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Anal Maid

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Our cleaning lady is great! She's pretty, fun, and Australian. And always shows a lot of leg. Since the guys my wife fucks are always hotter than the women I fuck, I always thought it would be good for me to do the maid. My wife agreed, although she never once offered to lower her own standards. Apparently an open marriage is not a contest, and it was always my choice and responsibility to find fuck partners I'd be happy with regardless of their "hotness". Bullshit! But the maid would remedy this unbalanced situation. And she did, as a matter of fact, until my wife decided she couldn't let me have someone this hot to myself, and started fucking her as well. Which is fine, since I'm always allowed (or required?) to participate when she's with women. Anyway, this is the story of me and the dirty maid, before my wife started joining in:

It was a Friday afternoon. It's easy to remember, because she always comes to clean the house on a Friday. And she was alone, like she almost always is, unless she's running behind. And she was wearing very short shorts. And a tiny tank top. And her great big smile which I always hoped meant that she liked me. Turns out I was right. All it took was a simple remark about how short her shorts were to get things started. "I like my legs" she answered. "So do I", I thought. But instead I thought I'd be funny and mentioned that I never wear shorts this short despite liking my own legs as well. And that really if people went around showing the parts of their bodies they're proud of, we would need a lot more jails. Feeling the jokes were working, I mentioned that common courtesy was what kept me from answering the door without pants on. When she said that she wouldn't be offended by that, I pressed her a bit, until she finally admitted to enjoying the "male form". Which of course is code for "I'm horny, and I want your cock". I think.

When I "jokingly" started unzipping my pants with a jovial "Alright then!", she smirked the kind of naughty "bet you don't have the balls, but if you do, I'll be enjoying the show anyway" kind of smirk. When I stopped and pretended it was all a joke and that I would actually be embarrassed because I was wearing granny underwear, she laughed and said that really if that was a problem, I could take that off too. Bingo! The slow beat-around-the-bush start pays off! In a major way since she's now the one expressing sexual interest without me having to admit to it at all. "I could do that for a small fee" I said. She laughed, then almost immediately stopped, and looked at me with an intensely serious expression. I started to worry, but then she said :"How small a fee?" Then we both laughed and she said: "In that case, don't you owe me money for cleaning almost naked all these times?". Me: "I already pay you for that". Her: "For the cleaning, not for the skin I show". Me:"I thought you showed it because you like showing it". Her:"Yeah... I do like that". Me:"Well, this was fun, but isn't it time for you to start cleaning stuff... on all four... with your back arched, and maybe your midriff showing?" Her: "Hey!!! you show your midriff and arch your back and stuff!". Too easy: I simply lifted my shirt, and showed her my six pack. Finally all that fucking exercise paid off! Then, as awkwardly as I could, I started arching my back, and stopped when she started looking puzzled by the weird move. That's when I looked at her sexily and proceeded to rub my right nipple my one finger over my shirt. She busted out laughing, touching my forearm with both hands. As I tried to keep a straight face, I told her that now she had to clean the whole house with her back arched because what I just did was sexy enough that I deserved it. When she stopped laughing, she said: " I don't think so... Maybe if you take off your shirt I'll consider it". So I did, enthusiastically, and said: "All right then, let's see it!".

The "Wow!" look on her face when she saw my manly upper body said it all. So I gently grabbed the bottom of her tank top, and slowly started to lift it, saying: "Come on now, let's see that midriff". As she let me do this, she stopped smiling and looked right in my eyes. Her breathing accelerated, and as I took a tiny step forward, she put both her hands on my forearms. She was touching me ever so slightly, but without in any way keeping me from lifting her shirt. She started biting her lower lip and smiling gently when I had her midriff showing but kept lifting the thin fabric slowly. As I moved even closer, she grabbed both my shoulders and started frowning and breathing even faster. When we finally kissed, she was on the tip of her toes, pressing herself against me and breathing furiously. I caressed her waist and her back for a while and started touching her butt gently with both hands, drawing her hips closer to mine. She let me. She even started grinding her hips against mine when they met, and sliding me a little more tongue. She was now touching my chest, caressing it with both hands, moaning and pressing herself hard against me. We made out for a long while, and groped and caressed and ground into each other right there in the foyer. As we started sweating (the temperature in the house was an uncomfortable 77F), I pull her tank top off. She let me, raising her arms to help. Than she reached behind her back to undo her bra, and let me remove that while we continued kissing.

