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Dad Helps Himself

I am sitting here in the morning sharing with you what
happened last night. I have always enjoyed reading the
"wife sharing" stories. My wife was always "put-off" by
them, so the events of last night were quite a
surprise. Clearly my wife just needed the right
situation for a change of perspective.

We had some friends over for dinner last night, as my
parents were in town visiting. We all had a great time
as the drinks and wine flowed a bit to freely. When I
went to put our two sons to bed, around nine, it was
clear I had a little too much to drink. After they were
down, I sat down upstairs for what I thought was just a
moment. Two hours later I woke up with a start.

I hadn't said good night to our friends or helped with
any of the clean-up. My wife would let me have it for
certain. As my "fog" lifted I could hear muffled voices
from downstairs. I shuffled out of our room unsteadily,
over to the railing on the second floor landing, which
looks out over the family room.

It took a few seconds for me to focus on the scene
below me. There at one end of the sofa sat my wife,
Mary. My dad was sitting very close to her. They were
alone in the room and the house was otherwise quiet. As
I was orienting myself, my Dad reached for Mary's
breasts, and touched them briefly while she pushed his
hand away.

My Dad is 67 but is still quite charming with women. He
had always been a playboy, so much so that my mother
almost kicked him out a few times. While he always
complimented my wife, he had never acted improperly
before. Now my wife looked uncomfortable as he again
reached for her breasts. She put her hands across her
chest, denying him access.

"Oh Mary, come on. I'm very good at making women feel
good," he smiled at her.

"I'm sure you are Frank," she said as she pushed his
hand away, again. " You shouldn't do this. Your wife is
in the next room and my husband is upstairs."

"We both know they're passed out. Neither of them
should have had those after-dinner drinks. Mary, you
are such a beautiful woman, please give me this one
pleasure, no one will ever know," he continued as his
hand went back up to her breast."

This dance continued for a while. I was amazed that my
wife didn't get up and walk away. But as they sat there
a story emerged that must have been what they had
talked about for all this time. About my fathers desire
for Mary. How he did not get much sex from mother
anymore. How he had felt so much desire for Mary that
night. Watching her body move during dinner. To my
surprise Mary seemed to be taking it in. His hands
seemed to linger slightly longer before she pushed them
away. As he spoke I groggily recalled that he had fixed
the after dinner drinks from a "secret" recipe he had
recently learned.

Mary seemed spellbound by what he said. Clearly pushing
him back at his improper behavior, but still responding
to it.

"Let me at least give you a kiss," he requested.

My wife shook her head with a sigh. But as her head
turned away my Dad moved his hand back to her breast.
It remained there just slightly longer. As Mary brushed
it away, she agreed to a small kiss.

Needless to say I was speechless as I watched my Dad
lean over her, slowly and give her a gentle kiss on the
lips. He held the kiss for just a few seconds and moved
back before she could push him back. I then noticed
that one or more of the buttons on her blouse were

My Dad leaned close, where he could see in the gap of
her blouse. He almost whispered to her, "That was so
nice. Such soft, warm lips. That wasn't so bad for you
was it ?"

"No it was fine Frank," she replied somewhat huskily,
"Now that I kissed you can we behave like adults?"

"OK you're right. But... please, just one more kiss,"
he implored.

My wife sighed and started to shake her head no. But as
he leaned over again she did not try to move away.
Instead she looked at him nervously and licked her

He kissed her. This time with more passion, slowly
opening his mouth. A reluctant moan escaped from her.
Then things started to move faster.

He leaned even more in to her, pinning one of her arms
against the sofa. Her other hand came up to his
shoulder but did not seem to be pushing very
forcefully. His hand moved to the top of her breasts.
He caressed them over her silk blouse which he had
unbuttoned. Mary's hand moved from his shoulder to the
hand massaging her breasts, trying to dislodge it. As
she broke the kiss he moved to nuzzle her neck.

"Frank, oh god, please no," she panted.

He let her move his hand slightly, and as she relaxed
he slipped it into her blouse, and, judging from her
shudder, into her bra and onto her breast. His hand
remained there, massaging her breast. He was gentle but
firm. She seemed to be trying to move his hand, but she
didn't put up much of a fight.

"Mary you are so wonderful... so soft... you feel so
good," he gasped as he kept his face at her neck.

His hand began moving her breast in a circular motion.
Then it "slipped" and slid down to her lap. She grabbed
at his hand but then let it rest back on her breast. He
had, however, succeeded in pulling Mary's skirt up on
to her thighs.

