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First time with a twin 3

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After the long drought of my previous life, my third year at This is the third story of my love for Gwennette and Jennellen. See the other stories, First time with a Twin, and First time with a twin 2

University was a year spent in a state of permanent sexual bliss. Since the twins had both become my lovers and moved into their own apartment, they loved to sleep together so the first present I bought for the twins after they moved in was a queen-sized double bed.

The girls were very attractive, long and wild wavy brown black hair, and sleepy green eyes that were always ready with a hint of mischief. Slender and small breasted, they has gorgeous round bottoms and long legs. Shopping for clothes was interesting as whatever one bought the other always purchased an identical outfit.

Each morning I’d arrive as really early as I could to take them in my car to their first classes. They would still be asleep as I quietly pushed a key they had given me into the door. Neither Jennellen nor Gwennette wore pyjamas that whole year, and so waking them up, need I say was a process that used to take a long time. They slept naked, and usually were tightly locked naked in each other's embrace, their wild red-black hair tangled on the pillows. And as the lover of both I would strip too, climbing into bed and push myself between the two sleeping figures. It was a wonderful way to awaken them. First of all, I had to disentangle their own mutual embrace, kissing them into a state of semi wakefulness. At first whichever sister started kissing me first would get me to roll in their direction, and my semi-erect penis would be rock hard in seconds. Its rigor would be extended often by the other sister throwing off the blankets and positioning herself to take my organ into her mouth. Often she would start fingering the slit of her sister, getting it ready for the insertion of my cock.

Each morning it would be slightly competitive between them to see who would fuck me first. Whoever it was would also be first into the shower while her sister finished me off with whatever I could offer them for the morning. We’d then join whoever it was in the bathroom for fun and hi-jinks in the shower. A quick coffee and we would be out to my car. It was clear that the girls were equally and passionately in love with me as we walked hand in hand across the campus and it was many eye-brows which were raised in our direction. A number of my old friends when introduced to the twins asked me were both of the sisters my lovers. They both unashamedly admitted immediately that they were.

As each sister would then want me to make love with her first, we found , after a while that by one sister lying upon the other, my penis could oscillate, plunging first into one vagina and then another. The sister that came first would then shift off whilst I finished the other. I became very good at stopping when I threatened to come too soon, so both girls could get what they needed first. It would take at least an hour and half to two hours before they had both been fucked, showered, dressed and ready for the day’s Lectures and Tutorials. I wondered what the lecturers and tutors, and their fellow students would say if they knew what routine the girls had created each morning.

Often, if the sisters had not started making love on each other by the time I arrived they would wake up with the sound of my key in the lock. I would come and kneel by the bed, my hands going beneath the bedclothes to caress whoever was nearest the edge. Awakening her I would get a warm and passionate embrace, and be pulled under the blankets with them, where they would proceed to strip me of my clothes. By this time I had almost given up trying to decide which identical twin was which, and like everyone else called them both either Jennellen or Gwennette at whim.

In our love-making we were adventurous. We would arrive home to the apartment after classes, and the girls would turn on the heaters to warm the place. Soon we all were as naked as the day we were born, but the svelte shapes of the twins were far from baby-like. Our nights would consist of a quick meal cooked in the tiny kitchen, the consumption of a few glasses of wine, and an evening of wonderful sexual adventures.

Our first problem occurred when my parents cornered me one day with my late arrivals at home and my early departures in the morning. When read the riot act by my father who objected to me treating home as a hotel or a dormitory, he suggested that I either move out altogether or else “pull my weight around the family”. When I mentioned my predicament to the girls, they suggested the answer was easy. “Move in with us”, they said. “After all Jennellen (or was it Gwennette) added, “After all, you are almost living here permanently already!” And so it was. Another bookshelf and a small desk, and a place in their wardrobes for me to hang my clothes, another set of toiletries in the bathroom, and the move was made. As we all shared the same bed, the queen-sized that I had bought them, no further furniture was required.

Life seemed very blessed. As spring of that year moved towards summer, clothing in the apartment seemed to be not required – it was something worn only when going out into the “outside” world, or when visitors arrived. There would often be a mad scramble for clothes when there was a knock on the door.