Her tits were small and firm and soft, and her nipples were hard and lighter in color than I would have thought. Then she reached down and proceeded to undo my pants, and grab at my rock hard cock. When she touched it, she let out a very pleased moan and started jerking it slowly. Not to be outdone, I unbuttoned her very short shorts and without pulling then down, slid both hands inside her underwear to rub her ass. She started rolling her hips and arching her back to help me grab as much of her cheeks as possible. Then she slowly lowered her head, pushing her ass backwards, pressing it into my hands, all the while looking right at me with a naughty smile. I let go of her ass before long, but she kept going down. And when she was finally facing my crotch, she pulled my pants and underwear down, and began to rub my cock in her face. Nice!

I then thrusted slowly forward, showing her my appreciation for this unusual move. She just pushed it into her face with both hands, and moving her head up and down and from side to side, she continued to rub up against my whole cock and balls. Then she began to kiss it all over, starting at the base. She kissed my balls, my pubis, my lower stomach, then back to my balls. She was jerking me very slowly while she was doing that. I was caressing the back of her head with both hands, thrusting gently into her face and hands. Then she started jerking me a little faster, and kissing my shaft along its sides, drawing closer and closer to the tip. When she almost had reached it, she stopped, and again, rubbed my cock in her face, faster and harder, pressing it against her cheeks, lips, eyes, even her chin and forehead.

"You have a nice cock!" She said suddenly, but without stopping. She was now literally jerking me with her hands and face. All at once, she stopped, retreated a bit, lowered my dick with both hands, and looked at it for a few seconds. Then she opened her mouth and put my tip between her lips, but without making contact. As she looked straight at me and smiled, she began breathing through her mouth, directly onto the engorged tip of my cock. Her breath was so hot my cock started pulsating in anticipation. Then she drove it into her mouth, still not making actual physical contact, although not completely successful. As she breathed heavily onto my cock, I began to literally crave her mouth. Any time I felt a little bit of teeth or tongue or cheek, My cock surged in pleasure as she immediately remedied the not yet wanted contact. When it finally came, I let a huge moan, realizing I had been holding my breath while she breathed me in. She first let me down onto her tongue, and kept me there without moving. Then she closed her lips around my shaft, and moved her tongue only all over my cock. Within a few seconds, she stopped, and kept still before very very slowly sliding her lips up my shaft. I didn't dare move, I didn't want to brake the spell. This was the most amazing blow job of my life and it hadn't even started really. As she gained speed, she came to an abrupt stop when my cock hit the back of her mouth. But instead of retreating, she stayed there, her mouth full of me, and began to press forward, pushing my tip down her throat. She pushed slowly but steadily until her nose was flat against my trimmed pubic hair. And again she stopped. When she finally started moving back, I shivered in pleasure and amazement at what she could do. She didn't stop until I was fully out of her mouth. When she did, she looked at my cock intensely, and said: "I want you in my throat again". And again she took me all in. Much faster this time. Then she sucked and sucked and sucked my cock for a good ten minutes before saying anything else. She kept swallowing my tip and licking my shaft and balls and jerking my cock, and sucking it again and again, more and more feverishly until at last she stood up and looked right at me. She still had my dick in her hands and was jerking it fast and hard, when she kissed me with a lot more tongue than nice girls use.

She literally was licking the inside of my mouth, breathing almost uncontrollably hard. She started squirming and moaning when she finally spoke: "Fuck me!" She almost screamed with an intense frown on her face that almost looked like pain. And so I took her arm and walked her to the living room where I gently made her sit on the couch before removing every item of clothing she was wearing, not letting her touched me until we were both completely naked. Then I looked at her beautiful body and told her to lie down on the couch. She immediately did. "Can you show me your pussy?" I asked. She smiled a huge smile, and lifted both legs up, rolling her hips toward the ceiling. She then grabbed the sides of her pussy and spread it wide. She was trimmed very short, had large thick labia, and her clit was sticking up from under its hood. She was sopping wet. Her anus was a light pink, almost skin colored and completely hairless. It was surprising large and thinly wrinkled. Her pussy hole was gaping a bit, bright with juices, and opened more as she pulled on it from the sides.

I sat in front of her wide opened pussy, and looked at it for a few seconds before touching it with my fingers. When I did, she moaned loudly, closing her eyes and letting her head down on a pillow. I spread her juices everywhere with my fingers. From the top of her clit hood down to her ass crack. She didn't seem to be bothered or even surprised by it. In fact any time I rubbed a little more juice on her anus, she seemed to groan a bit. When I finally got down to apply my mouth to her opened pussy, she shivered all over, and let out a huge groan of pleasure. Her pussy was delicious. Her clit was firm and delicious, her labia was soft and delicious, her pussy hole was wet and hot and delicious, and her anus was tight and responsive and delicious. She was getting so wet I couldn't believe it. I started fucking her with my fingers while I kept licking and sucking her clit and ass. She kept wriggling and shivering as I busied my mouth and fingers all over her willing naughty bits. When she turned her hips slightly and proceeded to move one leg under me and one over my head, to get on all four, I never broke contact with her wet slit. As she finally found herself on her hands and knees, I began to fuck her pussy with my tongue while rubbing her clit with three or four fingers. I then started to lick he backdoor, and try to poke her anus with the tip of my tongue. Her loud moan let me know this was a good thing.