Still nuzzling her neck his hand moved back to her lap.
Once more she caught it, but slower than the first
time. Once again Dad succeeded in moving her skirt
further up her legs. This time her thighs were mostly
exposed and her legs were slightly parted. Dad moved
from nuzzling her neck to kissing and licking her ear,
one of her weak spots. When she began to squirm he
moved his hand back between her thighs.

I had expected her to once again catch the invading
hand. Instead, Frank slid his hand between her thighs
and up under her skirt. The way his arm began to rotate
it was clear his hand was touching her pussy, she
leaned her head back on the sofa and covered her eyes
with her arm.

"Oh God..." she moaned, "please... be

"Oh Mary, I will," he answered.

With that exchange I felt almost a jerk in my gut.
While my feet remained riveted to the floor my hands
moved to my steel hard cock and began to slowly squeeze

Meanwhile Dad eagerly moved his hands back to her
breasts. His hands had a slight tremble to them as he
finished pulling her blouse open and unsnapped her bra.
Her big, beautiful breasts spilled out. Her nipples
were protruding and stiff. Her breasts were full and
hard, the way they get when she's aroused. He gazed at
them for a moment, then pushed them together from the
sides, so that the nipples were almost touching.

Leaning over he began sucking first on one nipple and
then on the other. As he moved faster back forth Mary
began wiggling and shaking. A steady moan escaped from
her lips. Just as I thought she would orgasm from the
nipple stimulation he slowed down and leaned back.

Mary groaned and reached out to pull his head back. He
caught her hands and placed them back on her breasts.
She resisted at first but he insistently directed her
hands to massage her breasts.

"That's the way my darling, squeeze those beautiful
breasts together. Hold them out for me....pinch those
nipples," his voice slowly taking on a more
authoritarian tone. As he urged her on, Mary seemed to
be lost in her own arousal, less and less aware of her

While she continued to caress her breasts, he pulled
the zipper on the side of her skirt down. "Pull on
those delicious nipples, show them to me," he directed.
Mary, her eyes closed shut, milked her breasts,
presenting the nipples to my Dad.

As he leaned over to suck them he placed his hands on
each side of her hips. "Raise your hips," he commanded,
his lips inches from her nipples. As she complied he
slid both her skirt and her panties down to her knees.
while he kissed and sucked her nipples he continued to
work her skirt off.

When her skirt was off he sat back and paused, looking
at my wife's shaved pussy. "So beautiful," he stated,
almost under his breath. He reached out and gently
traced her pussy lips with his forefinger. She was very
wet. With his other hand he he began to massage her
clitoris, gently rubbing it between his thumb and
fingers. Mary moaned a long low "Nooo..."

At that he took his finger from her pussy and painted
her lips with the moisture. She shook her head and I
thought for a moment the spell was broken. But when
Frank moved his hand back to her pussy he inserted two
fingers and moved them in circular motion while still
manipulating her clitoris with the other hand. Soon
Mary's hips began to buck toward his fingers. Again he
removed them. This time he forced them between her

"Suck them," he commanded. When Mary hesitated he
repeated his command. Soon I could see her cheeks
hollowing. She was sucking on his fingers.

"That's it, my naughty girl suck hard," my Dad
whispered. "Keep pulling on your nipples while you

He again pulled his fingers from her mouth but this
time he slowly inserted four fingers into her pussy
twisting them back and forth. Mary groaned at the
intrusion. Soon, at his insistence, she was bucking and
pushing against his hand. Just as she seemed to be at
the point of no return, he pulled his hand back so that
the tips of his fingers were at the entrance to her
pussy. Mary moaned and pushed harder toward his hand.
Dad pushed his hand in and then pulled it back again.

They continued this back forth dance for several
minutes. On one of Mary's more forceful pushes Dad
turned his hand, slightly spread his fingers and pushed
forward. Mary grunted and tried to pull back but she
had no leverage. Dad resumed his manipulation of her
clitoris and then what he said to her caught me
completely by surprise.

"I think you like my fingers up your ass, don't you??"
he implored. Mary said nothing but she was beginning to
move in rhythm with his fingers. My Dad had somehow
managed to get at least two of his fingers up my Mary's
ass and keep them there. Again I felt a strong twist in
my gut. But my hand seemed to act on its own, jerking
and squeezing my rampant cock, which was now out of my

"Imagine its two cocks fucking you," he suggested. "My
little slut would like that, wouldn't she?" With those
words she moaned loudly, and began to shudder. At that
moment he pulled both his hands away, opened the front
of his pants, freeing his cock and moved back towards
her breasts. Mary was on the edge of orgasm but the
pause cooled her ardor slightly.