In our “menage a trois” we discovered lots about each other that we could never have discovered otherwise. If one person was grumpy or out of sorts, it meant that there were two people around to cheer them up. In the same way, if two were ecstatic, it was highly infectious and all three would shortly be bouncing around off the walls and ceiling together. On the other hand if two were grumpy and out of sorts, it also seemed to have the effect of darkening the mood of the third one. As the girls frequently seemed to live out of the same single emotional state, it made our lives together very interesting.

One thing we found that worked, when problems arose, was for the three of us to leave the apartment and go for a long walk together. We agreed that one would speak, uninterrupted for a period of time, to express all of their concerns and difficulties. Then it was another’s turn, and by taking turns like this, it was not long before all difficulties were resolved. It was while going on such a walk that the next phase in our amazing sexual adventures began. Our apartment was in a fairly cheap neighbourhood, and there were streets of run-down shopping, filled with second hand stores (suitable for cheap clothing for students). All problems resolved we were returning to home. As we were walking down the street we passed a “Sex” shop.

“Have you ever been inside such a store?” one of the twins asked.

“No. Never!”

“Us neither”, and with that I was taken by the hands and led passed the concealed entrance inside.

It was brightly lit with trays of magazines in plastic wrappers in the centre, and a variety of posters and sex aids of various kinds on the walls. There were also a number of advertisements and a classified section for men and women promising “fun times”. Behind the counter, looking fairly bored with the whole proceedings was a fairly attractive woman in her mid thirties. She had clearly retained the good figure of her youth. We introduced ourselves to the woman behind the counter and confessed that we had never been inside such a shop before. I asked her what made such a good looking woman work in a sex-aids shop. She explained that it was her ex-husband who had opened the shop, and he allowed her to have flexible hours suitable to her looking after two small children. I mentioned that “weirdo’s” must continually pester such an attractive woman as herself, and she explained that she had no problems. She was a black belt in Karate, and she pointed to the security cameras in all the corners, which were there not just to prevent pilfering.

Looking at us, she asked, “Are you three together?”

“If you mean ‘Are we lovers?’” one of the twins replied brazenly, “Yes, we are”.

“How long have you been together?”

“A couple of months, we all attend the same University” the other twin answered.

And then the real conversation started. Her name was Mary. She was a natural blond with her long hair held at the back with a clip. Her now interested, wide-open ice-blue eyes slipped from one to another of us as we introduced ourselves formally. She was fascinated at our living arrangements, and full of questions about how we had arranged our personal public and private lives.

“What happens when he has come, and the other woman is still waiting?” Mary asked, “Doesn’t that leave one of you sexually frustrated?”

“It rarely happens,” (I think it was) Jennellen who replied proudly, “Jason usually has enough energy for at least three or four orgasms with us”.

I blushed at the twins’ frankness.

“Lucky you”, the storekeeper commented. But isn’t it a bit of a drag with one not active while the other two are ‘getting it off’?”

“What do you mean?”

She explained how in her opinion sex was really only designed for two people at a time. To incorporate a third person into it really required some “sex aid” or a larger group. For instance from her experience, only then, she claimed, was it truly possible for three people to come together. She explained how she and her ex-husband had belonged to a wife-swapping club, where they had tried such things.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Well at first it really spiced up our sex-lives. I was resistant to the idea at first, as I was jealous of the thought of my husband making love to other women, but he assured me that there was no jealousy involved. I was also secretly afraid that I would eventually lose him to another woman, unless I agreed. But he told me he loved me and nothing would get in the way of that. We heard of a club that we liked the sound of that shared more than just sex, and decided to give it a go. I nearly chickened out the first time we went, but the host and hostess were very gracious, and at first it was like a big dinner party with new guests. After the meal we sat in a huge lounge and watched a series of erotic videos. By half time clothes were starting to come off, and soon after that, I saw my husband wave to me whilst he was being eaten by two young wives, and I was being taken doggy style by what I thought was the nicest looking man present. It certainly sparked up our sex-lives, as when we got home we attacked each other with a passion that had not been present since the first days of our relationship.