Ans so I licked her from clit to tailbone for a few minutes, exploring the entrance of her two holes with the tip of my tongue any time it would come sliding across them. As it seemed she enjoyed me being in charge, I thought she might enjoy having my cock in her mouth again. I was right. As soon as I slid my turgid tip across her lips, she swallowed me whole, grabbed my balls, and sucked on my cock with just as much enthusiasm as she had before. While buried deep inside her throat I felt like giving her a little more tongue, and maybe a little more fingers. I leaned down toward her lower back and realized I couldn't reach her pussy that way. And so I spread her ass with my two hands, and proceeded to rim her beautiful anus while I reached down to grab her clit with my right hand. She started to suck me even harder when she felt my tongue exploring her rear entrance. And even harder when I made contact with her clit. We did this for at least ten minutes before I felt the urge to fuck her insanely wet pussy. I got up quickly and got behind her, lifted her ass up in the air, and slapped my cock against her puffy pussy. She groaned a loud and long groan as I proceeded to rub my dick all over her wet self, and an even louder one when I slid my cock all the way up her snatch. She kept moaning and groaning louder and louder as I fucked her pussy faster and faster, deeper and harder. I thought she would come in no time if I touched her clit, and so I refrained from doing so for a little while. Her pussy felt fantastic: Tight and shallow, naturally wet and steaming hot. I couldn't stop fucking her. I pounded her and pounded her for what felt like hours, and she kept encouraging me with intense glances back at me while loudly voicing her approval. Her juices were all over my cock and my balls, even running down my inner thighs at every blow into her wonderful cunt.

When she threw herself forward, my cock flying out of her, I was so surprised I don't think I stopped thrusting right away. She quickly turned toward me, sloppily kissed me, then swallowed my cock in one motion, and sucked it for a few seconds before presenting me once more with her fabulous backside. As I plunged back into her warm depth, I started to rub her clit with purpose. She took my cock like a champ for maybe a couple of minutes before a telling shiver began to shake her body in the uncontrollable fashion I had been fantasizing about seeing for quite some time. When her orgasm broke free, she lost all control and spasmed into a frenzied scream at the top of her lungs, at the end of which she began to wriggle and squirm until her whole body surrendered to intense spasms. I kept fucking her tight little pussy until she seemed to be completely done. And even then, she made me keep thrusting into her for a few more minutes. When she finally spoke, she simply said: "can you come?" When I said yes, she extended her hand, palm up, and said:"give me your hot cock". When I put it in her hand, she firmly closed it around my shaft and started to jerk me while sucking on the tip. "I want to see your jizz" She said, looking right at me. "Tell me when you're ready" she added. When I replied "I could do that right now", she slid up the couch to position her pussy right in front on my cock, spread it with her left hand, and with her right, proceeded to rub my cock tip, while angling it toward her opened slit. It took less than a minute for me to be ready. The skin of her palm was sliding all over my bright red tip when I began to feel the familiar tingle. I blew my load squarely onto her opened pussy, just the way she wanted. She began jerking me faster and harder when she saw the first squirt, and her eyes lit up as I emptied myself all over her juicy little cunt. Then she leaned forward and let me enjoy her mouth for the last few spasms and beyond.

When I was completely done, and almost completely soft, she came back up, looked right at me, and whispered in a very naughty voice:"Do you want to fuck my ass?" Did I just hear that right??? Did I misunderstand her Australian accent? Was it a joke? I must have looked so surprised that after she pressed her tits against my chest and sat on my lap, her legs around my waist, and her arms around my shoulders, she brought her lips to my ear, and whispered: "I want your cock. Do you want my little hole?" After I said yes, she asked in a whisper:"You're going to fuck me in the ass?". To which I tried to respond in a tone that wouldn't betray my enthusiasm: "Oh yeah!". Of course, I had already licked her ass, so the cat was out of the bag. Who was I kidding? Of course she knew I wanted it.

