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Anal Destruction

I was with a coulpe of Guys. they were a gay couple.
I was young, just a preety Boy. The First one laid on his back on the bed with his head hanging off and told me to face fuck him. I replied how. He said to use his face like I was fucking a pussy. So I did. I was young so I was rabbit fucking his mouth and choking him pretty regularly. then we would continue. I got tired of it and decide that just before I was gonna cumm, I would force it all the way back in his mouth and then cumm. well I saw his eyes get so big and his neck litterly puffed up as I was pumping babies down his throat. He puked of course Right after I puked on his tonncells.
He was choking for a bout 10 min. His other room made gave me 3 blow jobs with in like an hour. we were high on speed.
Later he was stroking his cock and I mean it was huge. and He wanted to try and fuck me. I said hell no. finally he talked me in to just letting him put the head of it in my ass. He took it slow. I was in a corner on my back with my legs allmost behind my head. Then he started hurting me. and the more I cried and begged it seemed like it turned him on even more. I laid there paralized getting my ass holed stretched. and when he started to cumm, he started to long dick my ass. and right before He was fixing to blow, he started slamming his huge cock in and out of my asshole. I mean he was slamming it all the way to the nut sack. It felt like he was tapping on my spine. after he was done all I could due was lay there. I new I was bleeding. I went to the bathroom and there was a fuu lenght mirror, so I bent over and pulled my butt cheeks apart and looked between my legs and was wondering how much blood there was gonna be. I saw my gapping hole almost blood red with cumm oozing out of it running down my balls. but no blood. That was the most painful experiance I ever had. And a demented side of me desires to do it again. Its been nine years.

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