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As the door shut behind him she looked over at me smiled then walked back over to the bed where we were laying. She ran her hand through her hair still wet from the cum that was shot into it moments earlier and said how did this all happen I was just suppose to go away for the weekend with my friends. Let me explain.

My name is Ed and my wife is Lori. We are in our middle forties and have three kids. Lori is a five foot four inch beautiful blonde who weighs one hundred ten pounds and has 36 DD tits. She takes very good care of herself between wife roles and work and motherhood. She is naive about dirty and kinky sex but loves to fuck she was definitely not a virgin when we married. Like I said she takes care of herself and stays up on the fashion style and that is very obvious when we are out. I catch other men eye fucking her all the time. I tell her that they are doing it but she just laughs and says there is no way they want an old hag like her. I like bring it up when we are fucking because it turns me on. Now and then she will get curious and asked with a devilishly smile about what I think his name would be or would I really care if another man fucked her. I tell her that it turns me on very much and I would love to set it up sometime. She usually rolls her eyes while shaking her head then smacks me on the ass and tells me to shut up.

Well the other day we were sitting in our favorite coffee shop just enjoying a quiet moment with each other when she started to ask me a few questions. She asked if I ever wanted to fuck another girl and after many years of marriage I know how to answer her because she gets turned on but will always take something I say so serious that it will ruin the moment for both of us. So I just smiled and said no honey I have all I need in you. She smiled then asked if I ever jerked off in the shower while thinking about one of her friends. So again I said no just you all the while laughing. She then shocked me a little when she brought up how I would feel about another man eating her pussy. I said it would turn me on a ton and she said how about you seeing him fucking me. I said babe you need to stop because my dick is getting really turned on right now. At this time I bend down to pick up my napkin I had dropped on the floor and looked under the table and Lori had one of her feet pulled up on the chair and she was wearing a loose skirt when I noticed her finger tickling her pussy. When I came back up and looked at her she was lost in thought staring out the window. Wow that woke my dick up better than any caffeine could. So when she came back to reality I started to work her on the idea of another man having sex with her. I asked her what guy in the shop would be her type and she looked around when a few guys walked in about that time and she smiled so softly. I said which one catches your eye and she said maybe the blonde one does. I bet her 100 dollars to go up and make small talk with him. She quickly said no way. I asked her if she thought he would have a big dick and she giggled for a second. I asked if she would orgasm right away if he just stuck the head of his cock in her pussy. She smiled and started to play with her hair while looking at him. Then I remembered and noticed her hand was still under the table. Boy I wanted to take a look but did not want to spoil it. After a few moments she asked would you like me to suck your dick while he was fucking me. I said sure baby but I would cum in seconds. In no time their orders came up and I told her to make her move quickly or for get about it. She just softly moaned as they left. We finished up ourselves and soon left.

On the way home Lori had her feet on the dash of the car when I pulled up her dress and felt that she had a very wet pussy. I asked were did that come from and she smiled then told me to go by the park on the way home. We drove to a secluded place in the park and parked the car when she spun herself to me and spread one leg over the seat and the other was up on the steering column and then she started to rub and finger her pussy. The sound of wetness filled the car when she would penetrate herself. She closed her eyes and started moaning softly from the pleasure. She told me she was extremely horny from the coffee. I asked is it the coffee or the hot blonde guy. She moaned and smiled then asked what do you think. She opened her eye slightly and saw me with my dick out and it was rock hard with precum running out of the head. She smiled and moved onto her knees and took my cock into her hands and stroked it gently at first to get the precum to the top when she licked it softly then dove down to the base of my cock and grabbed my balls with her other hand and gently massaged them. I pulled her dress up to expose her naked ass. I reached around and tickled her asshole then slowly drove a finger deep into her wet pussy. She came up for air moaning when I asked her what her boyfriends name was from the coffee shop. She said Danny and then she went right back but at a quicker pace of sucking my dick. So I picked up the pace of penetrating her. She started moaning louder so I stop and said this is from your boyfriend Danny when I placed two fingers in her pussy and within moments she was grinding her hips back and forth against my fingers when she just started gushing warm pussy juice all down my hand. That made me fire off a load of hot cum into her mouth which she swallowed in seconds. She must have been lost in pleasure because she moaned Danny come fuck me now baby as she jumped into the back seat and spread her legs. Then she realized what she had just said and grabbed my arm and apologized. I told her what a sexy sight that would be. Her legs spread with dripping wet pussy hair and white cum dribbling from her mouth wanting another man to fuck her. That made my dick ache so I pulled my pants off and she saw that my dick was rock hard again when she took her finger and waved me to her then gently guided the head of my cock into her warm pussy hole and it slide all the way into her until the base of my cock felt her wetness against my belly. I pulled it out slowly when she grabbed my ass cheeks and said fuck me hard and I mean right now boy. I fucked her with all I had. The car was rocking and the sound of our sex juices mixing filled the air with her moaning. She yelled that she was going to cum when I beat her to the punch and unloaded another truck load of cum all inside her pussy. She felt the tightening of my ass and closed her eyes when she leaned her head back and her nipples being excited revealed that she was cumming. After a few moments of slow grinding in and out of her warm cummed filled pussy he smiled and said my my you still can still bring it honey. We kissed got dressed and went on with our day.