Then, once we had been a couple of times, I found that the thought and reality of making love to lots of men was really starting to turn me on. To be honest, I think I was more popular at the club than my husband was. I found myself wishing the club could meet more than once a month, and without letting my husband know I secretly arranged to meet three of the men for secret meetings between sessions. We were very discrete. Meanwhile my husband had started this business. It began as a small mail order business providing videos, magazines and sex aids for members of the club, but soon it was making so much money that my ex-husband and a partner began this store. In addition to us, one of the other couples in the club had helped put up the capital. That went well, until one day myself and the other partner caught my husband in the back of the store making love to the other partner’s wife. Then all hell broke lose. My husband claimed that he loved the both of us equally, but if he had to choose between us he would choose her over me. That hurt. He also said he knew of my extra-marital affairs (one of the men had been talking to others), and so who was I to object to what was happening. He said he wanted all four of us to move into a big house together, but the other husband refused. He insisted that his wife make a choice between my husband or him – and she chose my husband. I said I would not be against the three of us living together with the two women sharing my husband, but she said – either you are with me or you are with her – and so he had to choose. I pleaded that he was the father of our children, but that seemed to have no effect, they have been living together for three years now and have just recently married. When this happened neither my husband or I continued going to the club, but we had this business together, and it has continued.”

“What happened to your three lovers?” asked one of the twins.

“One moved town, and a second had a job to do patching up his own marriage once the story of his involvement with me had spread. Mr Blabbermouth I could not stand once he had broken the confidentiality agreement we had. So here I am, four years later, alone and so much the wiser.”

“Do you have a partner now?” asked Jennellen.

“I have tried a couple of relationships”, Mary explained, “but most don’t work for one reason or another. Most men are not interested in my children, and are only interested in a ‘little on the side’. It has got to the stage that sex is just for immediate release. Otherwise I am not prepared for anything less than a genuine commitment in a relationship. At the moment all my free energy goes into supporting the children. That is why I am interested in you three. How did you become committed to each other and get together?”

Jennellen explained how she and Gwennette had been lovers and sexual partners for as long as they could remember, ever since childhood. She explained how she and Gwennette, in coming to university had decided to lose their virginity by taking a lover who they would share between them. Whoever found a suitable partner would make love first, and then the twins would swap without letting the partner know. But things hadn’t quite turn out that way.

“When I met Jason, I found I fell deeply in love with him.” Jennellen said simply. “I couldn’t get him out of my mind. And I did not want to share him.”

“I fell heavily for her too, I had never met anyone so entrancing” I explained.

“Well I wanted to keep Jason all to myself, but didn’t tell Gwennette of my change in plans. She, however, went ahead as planned and made love with Jason, who thought he was really with me. It was only when Jason discovered that it was Gwennette and not me that things shifted. I truly love my sister. I also truly love Jason. She loves Jason and she loves me. Jason loves us both – what could be simpler?”

“Are you public with your relationship? Are they your first girlfriends?”

“All our friends know”, I explained, “The twins are my first true girlfriends, though we haven’t shared it with parents yet. My mother and father have met both girls on different occasions, though they thought it was just Jennellen. They know I share an apartment with my girlfriend, and although I know they disapprove, they have come to accept it. They don’t know that I have two girlfriends though.”

Gwennette asked Mary if she knew of any other threesomes. The woman said that she had heard of a couple, but they all were generally very unstable. Over forty percent of marriages end in divorce, the rate for threesomes seems to be closer to eighty percent, although she confessed she had never heard of one involving twin sisters before. Nor had she ever heard of a threesome in which the women were lovers before the man joined them. Jennellen explained that this was true of them. The sisters’ love of each other was primary, she said – “Jason comes second. He gets fairly henpecked at times, I don’t know why he puts up with us”. I explained it was easy – although it was often ‘double trouble’.

I asked her which man could resist loving both sisters if they were in my situation.

“You say you two have been lovers for as long as you remember?”

“Yes”, Gwennette explained. Jennellen and I have always been very physical with each other, always hugging and kissing as small children. Even before we went to school we discovered the sexual pleasures we could give each other, kissing and rubbing, and that has continued most of our lives. We have joked about it saying it began in the womb! Our mother and dad had discovered our activities and left us alone, reasoning it was just a stage we’d grow out of. However, once dad died and mother was forced to take a lodger, who later got their mother drunk one night and seduced her, getting her pregnant, things changed.”