"You got lube?" She asked, getting up. At that point, I shot up, and ran to the bedroom to retrieve a bottle a lube, and the little syringe I use to lube up my wife's ass when we do it. When I came back, she was on all four on the couch, her ass straight up in the air. "I love anal" she said, looking at me with a naughty smile. "I want to feel your cock inside my little hole..." Of course I couldn't tell her that her little hole is in fact a big little hole, but I wanted it all the same. I probably wanted it even more because it was different.

She kept talking dirty, determined to be naughty as possible:

"I want to feel your tongue all over my hole! I want you to lick my ass!"

Of course she wasn't taking very much risk there, since she already knew I liked doing that. But I thought I'd join in, and see how perverted she really is. I was in for a surprise. I started out with a very mild: "Yeah, I like licking your ass", immediately followed by my tongue up her ass. It still tasted like her pussy juices, and I felt like my erection wasn't going to be gone long. She encouraged me:"Oh yeah, lick me right there! Lick my naughty little hole". And so I licked, while putting down the lube and syringe. Then I grabbed her two ass cheeks, and spread them wide, flattening her already large anal areola into something half the size of my palm. Then I kissed the wrinkled center and began to slide my wet lips all over her anal area. She again felt this was worth some encouragement: "Oh yeah, lick my ass!". As I started to really lick it all over, from her tail bone down to her taint, and from side to side, not stopping until I had reached dry skin, she realized she could be raunchier:"Yeah, lick my whole ass! lick my crack and my tight little asshole!" Then I began to press the tip of my tongue against the very center of her anus, and pushed hard until I could feel the little funnel in the center expand. That's when I realized my cock was hard again. After a few more pokes at the very center of her backdoor, and while she started moaning more dirty encouragements, I got up and stuck my hard again cock flat against her ass crack. "Do you want me to slide my cock against your asshole?" I asked. "Oh YES!!!" she replied loudly and enthusiastically.

And so I did. Pressing it down against her wide open ass crack, I began to slide my cock up and down the soft crevasse, making sure to put more pressure against her anus as my tip slid across it. On the up stroke, I would make my balls slide up her crack, letting them rest against her asshole for a few seconds before dragging them back down, and replacing them with my cock. After a few passes, I removed my turgid member and again dove in, mouth first, to feast on her expanding anal orifice. I could feel the tip of my tongue going farther and farther into the delicate folds of her wrinkled doughnut. She was relaxing under the caress of my mouth. In the same manner her anus was growing, her dirty quips were also becoming more and more raunchy. She also realized I would tongue-fuck her ass if she wanted me to. So she said, very matter of fact:"I took a very thorough shower before I came. VERY thorough!" To which I replied, trying to coax the pervert out of her once and for all: "I will lick you as deep as you want me to..."

When I again lunged forward to apply my tongue fully against her anus, she reached back and spread her ass with two hands, turning her tightly shut orifice into a bright pink funnel the size of a fingertip. As I licked and licked the newly exposed entrance, interrupting myself only to whisper "your anus is beautiful", she started to wriggle a bit, and to say all kinds of dirty things: "Yeah, lick me right there, right in my anus. Taste my little hole". Of course, I couldn't say much with my tongue a good half an inch inside her ass, but she didn't slow down: "Fuck that little anus with your tongue! Lick me in the ass!". Every now and then I would try to top her, to find her limit: "Your asshole tastes so good! I want to put my tongue inside your dirty little backdoor". And she would again and again top me: "Yeah, dig deep! You can go as deep as you want inside my dirty hole! Fuck my anus with your tongue! Fucking lick me inside my little asshole" Before long, that is exactly what I was doing. I was actually inserting my whole tongue through her anus and into the smooth, thick wrinkles of her rectum. I trusted that she would have stopped me if she had not been clean enough for it. But she didn't. In fact, she kept spreading her ass and pushing back against my face as I rimmed her farther in than I had every rimmed anybody.

When I finally couldn't hold it any longer and wanted to fuck her ass, I got up, brought my cock to her mouth and asked: "You're ready to take my cock in your ass?" She nodded, her mouth full of my dick, and sucked me some more before pulling away, turning her back to me, leaning forward, and spreading her ass with her hands. "fill my asshole with your cock" she urged me. But instead of sodomizing her right then and there, I touched her anus with my fingers, then slid the entire palm of my hand up and down her ass crack a few times before gently putting a finger up her ass, and asking her: "You want me to fill you up?"

"Oh yeah!" she replied.

Me:"You want me to fill you up with what?"

Her: "With your big hard cock!"

Me, inserting two fingers inside her rectum: "what is my cock going to fill?"

Her: "My asshole!"

Me: "Your dirty little hole?"