As the week went on we would pass and I would grab her ass and we giggled about the fuck session in the park. I was sitting in the back yard enjoying the day when her good looking friend Ann stop by and had a drink with us. Ann brought up that the girls wanted to go to Palm Springs and get away for the weekend. She wanted Lori to go but of course Lori always puts the family first and kept coming up with excuse after excuse for not going but she needed the time away so I insisted that she go have fun. She finally agreed and I told Ann that maybe you guys can have Lori new boyfriend show up and party with you guys. Ann mouth dropped wide open and told me to go get them another round of drinks because she had to hear about this sexy boyfriend. We laughed as I went into the kitchen to get them their drinks. I looked out at the girls and I could tell the way Ann had a devilishly smile on her face Lori must have been giving her a great description of the blonde guy from the coffee shop. I delivered the drinks and left them alone and went on with my day.

They planned to leave the next day and stay for three days. As always when Lori leaves she will text me all the time. I had a good time with her this time because I tried to get her horny and told her to go get drunk and go dancing. She played along but did not seem all into it. That first night while I laid in bed it was on my mind about seeing another guy taking her naked body and enjoy ever inch of it. So I planned to drop the kids off at grandma house and drive out the next day and maybe do a secret little match making for her. I knew where they were staying and she text that they where having dinner then going out to a bar for drinks. I got there and easily spotted them by the pool and they were relaxing enjoying the sun. I went into the bar section of the hotel and noticed a few guys watching golf and enjoy a cocktail after their round of golf. I went in ordered a drink at the bar and after a while small talk between them started. There were five of them and they turned out to be a bunch of good guys. Three were single with the other two married. They were out for a guys weekend and blowing off steam. After a few cocktails my story came out and they laughed. Some of the guys said no way can they see any other guy fucking their girls but one of the married guys admitted he knew exactly how I felt.

In a bit I had the group agreeing to go have a drink by the pool and see if Lori would take the bait. I sat in the bar and watch. At first the girls were chatting with each other and took a look but nothing happened. I thought at first they were not interested but after a while I could see a few of the girls becoming interested when they went to cool off in the water. They would take a longer look as time went on but Lori was just watching her friends and not really showing any interest. In a while she got up and went to the poolside bar and ordered a drink and while she was waiting I noticed the married guy who agreed with me and if I remembered correctly his name was Brian moved up to the bar also and ordered a drink. I could see them at first just small talking while they waited but when her drink came up she stayed with Brian and kept talking. Now Brian seemed like a nice of enough guy about six feet good shape and probably mid forties with slight salt and pepper hair. I felt a shot of adrenaline into my dick just watching my wife talk to this handsome strange man with her knowing I was no where to be found. They talked for about twenty minutes and they were really hitting it off. He had Lori laughing which made her start touching his arm and leg more often. There were a few times one of the girls would come by and join in with their conversation but did not stay long. Now as Lori got up to use the bathroom Brian came into the hotel bar were I was at and made sure it was cool what was going on. I reinsured him to take it has far as he could and also I gave him my room key. Lori had no idea I was there and I told Brian I would be hiding in the room watching. He said ok and headed back. As the twenty minutes turned into two hours later the other girls had left and gone back to their rooms by now just leaving Brian and Lori at the poolside bar. I could see Lori was feeling pretty good and was really into Brian. Finally Brian made a small move when he placed his hand on her knee and Lori took it and moved it slowly up her thigh which pulled Brian in a little and they had a small kiss. When they pulled apart for a second Brian ran his hand through Lori hair and pulled her close to him and they passionately kissed this time. When they broke apart Brian replaced his hand on her knee and Lori slowly took his hand and moved it between her legs so he was feeling her bump through her bathing suit bottoms. She took a drink and they kissed again. They started whispering in each others ear when I could see them asked for the bill so I figured I better get to the room.

