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It took me much too long to get over my marriage to Tom. For
the longest time I still believed we were made for each other, even
after he took up with a 23-year-old sexy little blonde thing named
Vicky. I was sure Tom would see reason. I actually spent 5 years
doing nothing but worrying about Tom as well as harassing him. My
younger sister, Amy, who always in the back of her own mind thought
I was superhuman, was upset and distraught by my behaviour. My
friends Nina and Jim stood by me through the whole ordeal and I
honestly say I couldn't have pulled out of it without them. But I
finally saw Tom for the bastard he was, and Nina said I was
completely cured when I told her about a guy at work I had a crush
on. His name was Robert and he had never asked me out or anything,
but I had actually started deliberately paying a little extra
attention to him to see if something came of it. I was fantasizing
about him and looking forward to what might come about.

Nina and Jim are two of my oldest friends. In fact, I feel
responsible for helping bring them together: Jim lived two houses
down from me throughout school and we always got along together and
helped each other out even though we weren't romantically
interested in each other. Nina was my best friend in high school.
She was (and is) a slender little brunette who turns men's heads.
Jim confided in me that he was interested in her and asked me if
she were interested in him. I hadn't heard Nina say anything about
Jim one way or the other, but I told him he should definitely go
for it. And the rest is history. They have remained my true
friends ever since.

Anyhow, after Nina pronounced me cured, she told me she was so
thrilled that I was "fully divorced" now and ready for adventure.
Her choice of phrase intrigued me but I didn't say anything.
Anyhow, one night we went to see an early movie and then gossiped
over a drink. After we left the bar, I noticed she wasn't driving
me home as I had expected she would. Nor was she driving towards
her own house. I asked her where we were going and she smiled a
little and said I'd see and then went right back to what we had
been talking about before. I was a little too distracted to keep
up my end of the conversation, but she didn't seem to notice.

Finally we pulled up to a suburban house, a nice one. I was
more intrigued now. She just told me to come on with her and we
went up and rang the bell. It was answered by a huge man--he must
have been 6 foot 6 and, well he wasn't fat but he must have weighed
200 and something--maybe 250! He was very muscular, and though he
wasn't completely lean, there was no doubt that he was a force to
be reckoned with. Nina introduced him as Joe and pulled me in. We
went into the living room and Nina went over to a liquer cabinet
and made drinks! I was beginning to get suspicious. She pushed
the drink on me and made me drink it as she downed hers. Then she
whispered to me "Isn't he a hunk?" Then she whispered obscene
things I couldn't believe, about what she'd like to do to him and
what I might like to do to him. He just stood there leaning
against the door frame, drinking his drink. Finally she pulled me
over to him and making sure I was watching, she put her hand right
on his zipper! And unzipped his fly! Then she pulled me down to
kneel beside her and dug her hand in and pulled out his cock! It
was huge! I couldn't believe this: I was kneeling with Nina in
front of a huge football player of a guy, looking at his cock,
listening to her talking about sucking on it! Then she put it in
her mouth. I started to stand, but she stopped and pulled me down
again. She told me to kiss it. I squeaked out a quiet "no way",
but she persisted. She kissed it herself and said it was no big
deal, then she pushed my head down to it. She kept whispering me
to give it a little kiss and finally I did. Then she licked it and
slipped it in and out of her mouth and told me to put my lips over
the head. I couldn't believe I went ahead and did it. Nina said
"Yes! Yes!" She took it in her mouth and gave it a few more
strokes, then indicated that it was my turn. I went ahead and did
it. We took turns a couple of times, Nina making "mmm" sounds as
if she were eating chocolate cheesecake or something. Then when I
was doing it, I noticed that Nina was sucking on another cock!
Another man was there--just as big as Joe. He was black and his
cock was even larger. I stopped for a second, and Nina immediately
stopped, put her hand behind my head, and guided me back to sucking
on Joe. Then there was a third cock, another huge man and Nina was
alternating between the two of them. She looked like she was
enjoying it more than they were! Then she pulled me over to suck
on the black guy's cock. I couldn't believe I was doing this
because I never had oral sex with Tom and only had had a couple of
experiences with it (both bad) before that. The black guy came and
Nina sucked and swallowed all his come. Something in me made me
stop and draw away. Nina whispered in my ear "Come on--it's fun to
be a slut--live a little--just think of yourself as a little slut
for the night!" It did seem liberating in comparison to the little
world I'd been living in over the last five years.