Her: "My butt! I want you to fill it up with your cock! I want you to fuck my anus" Me, pouring lube onto said anus, then working it inside of it with my fingers: "I can't wait to feel how tight you are back there" Her: "I can't wait to feel your cock sliding through my tight little hole" Me, now slowly fucking her ass with two fingers and pouring more and more lube into her rear opening: "I can feel inside your ass with my fingers" Her: "I can feel your fingers" Me: "I can't wait to sodomize you" Her: "Oh yeah, fuck my little dirty hole! Sodomize my anus with your cock!"

Me: "I want to feel your dark little tunnel around my cock" Her: "Oh, you are naughty!"

Me, now seriously finger-fucking her ass: "You know my cock is going to go deeper than my fingers, right?"

Her: "Oh I can't wait to feel it go deep. I want you deep" Me, removing my fingers: "You want my cock?"

Her: "Yes, I want your cock to fill up my dark little tunnel! Fill up my dirty hole" Me, putting the tip of my cock against her butthole: "This is my cock, tell me what to do" Her: "Push it inside my anus" Me, complying: "Where can you feel my cock now? What do I do?"

Her: "I can feel it opening my anus. Push it in. Put it inside my dirty tunnel."

Me, pushing the tip of my cock past the ring of her inner sphincter, and feeling the intense tightness of her rectum: "You are very tight back there. Your anus is wrapped around my cock really hard" Her: " Yes, open my anus with your cock! Open it and fuck it!"

Me: "Your rectum is so tight! Can you feel my cock inside of it?"

Her: "Yes, you're filling it up. Keep filling it up. I want it all full of your cock!"

Me, inching my cock deeper inside her wide open ass: "God you're so fucking tight! Can you feel my cock inside your dirty little hole?"

Her: "I can feel your cock! I want more of your cock! Fill my rectum up! Tell me where you're putting it" Me: "I'm fucking your little anus with my cock. I'm filling up your rectum with it."

Her: "Oh yeah, fuck my little dirty hole!"

Me, two inches from bottoming out: "You're taking it! You're gonna take my whole cock aren't you?"

Her: "I want your whole cock. Fill me up! Stretch my anus wide open and fill my shit hole full of cock!"

Me, pushing the last of my cock up her rectal cavity: "Your shit hole is so tight!

Her, now moaning and rocking her hips back and forth: "Your cock is inside my ass!"

Me, now fucking her faster, bottoming at every thrust: "I'm sodomizing you, you naughty girl!"

Her: "Sodomize me! Pound the shit out of my ass!"

Me, starting to pound her hard: "Your asshole is amazing! It's so tight around my cock!"

Her: "Oh yes! I love your cock! It feels so good inside my shit hole! It feels me up so good! Pound my anus! Pound my shitter! Dump your cum inside my shit hole!"

Me, almost ready to blow my load: "I'm going to come! I'm going to come in your ass!!!"

Her: "Blow your load up my ass! Fill my shit hole with your cum!!!"

That was enough for me to start feeling the familiar tingle deep inside my belly. The tightness of her bowel all around my cock made it hard to get going. But once the initial buildup had culminated in an incredible pressure in the base of my shaft, I pushed my cock as deep as I possibly could inside her rectum, putting one leg over her hip, burying myself sideways into her incredibly small hole, feeling her anus swallow ever more of my cock. When I stopped, bottoming completely out, I began to gush out cum, pouring my juice deep into her tight, tight shitter, in squirts as intense as the rectal pressure they had to overcome, each strangely painful and deeply satisfying, while I could feel her anus contracting slightly, massaging the base of my cock in the perfect rhythm of my orgasm. She was moaning loudly as my ecstasy peeked, her hips rolling forward slowly as I gushed and gushed deep inside her bowel. My orgasm resorbing, the gushes became shorter spasms, and finally intense pulses. I remained buried in her until I could feel my cock getting softer. Then I started fucking her anus again, thrusting slowly in and out while the last spasms came to a slow stop. I kept pumping into her backdoor well past the point were I had stopped coming and caught a wonderful aftershock which restored some pulsation to my softening cock as I pushed in deep to enjoy the very last bit of this incredible orgasm inside the most beautiful ass I have ever fucked.

Once the aftershock was over, I resumed thrusting, gently pulling out before slowly reinserting. It wasn't until I couldn't physically penetrate her anymore that I finally stopped and fully removed myself from her wide open backdoor.

As I crashed onto the couch, almost out of breath, she turned around, and said: "That was the best anal I've ever had!"

Since then, we have had a lot more sex, a lot dirtier sex, and even have started fucking with my wife. Of course she lied about it being the best anal ever for her. We've had much better since, since she's apparently able to reach the famed "anal orgasm". But to me, that was the best up to that point.

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