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2 trucker in the drive

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Judy here and I thought I would share this with you. I mf in my late 30s, nice shape with 36c that are still pretty firm. Can still wear a bikini and look good. Well I've been married for a while and a great sex life with hubby, We talk about doing wild stuff but never done anything to nutty. Hubby works for a warehouse and foreman and run's the first shift. He was unloading a over the road truck and the floor was pretty ice. frozen load. Well he was driving to fast and slide, poking a hole right threw the trailer wall. So his company had to get it fix and sent it over to a shop to get it fix. The truck had 2 drivers and they could go pick up their next load until the trailer was fix. So hubby feeling bad . offer them a home cook meal at our house while they had to wait. So to my surprise in pulled hubby with these 2 guys following him in there semi tractor. It was a hot day in I was wearing my shorts and halter top. So hubby tells me their having supper with us, okay thanks for the notice. So I work on fix supper as I heard the story of their truck and the damage. Now these guys where over road driver and in their late 20s. Nice looking and hard body from working hard, So story's where told while eating and I found out they all most live on the road to play for their truck,. It was a huge big , double bunker with all the toys to go with it. They where both single. well one was divorce because to much time on the road.Now they don't get to hang with to many women so they flirted and pick on me most the night. Well they found out later their trailer wasn't going to be fix until the next day. So they had a few beers with hubby and telling all their wild story's. They keep theirs eyes on me most of the time, Hubby notice and he just smile about it. They ask if they could leave their truck park in our drive for the night and sleep there. I told them they could have our guest room but they said they would sleep in their truck and was telling about their truck, TV radio. water bed, and all that stuff, home away from home. They offer me a tour of it but I pass on it. So few beers later I had enough and went to take my shower and get ready for bed. I was in the shower and I heard hubby come into our bedroom, I came out with my towel wrap around me, Hubby was sitting on the bed , with a big smile on his face. He said they went out to their truck. so I was combing out my hair and he started talking about them stare at me and how he thought they where so turn on by me. I laugh and told him they have been with a woman for so long any woman would get them turn on lol. Then he ask me what I thought of them , I told them they look pretty good to me lol. So then he started to talk how they where over road drivers and we would never see them again and that we should let them have the quest room for the night and be able to take a shower. I told him I didn't care if they did and that he could go tell them. He said he did but they didn't think that I would want them too and that I should go tell them. I told him I wasn't going to get dress to go out there. He told me I just could slip on my robe and run out to the drive way to tell them. As he said that he hand me one of my bath robe, It was my short silky black robe. I laugh and said that pretty short for running outside to talk to them. He laugh and said he knew it but thought they would enjoy it. Then he telling me how he thought it would be so hot for me to wear it talking to 2 young strangers. Knowing that I had no then on under it. By the time he got done tell how turn on he was thinking about me doing this, I decide to do it. I figure it would get hubby turn on and some hot sex tonight. So I sip it on and remember real fast on how short it was. Plus being of silk and clung to my boobs pretty good. But out I went and knock on their truck door, Standing there in my robe I told them they could use our guess room. Stare at me with big eye they told me they had all they need. I told them our room had to be more comfortable and they laugh and said they don't think so and offer to show me their truck again. I said no that was okay and went back in the house, I told hubby what they said and started to head to bed. He ask me why didn't I see what their truck was like, I laugh and told him, I'm wearing a short robe with nothing under and im going to climb up into a truck with 2 guys in it lol. He said sure why not? So I told him that they are 2 young guys that been on the road for a long time and not to much of a sex life and that they mite not be able to behave themselves lol. So he ask me what the worst that could happen. So laugh I said well I could probably loose my robe and end up naked with 2 driver , He smile and said that's a turn on just thinking about that. I look at him and said well think about this, if I was naked in their truck I think they would problay try to jump my old bones lol. With a serious look on his face and ask me if i thought they would. I look at him and reminded him of them talking about no sex life and that they where probably pretty horny guys and they way they been looking at me, I think they would try lol. he smiled at me and said is should go find out. Now this was a real surprise for me to hear, So I told him if I did that they mite just try to jump my bones lol Then he came back with telling me how in the past I said I want to try 2 guys at one time. I did say the but it was a fantasy thing. As I was thinking about what he saying I did notice my body was getting pretty turn on by the ideal. and I mean really turn on. So now looking at him serious , I ask him you are serious about this? He said yes and he wanted me to try it. Looking at him I told him, if I go out there and show to much skin they provably going to try to fuck me! He said he knew that. I mean the both of them are going to want too! He smile and said that he knew that and was turn on by it. now I've all was wanted to try this but never dare too and never thought my hubby would ask me to try it. So now im turn on thinking about this in my robe, getting hornier each sec. Looking at hubby I told him, you now they haven't had any in a while they mite just want to play for a while? He just smile and said ( wear them out) The more I thought about the more I wanted to do this. so one last time I ask him if he was sure and he said yes. So I slip back out and knock on their door again, I offer them our guest room, telling them it had to be more comfortable . He laugh and said we