Nina was absolutely slutty the way she sucked on all those
cocks. I sucked on Joe some more, thinking of this as a one-time
adventure and thinking about my new-found abilities that men dream
about. Nina had gotten the other guy to come too, and finally I
got Joe coming. Nina whispered in my ear while he came, telling me
to swallow. I felt like such a sexy woman to be able to drive a
guy crazy like that.

Well, Nina got me to suck on the black guy some more after that
and he got hard again. She was still going crazy, sucking each
cock as much as she could, seemingly wishing she could do more.
And her mouth--what she said to the guys and me! I still can't
believe some of the nasty things she said! Even though I sucked on
the black guy off and on, all three guys came again in Nina's mouth
and she swallowed it all. Then she stood up, pulling me up with
her, kissed them each on the lips, got me to kiss each one, then
pulled me out the door back to her car.

I was speechless the whole way she drove me home. She just
jabbered on as if nothing unusual had happened. I couldn't sleep
that night thinking about that experience. Never in my wildest

The one thing that bothered me after that was seeing Nina and
Jim together again. She was so lovey-dovey with Jim: kissing him;
telling him how much she missed him if they had been apart for a
couple of hours; pushing her body against his. They were like that
in front of me before, but now it bothered me knowing about Nina.
Once when she was cooing to Jim about how he was the only one for
her, she winked at me! She did it so Jim couldn't see! I was
positively sick. It hadn't seemed like the first time Nina went to
that house so I figured she would be going again, or maybe had
already gone again! I couldn't stand it.

Well, one evening Jim was going to help me with my taxes. I
drove over and it turned out that Nina wasn't around. Jim and I
talked a little, did the damn forms, had a drink and talked some
more. I couldn't stand to think about Nina deceiving him the way
she was--I felt so guilty hearing the way he would talk about her
knowing what I knew. Finally, I told him I needed to tell him
something and did my best to signal that it was serious. It was
hard to say it, but I managed to blurt out what Nina was up to. To
say Jim was stricken would be an understatement. He asked me if I
was sure and watched my face closely just to decide whether it was
true. He looked so sad. He buried his face in his hands and
leaned forward. I scooted right up next to him on the couch and
put my arm around him. I tried to think of something comforting to
say, but words failed me.

Finally he sat up and looked at me. My face was inches from
his. I looked into his eyes. We were kissing in no time, and
embracing like two long-lost lovers. I wrapped my arms around his
body and he wrapped his around mine. I buried myself in his lips.
Soon I felt an excitement in my body and I had misgivings about
where this was going. But I didn't care. He was so good, so
masculine, and so undeserving of what he was getting from Nina.

It was obvious to both of us what was happening. My blouse was
unbuttoned and his hand was inside. I was doing things I never
would have believed--I had never been so forward with a man--even
with Tom. Soon we were in the bedroom and I was naked. I wanted
him so bad. He stopped me and said that in his present frame of
mind that he might be rough with me. I told him to go ahead and
use me. He pushed me down on the bed, face forward, and held me
down and used his fingers on my cunt and ass. I knew part of him
was taking out his anger on me, but somehow that excited me all the
more. He bound my hands together behind me with a handkerchief.
I had never done this before. He put me over the foot end of the
bed, and somehow tied me so my legs were hanging over the edge with
my ass right at the edge of the bed. He put cloth in my mouth and
tied something around my head to hold it in.