Damiono, she explained, who already had a wife and family in Yugoslavia, had caught the girls out and had tried to blackmail them into including him in their activities together. It was then the girls won an academic scholarship to the convent school. There were many lesbian affairs at school, the girls explained, and although theirs was unusual, most at school did not know just how close the girls really were.

Mary asked the girls was there anything in the shop that caught their fancy. They both became a little coy at this stage but confessed that they were both attracted to a large double-headed electric dildo.

“It’s yours”, the woman said, wrapping it in gift paper.

“Why?” asked the twins.

“Because I have never met three such interesting open and honest young people before. I just hope it all goes well for you, now, and in the future.”

Needless to say, when we arrived back at the apartment the girls wanted to try their new toy.

Running to the bed, as she stripped hurriedly Gwennette said, “I want to go first. Eat me Jason.”

She pulled her top off exposing a black semi-brassiere that cupped her breasts pushing the nipples forward. She stepped out of her mini and stood in a black thong made of the same lace as the brassiere. I pulled down her flat on her back, and she pushed her buttocks up into the air and pushed the sides of her panties down to her knees. Her mound that I had freshly shaved for her that morning left very little to the imagination. Her clitoris was peeping shyly from between the two closed lips of her crack as I pushed between her knees and duly applied my mouth and tongue to her erotically perfumed slit. My tongue played around and well lubricated the opening of her vagina into which I had inserted one and then two fingers.

“Ahhh! Yes, God! Nice! Now insert ‘it’ into me.”

I took the dildo that a now naked Jennellen had unwrapped and passed to me, and pushed it carefully in deep between the narrow lips of her vagina.

“Slowly”, she instructed.

It was incredibly erotic pushing the black and silver tube up my lover’s gaping hole of a vagina. Still fully dressed, I could feel the swelling beginnings of my own erection through my own clothes.

“Listen to this”, Jennellen said, reading the instructions, “it is variable speed, has a special optional attachment to stimulate the clitoris and can shoot warm water when we program it to!”

Jennellen raised her green-grey eyes to see what was happening to her sister. I had finally pushed it in as far as it would go.

“Now turn it on”, Gwennette commanded.

I flicked the switch and was interested to see the immediate reaction. Gwennette groaned as it pulsed slowly deeply inside her. Suddenly she gushed a clear slippery fluid, that ran out of her vagina and over the small mound between her slit and her anus wetting her bum and then the bed. This woman was clearly now out of control. I was by now familiar with this clear fluid, sweet smelling “female ejaculation” of the twins, and so paid it no attention. I must admit to being aroused at seeing, Gwennette naked from the waist down, still wearing her brassiere. Standing there with my pants with a tent-pole of their own, it was highly a highly erotic atmosphere. Gwennette was on her back, her long legs stretching out to the ceiling. It was as if this woman had suddenly grown a long silver and black penis of her own pulsing a little with its own strong interior movements.

Jennellen, her slender naked body aglow with its own excitement shook her hair and turned her green eyes on me, “come on Jason”, she said, “While Gwennette tries that out I want you inside me too, now!”

She moved to the edge of the bed lying beside her sister, with both feet on the floor, pulling me closer between her knees. Her hands went to my belt as I raised my arms and removed my shirt. “Oooh! Excited too I see”, she said reaching slowly for my engorged penis, gently fishing it out of my pants with the slender fingers of her right hand. She then licked both her hands with her long pointed tongue, rubbed them along my dry sheath, as I removed my trousers. Standing and turning around, she started frotting along the length of my shaft in a now familiar pattern up and down the slit from her anus to her clit. Pushing me backwards so that I lay across the bed, she then placed one leg on either side of my hips, kneeling on top of me so that I was positioned beneath her. Then she took my penis with her right hand and pushed down immediately impaling herself upon me, forcing me to extend my full length within the warm wetness of her own sacred and slippery cavity. She leaned forward as we kissed deeply, her hair wrapping my head in an auburn halo, and then we turned to see what was happening with the other sister. Watching Gwennette move into a private and distant world of her own as we thrust together again and again brought Jennellen and I both to two simultaneous overlapping, and very rapid orgasms.

