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A Warm Summer Evening

It was a warm summer evening. I was staying with John for a couple of days. I was in the yard, hanging some things on the clothesline when he came home from work.

I heard his car pull into the driveway. I heard the car door slam and then heard his footsteps as he came up behind me. I was wearing a thin sun dress. Without saying a word, he kissed me on my bare shoulder as he reached around me to cup my tits. I know he felt my stiffened nipples through the shear fabric. His hands rubbed over my hips and ass as his pushed my dress up behind me. He knew I wouldn't be wearing any panties. He pressed his groin against my bare ass and I felt his hardness through his jeans. I pressed my ass firmly into his erection.

Then I heard him lower his zipper. I felt the soft tip of his hard cock between my ass cheeks. Instinctively, I parted my legs and his cock slid between my generous pussy lips and into my wet, waiting canal. He pushed slowly and deeply into my wet box - a nice, long, slow thrust. Then he withdrew his hardness until just the tip remained inside my warm, wetness. He pushed slowly and deeply into me again, his hands on my hips, pulling my body toward him as he pushed into me. Again he withdrew his cock slowly until only the tip was still in me. This time he withdrew his cock and entered my ass. He pushed slowly and deeply into my tight rectum until I felt his heavy, cum-filled balls against my thick, wet pussy lips. He pulled his cock out and pushed into me again. Then he thrust into me, this time harder and deeper. I felt him erupt as he pulled my hips back onto his erection. His warm cum filled my anal cavern as he growled, his body convulsing and he filled me with his seed.

He took his hands from my hips; I heard his zipper as he pulled it up. He kissed me softly on my shoulder again. Then I heard him turn and go into the house. I bent down and reached for another item from the clothes basket. I felt the warm cum oozing from my rectum and running down my thigh as I finished hanging the laundry.

End of Story