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Delivering Pizza

I work for the pizza place near our home.One friday I was deliving a pizza to this guys apartment.When I got there I knock on the door and the man said come on in.When I walked in he was in the bathroom,but I could see the tv and he had on prono movies.So I watch the movies for a few minutes.When he came out of the bathroom he was naked.The first thing I saw was his hard on.He asked me if I ever had sex with a man before and I said no.He walk over to me and took the pizza and then he took my hand and but his cock in it.He guided me to his bedroom and lay me down on his bed.He then took my cothes off and then he put his hard cock in my mouth.He started to fuck my mouth with his cock and in a few minute he filled my mouth full of his cum.he told me to eat all of it.Then he told me to turn over so he can fuck me,so I turn over and then I can feel his hand lubing my ass and then I felt his finger go inside of me and he ask how that felt and I said it felt great.then he took his finger out and put his hard cock in my ass.He fuck my ass for about twenty minutes and then I could feel his hot cum roll in my ass.Then he pulled out of my ass and I told him I had to get back to work.When I got home that night My wife ask me how was work and I just smiled and said fine.

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