“Fuck me Jennellen, I want to fuck you, please” Gwennette begged.

Jennellen rose with a fluid grace and pulled off my fast deflating penis, trailing a line of my sperm from her bottom as she positioned herself to impale the implement buried in her sister’s body. Without hesitation, just as she had a minute or so before with me she thrust her hips down. As it slid in, eased by my own sperm, I had a view of the loins of both sisters, united by the technology in a way I had never seen before.

“Don’t just stand there, Jason. Turn my side on too……., please” begged Jennellen, as she supported her weight above Gwennette’s shoulders on her hands..

I reached through the small space opening between the dampness of their legs to find the small button for the second side and soon I could see the strange little machine in phase was pushing deeply into the open pussies of both sisters.

“Ooohh!” groaned Gwennette, pulling her sister’s nipples quite hard. Jennellen then tongue kissed her sister, the identical manes of their hair mixing in a glorious tangle as they rolled over in a much more than sisterly embrace.

I sat and watched, feeling a little left out of the action. The two svelte bodies were wrapped around each other in a most amazing fashion. It was like poetry in motion. It was true, two having sex could make the third redundant as Mary, the shopkeeper had suggested. But it was not for long. Both sisters stopped, paused and turned to me to see my long face and the returned erection.

“Poor Jason!” Jennellen said “All on his own, with such a nice cock too!”

Gwennette seemed to be engrossed, thinking of something new. “Take me in the arse” she said slowly. “Be careful though. You took my sister’s virginity before you took mine. Fuck my arse before you fuck hers, then we will be even. But be gentle with me, I have heard it can hurt the first time. And if you do then we can all three of us come together at the same time.”

I rather clumsily mounted up behind her and looked down to see the crease of her buttocks sloppy with the spreading moisture of her own juices and my semen, pushed out of Jennellen by the machine she had pushed within. She reached around my shaft to draw it towards the puckered lips of her anus. I couldn’t see how I was to get inside, past her tight sphincter. She wet her fingers, and scooped some of the glistening moisture of her own and her sister’s body to wrap it on the pillar of my penis.

“Push” she told me and I pushed. Suddenly it seemed that her anus opened a little and my glans was just inside. It was incredibly tight, as I rocked gently back and forwards.

“Deeper”, she instructed, and so I gently rocked back and forth, wetting myself with each withdrawal with their mingled juices as I pushed in deeper and deeper until I was finally fully impaling her up to the hilt. I could feel the pulsing of the dildo through the thin skin between her vagina and anus. It felt very hot and very tight, very different from her vagina. I began slowly to move in sync with the girls, and Gwennette gasped.

"Take all of me, open me wider," Gwennette pleaded. Jennellen from below reached around her sisters buttocks pulling them apart.

I asked Jennellen was she comfortable supporting the weight of our two bodies upon her.

“Go for it”, she said, and go for it we all did. Three bodies together, Jennellen's legs from below embracing both her sister and me as I knelt on top and behind them. I could feel the dildo's movements with my scrotum as well as through the length of my penis. Gwennette's smooth back was beneath my hands, Jennellen had the fingers of her hand wrapped up in her sister's hair as they were kissing deeply.

I could feel the sensation of orgasm beginning to climb. I told the sisters where I was and they answered that they were rising too. Letting go of all control, It was not long before we all came together. Jennellen reached her arms and legs around her sister and me in order to push us both deeper inside her as if she wanted to draw us both inside her vaginal world, and push us inside each other. For the second time that afternoon, I felt that precursory tightening deep in my scrotum and the flip of that strange switch, deep in the mind, that told me I was reaching, once again, the point of no return. Three simultaneous shouts informed the world we were all coming at the same time.

“Stop the machine, its too sensitive”, they both shrieked shortly afterwards. Laughing we tumbled off the heap onto the bed as the girls quickly extracted the writhing contraption from their vaginas.

“Wow!” said Gwennette, “that was the most intense orgasm I have ever had. Feeling you inside at the same time as the dildo, it felt like I was making love to two men at once.”

