripping his clothes off. She laid back on the bed and said
"now I want you to fuck my mouth deep and hard. He got up on his knees by her face, holding
the headboard as she gripped his buttocks, pulling his cock into her mouth. He began slowly,
stroking in and out in long deep strokes. She urged him faster and faster. Then she held up her
hand to stop him, asking him to sit up for a moment. She slid higher on her pile of pillows so that
now as he knelt straddling her, his cock was nestled between her breasts. She stroked his
shaft, squeezing out droplets of precum, and then used the head of his cock to spread them
around in her cleavage. Then, pressing them together around his cock, she looked into his eyes
and said "fuck my tits, fuck them good, and cum all over them and in my mouth1" He gripped
the headboard of the bed and began to fuck his cock up and down in the fleshy slippery tunnel
of her large breasts. The smooth skin of her breasts felt wonderful as his cock stroked up and
down. She stuck her tongue out to lick the head on the up strokes, even drooling a little at times
into her cleavage to better lubricate the passage of his cock. When his thrusts became more
urgent and erratic, she let go of her breasts and gripped his buttocks to pull him forward and
slide it in and out of her mouth. Faster and faster he piston his cock in and out of her mouth until
with a groan, he thrust deep and emptied his balls into her mouth. As each shot jetted out, he
would pull back and thrust hard into her mouth again. On the out strokes, some of his cum
dripped from her lips down onto her breasts. Finally, spent, he sagged forward onto the bed
frame and she continued to suckle on his wilting shaft until she had swallowed the last of
his load. After that, he sagged down beside her and they cuddled. When he started to stroke
down across her flat stomach, she took his hand. She told him she enjoyed bringing him
pleasure, but was not ready to let him reciprocate. She said that if things went well between
them, she might be ready to take that step another time. They cuddled for a bit and she went
down on him again, coaxing another load to join the first in her tummy. He left that night
wondering if she just didn't like sex on the receiving end or something. He felt kinda guilty
that he was getting all the fun and wasn't doing anything for her, but it was hard to pass up a
cute blonde with an incredible rack who absolutely loved oral sex, and didn't seem to mind.
The next time they got together, he asked a little more point blank, telling her that he loved what
she did with her mouth, but when was she going to let me do something for her. She was quiet
for a few minutes and then shocked the hell out of im. She said "what would you say or do if I
told you I had a very large cock in my pants instead of a pussy?" He was speechless for what
seemed like several minutes, but was probably maybe 15 seconds, wondering if he should bolt
from the room. But, instead, he was surprised that he found the whole thing interesting and
exciting. Maybe it was just his adventuresome open minded go wild approach to sex. He don't
know. He told her "I think I would be interested in finding out what that would be like, but I have
never done anything like that before." She got up and said she would be right back. She left the
room, changed out of her clothes, and came back wearing a white with lacy trimmed silk robe
tied at the waist. She climbed into bed and finished undressing him. She then lay down
beside him and we went back to kissing and groping. He untied the robe and she let it fall away
from her body to reveal white lacy panties with a rather large cock bulging in them. He worked
on her breasts as he ran his fingertips up and down the length of her cock. It seemed weird
thinking about her as a she, but talking about her cock. But with her beautiful face and breasts,
he still considered her a woman. Her cock was thicker than his, and about 8" long. He worked
her cock to the side of her panties and stroked it with his hand. It felt strange having someone
elses hard cock in his hand, but it felt right for the moment. It was so large and throbbing in his
hand, and her breath caught in her throat as he stroked it. He didn't know quite what to do, so
he lowered his head and licked it with his tongue. It twitched at his touch, and he was amazed
how smooth it felt. Then he took it into his mouth, trying to imitate what women had done to him,
while cupping and stroking her balls. He could feel it pulse and spasm in his mouth. He could
feel the veins throb and the ridge around the head with his tongue too. It was so strange, yet
captivating. At times it was as though he was outside himself wondering why he was doing this.
