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Ganging Up On Her

One of the women I tied up was the girlfriend of a buddy in
college. I was in his hometown during school break in Cleveland
(I went to college in Detroit). He told me she was a fox, and
it was true. She had red hair, green eyes, nice hips and enormous
tits. He told me she was wild in bed. I got the impression
he wouldn't mind sharing. "Maybe she'll
blow you if she get drunk enough, " he joked.

During the visit we had a big, blowout party. Pat, the girl,
was there, and she looked hot. Jeans and a thin T-shirt and
you could see her nipples harden throughout the evening.
She was very friendly and flirty with me because of my friendship
with her boyfriend. She hugged me early on and said "I've
heard so much about you." During the party, she would
make the rounds then return to the kitchen, where we were
hanging, for another beer. She would hug and kiss Ronnie,
my friend, and he suggested she needed to kiss me too after
every drink. I would up grinding my hardening cock against
her cunt, and once he came up behind her and we pushed our
cocks into her cunt and ass. I felt her fat, slutty tits pressed
against my chest. I wanted her naked and sucking.
When the party ended, she staggered into the kitchen and
mumbled that she was going to bed, and staggered off to his

Ronnie and I looked at each other. We were pretty gone too.
He winked at me and said, "Are we going to let her get
away with that?"

"No way, " I said, and we walked into the room
where Pat was flopped in the bed, still dressed.
"What are you doing here?" she asked, her arms
back over her head, stretching."
"We're best friends, " I said.
"And we share everything, " he said.
"And we're going to share you, " I added.

We jumped on the bed and both started kissing her, and she
moaned. She made a little effort to push us away, but I don't
think she meant it.
We pulled her jeans and panties off first and pulled her
legs open. I put my fingers into her cunt. "Man, she's
wet." I said. Pat moaned and squirmed a little. I leaned
over and shoved my tongue into her cunt, flicking my tongue
around her clit and driving it into her wet hole. Ronnie
joined me, and our tongues swirled around her wet cunt and
asshole for a half-hour. She came in buckets and she turned
to Jell-o.

We finally said it was our turn and stripped off her T-shirt
and thin bra. When her tits were free, we both slapped them
and pulled her nipples hard. She winced and told us to stop,
that it hurt. We just pushed her onto her hands and knees
and as we knelt on the bed told her to suck our cocks. She made
wet slurping noises as she sucked. We made her gag from time
to time by grabbing her hair and pulling her mouth onto our
cocks. We both loved it. Then, for about 10 minutes, we jammed
both cocks into her mouth and fucked in unison. To make her
look stupid, we asked her questions but never took our cocks
out of her mouth. "You love these cocks, don't
you, slut, " we asked. When she couldn't answer,
we spanked her ass and made it beet red. Every now and then
we took turns cock-slapping her face while the other one
fucked her skull hard.

Soon, we came together. "Hold you mouth open and stick
out your tongue, slut, " Ronnie screamed and we coated
everything with hot cum. We spent a few minutes pushing
the cum on her face into her mouth, then told her to wash her
Most of the night was spent with Pat on her hands and knees,
or flat on her back with her head hanging off the side of the
bed, having our cocks driven into her. Our favorite was
with her on her hands and knees, with our hands around her
hips and entwined in her hair, swinging her back and forth,
like fuck meat, between our cocks. We both used her nipples
from time to time to pull her back and forth. It made her very
uncomfortable, and that was good. We slapped her ass and
called her cunt, slut, and cum pig. She came and came and
came, and we put cum in her throat and in her cunt.
After a few hours sleep, in the morning, she woke first and
sucked us both off.

We all piled into the shower and soaped her up, and washed
off ourselves. We soaped her ass and pushed our fingers
into it, but she yelped and begged us to stop. She had never
been fucked in the ass. Back in bed, she would fuck and suck
normally but no ass. I rolled a joint and passed it around
-- making her smoke the most -- determined to break down
her resistance.

She got so stoned she could hardly speak. That's when
I got Ronnie's neckties from his closet. With one,
I blindfolded Pat while she was getting her mouth slammed
by Ronnie's cock. Then, while she wasn't expecting
it, we pushed her on the bed and I tied her hands together
behind her back. She squirmed and shrieked but her fat tits
jutted out so wonderfully we pulled on her nipples and shoved
our fingers in her mouth and told her we were going to make
a sandwich out of her. I was more experienced at ass-fucking,
so while Ronnie held her down, I fucked her mouth explaining
how she would be used to satisfy my ass-fucking preferences,
and that Ronnie would fuck her cunt. There was nothing sweeter
than forcing her to accept my cock and feel her virgin asshole
around it.

We both loved watching her squirm and, little
by little, liking it more. When Ronnie lay alongside her
and shoved his cock in her cunt, she began what must have
been a half-hour orgasm. After we had fucked her into submission
(and literally had Ronnie lay on his back with her on top
and my drilling her ass from above, making a true sandwich)
we unloaded.

We left her tied for a while because she looked
like such a sweet whore.

End of Story

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