“Jason, after we rest, could you try my arse too. It isn't right that Gwennette alone not be an arse virgin by herself. I want to see how I go too”, Jennellen asked.

“You two are amazing! Well”, I said raising on one elbow and pointing to my shrinking penis, “I think this little fellow will need a little attention first.”

Jennellen rose from the bed, and standing she stooped to kiss me, her pert breasts pointing to the floor. She then walked like the lissom cat she was to the bathroom returning with a basin of warm water, a towel, and some massage oil. With the flannel she washed my penis and scrotum tenderly and then applying massage oil that ran along my flaccid penis causing it once more to begin growing in length. With Gwennette rising languorously from the bed where she had been lying face down on her arms she then squatted alongside me on the other side and then the two sisters stooped to kiss around my growing erection, running their pointy tongues up and down along my rapidly growing shaft.

Gwennette then raised to massage a little oil into her palm. She pushed her sister over to expose her cunt to her hands, which she then ran around and along Jennellen’s crack, lubricating and pushing her index finger up to the first knuckle deep into her sister’s anus.

“I think you are ready, she announced.

Jennellen then straddled my prone body, facing my feet. Gwennette held my penis to the opening of her anus, as I drew the incredible smooth orbs of her tight buttocks as widely apart as was possible. Again gently they pushed back against me until I was just within the sister’s anus. Once again I felt the tightness of the anal sphincter squeezing the shaft just beneath the head of the glans.

"Open your anus, Jennellen, that's the way, now push down," Gwennette, with her experience, encouraged.

Little by little, with each successive withdrawal she gently rammed down upon it until once again it was fully within. Jennellen then rose gently on her hands resting on her knees as she lowered herself to lie upon my body. My hands reached around her to cup her breasts, taking the nipples as I drowned slowly in the sea of her hair. Pushing it out of my face, I kissed her neck.

“It feels very different than when you are in my vagina,” she informed us as she reached for the silver and black dildo again that was lying on the bed, pushing it slowly into her vagina. She turned it on and I felt once again the pulsing through the walls of her vagina and anus. “Mount me, my sister” she said holding the dildo by its base like a penis of her own. "Come on, let me fuck you like Jason does". Gwennette climbed over us. Her legs apart over the mass of bodies beneath, I could see the open mouth of her now well used vagina, fully open between the parted lips of her sacred slit. She lowered herself with one smooth motion, embracing both of us with her weight. Her hand moved under my head drawing me up towards her hungry open mouth and she then kissed me, over her sister's shoulder. Her long curly hair embraced my face, as our tongues lanced together in their now familiar dance. This time it was I at the bottom as Gwennette got on top.

It took a lot longer for us three to come this time. I wish I could have seen the sight between our legs with my penis in Jennellen while the two sisters were fucking each other using the dildo. It was Jennellen who came first, panting longer and longer as with a little shriek she announced to the world her orgasm. She was followed shortly after by Gwennette. For some reason I could not get to that mysterious place where orgasm rolls around, but neither did I lose any of my rigidity. Gwennette, exhausted, her vagina suddenly hyper-sensitive, pulled off, and Jennellen sat up, me still within her and rotated on the axle of my penis and rolled over onto her stomach pulling me over with her so that she was now underneath. Gwennette then took the end of the dildo which had so recently been pulsing into her own vagina and started trying to push it into my own anus. It felt strange, like shitting in reverse or having an enema.

"Not fair that you should remain an arse virgin", she said. Hardly had she inserted its top when I came with a most incredible “big bang!” followed by a second pulsating and very wet orgasm from Jennellen, squeezed below the two of us.

We then disengaged from each other.

“A most useful little toy”, said Gwennette, snuggling down contentedly onto my shoulder.

“Yes, most useful” said Jennellen snuggling onto my other shoulder, pulling up the blankets to cover the three of us, as both sisters then engaged in a mock battle to take hold my shrinking prick. And in this wonderful post organsmic bliss of a position we slept for three quarters of an hour before awakening with a ravenous appetite.

And so began a third stage in our relationship – a stage in which every orifice in our three bodies came to be fully explored by the other two. I could not imagine anything that could be possibly more erotic than our lives together at this point. How wrong I was.

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