When I got there I looked around for a place to hide and the only place that was safe was the closet. So in I went and with the vented doors I could see the entire room. In a few moments I felt kind of stupid just standing in this closet when all of a sudden I heard the key card in the door which beep and the door opened up. Brian came in first with Lori right behind. Brian turned a light on which was by the bed and took their drinks and put them down on the table. He put the radio on and asked Lori if she would like to dance. She smiled and said yes. They held each other very friendly at first but in a moment Brian slide is hand down onto her ass and pulled her closer to him. Lori had her eyes closed and was moving sexy to the beat of the music when Brian slowly kissed her neck at the neckline up to her ear. I could see this made Lori excited due to her nipples being full erected through her bathing suit top. She softly moaned while he kissed her neck then he slowly slide one of the straps off her shoulder which revealed her excited nipple. It did not take him long to slowly caress her nipple then move down and lick it. She moaned how good it felt and he came back and kissed her while removing the other strap which made her top fall to the floor. Her beautiful big tits which showed her fully erected nipples was an incredible site. Brian lowered himself down a bit and enjoyed kissing and licking her breast while slowly sliding Lori bathing suit bottoms off and onto the floor and softly touched her nice trimmed pussy which made Lori gasped to stop that she could not do this. Brain came back up and kissed her once again and whispered in her ear that she was gorgeous.

Brian kept kissing her neck and placed one of his hands on her naked ass cheek and pulled her into him. Lori had her eyes closed enjoying it when he slide his hand from her ass cheek around to her pussy and touched it again. She moaned with ecstasy when he did that. Brian asked if she was sure it was ok in which she spoke softly that yes please do not stop. He did not. He slowly spread her wet pussy lips apart with is finger and slide it up and down her pussy which Lori showed her approval by slowly spreading her leg slightly for him. He then penetrated her pussy until his hand made contact with her pussy hair this made Lori groan with pleasure which turned into a heavy breathing as Brian started to fuck her faster with is finger. Lori started moaning that it felt so go and not to stop Brian. But suddenly he did. She opened her eyes when she realized he was going place two fingers in her. She moaned please no but he knew that meant yes so with in seconds her moans turned into sexy screams of passion then the nasty sound of pussy juice gushing out onto Brian hand filled the room. She kept grinding her hips while pulling his hair when you screamed and started gushing juice again. She grabbed his face with her hands and kissed him passionately when damn it I fell over my suitcase in the closet trying to get a better look and made a noise. Lori heard it and came over and opened the doors to find me standing there with my dick in my hand with precum all over it. She was in shock and kept looking at both of us when I gave her the quick story. She was really in no place to be mad. Let me see she was naked with swollen pussy lips from being fingered fucked by a stranger in Palm Springs. Yea not really easy to be mad with your husband.

I smiled at her and said please do not let me stop you two and I sat down. Lori was still shocked when I told her to dance with Brian again. He walked over to her and took her hand and they started to dance at a safe distance again. She was looking over at me while they danced when Brian started kissing her neck and slide his hand back down onto her naked ass. Lori moaned Eddie while slowly closing her eyes from the pleasure of his touch. He reached up and took her face and moved to kiss her when she said no please no Brian but the sound was muffled when they kissed. When they broke apart she moaned Eddie when I told her to see how big his cock was. She started to unbutton his shirt then slide it off his shoulders while kissing softly his hairy chest. He started to caress her hair as she kissed down his toned stomach. When she reached his shorts she looked up at him and took hold of his cock while still in his shorts and smiled. She looked over at me for approval and I said go ahead honey enjoy your new toy. She undid his shorts and slide then to the floor which revealed his big hard cock. Oh my is all she could say. She had not been that close to some other guys cock in over 15 years. She looked over at me and said I can not do this Eddie. I stood up and dropped my pants and started stroking my dick and told her to take another mans hard throbbing cock into her mouth and make it cum. It was a beautiful sight to see her take his cock and start to stroke it then slowly lick his precum off. Brian had probably a ten inch thick cock and he was extremely turned on with Lori now sucking the head of his cock. She moaned as she took all of him into her mouth and slowly moving in and out which made Brain moan quickly. The sound of wetness from Lori mouth and his moaning made me blast off a load of cum. Lori saw this and moaned oh baby then started to rub her pussy while his cock was in her mouth. In a few minutes she was really sucking Brians dick when he yelled that he was going to cum. Lori reached up and grabbed his ass cheek and the sound of her gulping his cum down over took the rooms silence.