But, he continued listening to her breathing quicken, and soft moans come from her lips. When
she got closer, she did begin to flex her hips and assist in the movement of her cock in and out
of his mouth, but she was always gentle about it. Finally he could feel her cock swell and grow
harder his my mouth, throbbing hard and insistent, until she came hot and sticky in his
mouth. He had tasted his own juice on a woman's tongue before, but this was the first time he
had had a large amount of cum in his mouth. It really didn't have that much flavor. Just thick,
warm, creamy, a little salty, with a very mild flavor and aroma of cum. And it seemed like there
was so much of it. He had to swallow to keep up with the jets as they flooded his mouth.
After she was spent and had withered in his mouth, she motioned for him to straddle her and
she pushed her breasts together again for him to slide his cock in between them. She would
reach out with her tongue and lick the head on the forward strokes. Then she grabbed his
hips with both hands and pulled him forward to take his cock into her mouth all the way until his
pubes were rubbing her nose. He started doing full length strokes of his cock in her mouth
while she gripped his butt cheeks, pricking them with her nails. He had to hold onto the now
familiar headboard to keep from falling when he finally blasted his load. When he came, she
pushed him back, stroked his shaft, and aimed his jets of cum first on her tongue, and then on
her breasts. She kept on stroking until he was completely empty. Then she lifted her breasts to
try to lick off the globs of cum she could reach, and then used her fingers to scoop up other
splotches of cum from her breasts and suck them clean.
Then they snuggled for a bit and talked. She asked if he had enjoyed sucking her cock. He had
to admit that he had. After a bit, she moved behind him to spoon and hold onto him. Soon, he
could feel her growing and throbbing again. She reached around to stroke his cock, while at
the same time started rubbing her cock in the cleft of his butt. Then she moved her hand around
to stroke his ass and penetrate his butt with a finger. She rolled over and took out a tube of lube
from a drawer in her night stand and put some on her hand and started teasing and stroking his
butt. It felt great, feeling her large breasts against his back as her finger and then two fingers
stroked in and out of his ass. He could feel when she stroked deeper to rub his prostate,
causing precum to begin leaking out of his rock hard throbbing cock. It seemed like he had
never been so hard in his life. She continued to stroke and stretch his virgin opening, spreading
almost to the point of pain, and then going softer until he got used to it.
Finally she removed her hand, snuggled up closer, and he knew what would come next. He
knew he could have just left, but he was curious to see what it would feel like, and just going
with the moment. Her cock felt huge, but she was very slow and gentle as she gradually
stretched him and worked it a little at a time into his virgin butt. At the same time, she
reached around his side to his front, and started stroking his cock with her hand. She would
push in a little and withdraw. Then push in a little further and withdraw. Soon, she was all the
way inside him. He felt so stretched, filled, violated, but at the same time, incredibly horny and
turned on. She just kept sliding that big fat cock deeply in and out of him while her hand stroked
the length of his cock. She seemed to vary her pace to hold back cumming until she could tell
that he was ready to cum too. Then she picked up the pace with her hand and her cock. Her
other hand was holding his shoulder as she slammed her cock faster and harder in and out,
bottoming out inside him. When he came in sticky jets over her hand, she caught a lot of it and
used it to make her hand more slippery to stroke back over his cock. He could feel his butt
clamping down on her thrusting shaft as each jet of cum shot out. His spasms pushed her over
the edge too, and she moaned as she pumped hard and fast into him and came in his ass. He
could feel the liquidly feeling around her shaft as her cum filled him, and could feel the spasms
as her cock swelled and pulsed inside me. When she finished and pulled out, he could feel it
leaking out of him. For a moment, he felt kind of like a woman. It was a very strange rush of
feelings, kind of like a fantasy of swapping places, laying there stretched and sore, open from
the hard fucking, cum leaking out of him all wet and sticky.
They snuggled and dozed in each other's arms for a while, basking in the after glow. Eventually,
she got up to take a shower. The sound of the water woke him, and he joined her. One thing led
to another, and soon they were both hard and throbbing again returning to the bedroom for
what would be an all night marathon of experiences. He didn't think this would make him turn
gay, but, he planned on seeing a lot more of Jennifer....

End of Story