Dad shifted his body and moved to straddle her waist.
Moving forward so that his thick, hard cock was
positioned between Mary's breasts, he slowly pumped it
back and forth as he directed her to squeeze her
breasts together. Mary kept her eyes closed and her
head passively turned, but her beautiful breasts began
to pillow around his cock.

He slowly began to piston his cock between her soft
breasts. All the time he was imploring her to squeeze
her breasts and pinch her nipples. Again Mary began to
pant and she held her head to the side with her eyes
closed. Dad leaned forward placing his hands on either
side of her head. This brought his cock very close to
Mary's chin. As his cock approached her chin he turned
her head and the head of his cock brushed her lips.
Mary opened her eyes with a start as the pistoning cock
again approached her lips.

"Kiss my cock!" he commanded.

As she opened her mouth to protest, he smoothly slipped
the head of his cock into her mouth. He paused his
pumping, holding her head still.

"That's it my nasty slut, now lick my cock. Lick it,"
he said gruffly.

Unbelievably Mary held the cock in her mouth and
appeared to be tonguing it. I was stunned. First he had
fingered her asshole, then he tit-fucked her and now he
was slowly convincing her to suck his cock. As far as I
knew my Mary had never even fantasized about those
activities, let alone engaged in them.

Again he commanded her to suck his cock. She paused and
then her cheeks began to hollow. She was sucking his
cock! As she did he leaned into her a little more,
slipping more of his cock into her mouth. Her eyes
widened, but she continued to suck. He slowly pulled
back and when she would gasp for air he would slide it
back into her mouth a little deeper. Before too long he
had about half of his fat cock in her mouth.

When it seemed that they were both about to come he
lifted up off her chest and moved back between her
legs. His left hand moved back to manipulate her red
and flaring clitoris. With his right hand he held his
cock and rubbed between my Mary's pussy lips. She
gasped and put up her hands defensively.

It looked for a moment like she might resist. However
Dad easily slid his entire cock into her well
lubricated pussy with one push. They both groaned
deeply as he hit bottom. From my point of view I could
see his cock and balls tightly stretching her
glistening pussy lips. That incredible sight is
permanently etched in my minds eye.

"Oh...Oooooh," she moaned, staring at the ceiling.

My Dad was fucking my wife! His hips were moving at a
surprisingly steady pace for someone of his age and
weight. Her wet pussy made sounds as their sexes
pounded together. My Dad started whispering in her ear.
As he did she started moaning and bucking up to meet
his thrusts. As their pace increased they slid to the
side of the couch.

He kept moaning her name. She just kept moaning. The
sounds from the scene in front of me seemed to go on
forever, but it had been only a little more than minute
when his thrusts became more deliberate, slower and
deeper. He was about to cum. for just a brief moment my
wife regained some control.

"I'm not...uh, unh... pro..tected," Mary grunted.

"Nnghh..." my Dad groaned as he slowed his thrusting
with some difficulty. He slowly withdrew his cock from
her pussy. Mary seemed to protest and reached for him.
As she did he lifted her legs higher and positioned his
cock at her anus. As he pushed the head in Mary
realized what he was doing and tried to wiggle and
squirm. Dad told her firmly to push down while he
continued to push his cock forward. It appeared that he
was making progress! My Dad was sliding his cock into
Mary's ass.

Dad stopped moving and appeared to have fully inserted
his cock in her ass. Marry had stopped protesting but
was now panting for air. When her breathing slowed my
Dad reached for her clitoris and began slowly rolling
it between his fingers. Soon Mary was moaning
continuously. Dad began thrusting into her ass. Slowly
building speed. He was quickly building toward his own

Dad thrust in once more, deep, with a moan that seemed
to come from every cell in his body, and shook in
orgasm. His hands groped for her tits, his body arching
up. Then I saw my wife's chest. She had the tell tale
red blush spots that told me she had just orgasmed. She
was also biting her lip, trying not to gasp out loud.
Dad thrust into her a couple of times with his spasms.

Then he collapsed, rolling off of her. I don't know at
what point I had pulled my own cock out, but when I saw
his sperm run out of her ass, I came.

Their act had been one of sex and sudden desire.
Neither of them seemed to want to linger. They cleaned
up quickly and left for bed. I hurried in before them
to resume my place slumped in the chair.

by Btmlkkr

End of Story

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