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Aprils Visit - Couple

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I was sound asleep when I heard the motel room door open. As I began to rouse, it closed again and I began to imagine the headlines, "Visitor found dead nude in Motel Room." I remained silent as I heard the intruder move around the room. I calculated the best way to counter an assault when it came.

"Terry, its April" the intruder whispered as I heard the sound of a zipper being undone. "I am so sorry it took so long. I did not think Bill would ever go to sleep" the intruder whispered as she rustled some clothes, then lay down behind me. Her perfume was intoxicating, filling my senses as she pressed her breasts pressed against my back while her fur pushed against my nether cheeks. Her hand slithered down my chest, stopping to grasp my member, which was becoming enlarged.

"Terry, I did not know you were so big," she whispered as she pulled herself closer. She moved around her hair brushing against my thighs as her lips engulfed the head of my enlarging member while her hand squeezed my testicles gently. Gradually she swallowed more and more of it until I felt the tip against the back of her throat, while her tongue danced around the shaft.

I reached between her legs to feel for her cleft, surprised by the scarcity of hair around her swollen nether lips. I moved my fingers into her cleft, sliding one into the wetness while my thumb searched for her clit. Having found it, I added another finger into the damp, and began to move them in unison, delving deeper until I felt her stiffen as I reached the spot.

"Terry, I want you now," she whispered as she released me, then climbed on top to straddle me, lowering her wet pussy onto my phallus until I felt her pubic bone press against mine.

I reached up to her chest, searching for her breasts, which though small, had well formed nipples that pressed against my palms as I mauled her flesh with my fingertips while she began to slide up and down. This lady KNEW what she was doing, as she repeated the cycle, pausing at the top of each stroke so that just my head was between her lips, then sliding down, pausing at the bottom to grind her clit against my hair.

Each cycle became faster as I pinched her nipples, feeling the texture against my fingertips, giving an extra firm squeeze each time she hit the bottom of her stroke. I was approaching the point of no return when suddenly she became stiff, moaning "Terry, Oh, Terry, Oh Oh. . .", her legs shaking as I felt copious amounts of woman juice flow over my balls onto the bed.

I withdrew just in time, pushing her off of me, rolling her over onto her knees. I grasped her hips pulling her toward me pressing firmly into her soggy flesh. Once inside, I reached forward to grasp her breasts, using them as leverage to pull her against me so I could begin thrusting deeply into her, as the moaning got louder.

"Terry, pound me, oh Terry, fuck me hard" she sobbed as I did my best. As she began to quake with another climax, I rapidly pushed a finger into her anus, pressing more firmly until I felt the muscles relax to accept the intrusion, feeling my cock sliding on the other side of the wall of flesh.

This time as I reached the point of climax I again withdrew, reaching between her legs to massage her nub as I took deep breaths to regain my composure.

"Terry, please, don't stop" she pleaded as I manually rubbed her clit while my thumb entered her.

I decided to go for the gold: I pulled my finger from her ass, replacing it with my cock which was as hard as I have ever had it. As I began to press forward she cried "Terry, not there, I have never done that", but to no avail. I continued pressing against the rubber flesh until I slid in, moving forward until my balls slapped against the hand in her mound.

"Terry, please, oh, please, Terry" she whined as I pulled out of her, only to push in again, this time abandoning her clit to grasp her hips like handles as I force my way in. While the tightness of her dry hole, along with her pleading caused me to release my load, I continued to hump her cheeks as her tone change to "Terry, oh god, Terry, do it, do it, do it."

As the sensitivity grew in my spent rod, it nevertheless remained firm, so I continued to bore her despite the pain until she once again climaxed, this time falling forward pulling me on top of her, still imbedded deeply in her asshole. The tightness was keeping me erect, so I took advantage of the situation to continue to thrust until I released again.

As I shriveled, I rolled off of her, taking her into my arms to pull her close, kissing her warm lips.

After a few minutes, she said, "Terry, I have to get back to Bill. I will be back tonight." She reached down, taking me into her lips, licking our juices from me, then pulling away as she said "Till then . . " as she rose from the bed, dressed, and slipped out of the door, leaving me sated, and looking forward to tonight.

I woke a few hours later, and as the events that had transpired in my fantasy swirled in my head, I became erect again. I could almost smell her perfume as I rolled over onto my back, suddenly aware of a cold wet spot on the bed. My cock was sticky and the hair was matted with love juices.

I only hoped April was good to her word and returned tonight. And that she did not run into Terry in the meantime!


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