Something told me he was going to take my ass. He put K.Y.
jelly on a finger and started working it in! I had never had
anything like that before. I felt I was at Jim's disposal--I was.
It seemed like this would make it all better for him. He was
telling me to relax. I felt more in. Two fingers? I tried hard
to relax. I wanted to do this for him. Finally, I felt him
pushing is cock into me. I felt so full back there. He had gotten
me ready though and it was working OK. He reached down and
fingered my cunt. I was hot again and wanting relief. I wanted
him to fuck my ass so hard.

Then Nina walked in. I held my breath for the explosion. But
it didn't happen! "Success!" she said in a nonchalant way. Jim
pulled out. I was confused and didn't know what was happening.
Nina walked up next to me and put her face down next to mine. She
had an awful, evil smile on her face. "I've been waiting for this"
she said. I felt a sting on my rear and realized she'd slapped it.
Then she wanted to watch Jim "do me". Jim entered me again. She
got down next to me again and watched my face. I felt fingers on
my cunt again. It seemed like it might be Nina's! But the fingers
did their work and soon I was gasping for breath. Finally Jim came
and I did too.

Afterwards they didn't untie me. They just stood there and
talked about it! They talked to each other like kids in a candy
store. Soon they were talking about who to invite over! I
struggled, but I was too secure. Nina laughed at my efforts.
Finally they decided to call Tom! Then I really tried to get away,
but still got nowhere. I tried to scream in the gag, but the
amount of sound I managed to make was pitiful. Nina was on the
phone. I heard her say to bring Vicky! I couldn't believe this
was happening!

Then Nina went off and came back with a ping-pong paddle. She
whacked my ass off and on, telling me what a spankable ass I had.
Once again, I couldn't believe the way she talked. She told me she
was going to enjoy seeing Tom's cock in my ass.

Tom and Vicky finally showed up. When Vicky saw me, she
giggled. In fact, she went into uncontrollable giggles, which kept
coming back all evening. Tom was ready to take up their offer to
try my ass, and Vicky just seemed to think it was the funniest
thing she had ever seen. I was so embarrassed.

Soon Tom had his cock in my ass, and Nina and Jim were talking
about who to call again. Finally Nina called Amy, my sister, and
then she called Robert from where I work! Tom was still working on
my ass when Nina showed Robert in! I could barely make out what
she was telling him, but I heard her say "hot little slut" and
"wants it bad". She was trying to convince him to take my ass too.
He was interested enough to watch, but didn't want to participate.
The look I saw on his face made me want to die! Then Amy showed
up. She ran to me, asking how could I do such a thing. I couldn't
do anything more than moan with the gag on. I wished she'd take it
off. Nina was serving drinks to the whole group, who settled down
to watch me. I saw Vicky making eyes at Robert. She always had to
be in the center of things--had to have every man's attention. Tom
finally came in my rear. Nina tried to get Robert to take his
place. He wouldn't so she started doing it with a dildo. Robert
and Vicky were mostly paying attention to each other though she
still managed to giggle whenever she looked over at me. Tom was
talking to Amy. Soon I saw that he was feeling up her breasts!
And she was letting him! Vicky and Robert left the room. I could
tell they were just going to find a private place. Nina had taken
the dildo out of my ass and was whipping my ass with a belt. Tom
had Amy naked. I heard him talking to her about taking her ass.
She was agreeing!

Amy was lying face down on the carpet and Tom was lying on top
of her. Robert and Vicky had stuck their heads in to see what was
going on. They had towels wrapped around their bodies. Vicky
giggled again when she looked at me. Robert kissed her. I could
see that their mouths were open. Jim was pushing his cock into my
ass again. Nina was naked and on the bed in front of me, pushing
her cunt towards my face. She told me she was going to take the
gag off and that I was going to lick. I looked at her cunt. I
knew that I would.

End of Story

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