When Lori came loose of his thick wet red cock Brian took her by the hand and walked her to the bed and laid her down so she was staring right at me. He then grabbed her legs and spread them while starting to suck her toes which then he moved slowly down her leg unto her thigh. When she realized he was not going to stop until he tasted her wet pussy juice she made eye contact with me and moaned Eddie oh no baby I can not do this but he did not stop and made his way between her thighs and licked her pussy lips once and stuck his tongue inside her pussy which made Lori curl her toes with pleasure and scream oh fuck Eddie. Brian kept eating her pussy when he slide a finger in pussy and licked her clit while finger fucking her. This drove her crazy. Brian stopped and said hey Eddie I am going to fuck your wife now. I said ok with me as I started to stroke my oozing cock again. Lori yelled no please do not fuck me oh Eddie but Brian got up and took his massive thick cock and slowly placed the head into her pussy which made Lori scream Eddie oh Eddie. He slowly slide his cock in her all the way to the base and her scream went into a moan. She slowly spread her legs more to except his massive cock in her. He pulled it out and smacked it against her pussy lips just teasing her then stuck it back in deeply again. She yelled fuck me baby oh fuck me. She got what she wanted. He started to fuck the shit out of her and she went nuts with pleasure. She started to screaming and pumping her ass trying to have him penetrate her even deeper. She opened her eyes and made contact with me while she was getting fucked and what a beautiful site it was. Her tits were bouncing back and forth with his sweat dripping onto her chest and with her hanging on sucking his nipples and grunting. She yelled for me to come to her so she could suck my dick. Boy I jump up and took off my shirt and when I got close she grab my dick and deep throated it which made me cum in seconds. She was moaning that she was going to orgasm while gulping my cum when Brian yelled he was going to cum and pulled is huge red throbbing dick out of her and shot a bucket load of hot cum all over her face and hair. She immediately started rubbing his cum all over her tits when he rolled her over and grab the bottle of oil which was on the table. She knew what he was going to do and started saying no way baby but he took the oil and spread it on her ass then placed an oil finger up her asshole. She moaned and grabbed my dick and started to suck it again. But he was not finished. He oiled up his cock and started to insert the head into her asshole. Boy her eyes got big when he slide that ten inch thick cock all the way in. He started a slow steady pumping and grinding. She stopped sucking my dick and told me to get on the bottom that she wanted a double penetration of cocks. I slide under while Brain stop for a second but once I penetrated her she screamed with ecstasy and Brian started to fuck her ass good and hard. The feeling of being in Lori while another mans cock was running against my cock in her made my nuts explode. I blew my load quickly but my dick stayed hard so I kept fucking with all I had. Lori was screaming with pleasure when Brian grunted he was going to cum and pulled his cock out of her asshole and spread his load all over her back and hair. With him out of her this allowed her to pump back on me with her ass as she loves doing while fucking. Brain rolled off the bed and headed into the bathroom and we kept fucking good and hard. Boy seeing another man fuck my wife turned me on. Lori moaned she could tell I was extra turned on and to fuck my slut of a wife. So I rolled her over and fucked her hard until my nuts drove a final load of cum into her swollen pussy. We laid and kissed and the feel of another mans cum all over Lori body and face turned me on once again so we kissed and she stroked my cock. In a bit Brian came out showered and dressed saying he had a awesome time and that I was a lucky man having a beautiful woman like that to fuck. I agreed with him and Lori got up and gave him a sexy kiss on the cheek and said thank you for the drinks. He started to laugh and said you are quiet welcome and open the door and left.

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