have it all right here. I told him I couldn't see how it would be better there, So he ask me to check it out again. I was hoping he would, So I told him, I guess I'll have to see this for myself to believe him. He open his door and I started the climb up.He was smiling as he got a better look at my robe. As I got and turn to look, I was surprise how much room was in the back. they had it set up as bunk bed style with the one on the bottom being quite big, the second guy was up on the top bunk watching TV. I turn to see the TV and notice he was watching a x rated show and a woman was getting fuck really hard on it. He jump to shut it off and said he was sorry. I laugh and said he didn't have to shut it off, dive seen them before lol. So as I look around he ask me where my hubby was and I told him that he went to bed, and that he had to many beers lol, We all kinda laugh. So I did tell them how nice it really was in there. He told me to sit on the bottom bed, its a water bed and its even heated. So I sat on the edge and found out he was telling the truth, I notice he was stare at my legs. the bath robe was pretty short and lots of legs showed. I bounce a little telling him how nice it was. He told me to lay down on it to get the full effect. so I slide my legs up and lay back on it. By doing this my top robe push open more with a lot of cleavage showing and my robe was really high up my legs now. the second guy was leaning over stare down at me and the other stood there smile at me. He ask me if I felt the wave's. So I wiggle around abit to get the wave going. But by doing this my boobs swaying around became more notice able. Smile I said this is really nice bed and really must be a fun bed to play on. He smile and said it was but that he don't get much chance to do that. So I just smiled and said then you most be luck today and he ask why. I slowly reach up and untie my robe and then reach by my boobs slipping finger under robe. slowly slide finger down pulling robe open as I did, My boobs come slide out, showing my firm titties with their hard nipple pointing up. I keep sliding down opening more robe as I did. both guys eye where glue to my hand following their ever move. Finial my robe open all the way and my hot pussy was uncover. Then I said your luck because today you get to play on it. The second guy ask what about him. Smile up at him, I said you can have all you can Handel too. The first guy was taken off his clothes as fast as he could. so I finish taken off my robe, He sat down on the edge running his hand up my thigh, pulling my legs apart. Until he found my hot wet pussy. With a smile he said that I was one wet bitch. lol I better be if im going to take care of you 2. As he work my pussy he started to suck on my titts. But now I'm so hot and wet and so horny. He pulling my legs apart more as he playing and sucking on me, Then he stop and finish pulling off his shorts. His cock jump up rock hard and bigger then I thought. He don't waste much time sliding on top of me pushing my legs apart. Its not long and his cock finds my pussy and he line up and starts to push in long and hard, deeper each thrust. I wanting this so bad I'm pushing up to meet his thrust. I look up to see the TV and a girl is getting fuck too. then I see the second guy watching us as he taking off his clothes too. He jumps down and stand there watch us fuck, as he stroke his cock. He seem a bit larger. This is the first time I had someone watch me fucking and I did find it a turn on. Now his cock is buried deep into my pussy and he pounding long and hard. Not to long and I find myself cumming hard as he pounding away. Shortly after I feel his cock swelling and pulse and pumping his juice into me as he blow his load. He pushing deep and hard as he pumps into me.When he done blowing his load he just fall forward on top of me. He friend telling him to get up and that its his turn. so he starts to climb off pulling out his cock as he do's. His juice are pouring out of me as he pulls out. It most of been a few days load that he gave me. As he got up I notice his cock cover with our juice. His cock was still semi hard as he got up. the second guy didn't waste no time taken his place.He was on top slamming his cock into me as fast as he can. I guess he couldn't wait with watch the TV and us got him all turn on. He was bigger and slamming into my surprise it wasn't long and I was cumming again. I guess he was to excited because he didn't last to long and he was blowing his load too. He fell down beside me and started to play with my titts as his cock slide out and juice flowing again. the first guy sat on the edge now and slide his had up to my soaking pussy. His cock was rock hard again. so now he ask me if I ever did 2 guys before and I told him no that this was my first. He smile and said that we need to make the best of it. He move up the bed with his cock in his hand. Waving it at my face and said it was time for me to work. He guide my head to his cock , shove it between my lips. to do this I had to roll over some, The second guy still playing with my titts and now playing with my pussy too. His cock was big and I couldn't fit it all in but I started to suck long and deep. His cock seem to get harder as I suck. He holding my head as I suck, grinding into my face.He was moaning some as I suck. Then he pulled my head off his cock and told me he need my pussy now. so he slide down pulling me onto of him. so now I'm straddle him and on top. So I found his cock and slowly slide down onto it. It seem he was even bigger now as I started to ride his cock.The second guy move in behind me and reach around play with my boobs as I rode his partner. He was kiss and sucking on my back as he played with my boobs. I'm grinding my pussy into his partner cock. the first guy slide around so his leg where on the floor as I rode his cock .Pulling my legs up to him so I was riding him higher now. the second guy around on the floor still play and sucking on my back. He was rubbing and playing with my as that was wet from all our juice. He started to kiss his way up my back to my neck press his body against me as he did. I'm still ride my cock trying to cum again. That's when I felt his cock rubbing against my ass as he suck on my back. He was grinding his cock against my wet soaking ass as I keep fucking. After a bit he stop kissing my back and lean back some. He had his cock in his hand, stroking it and running it all over my ass. Just as I wonder what he was up to he slide his cock down and pushing forward, just as I was about to ask him what he was doing his cock pop into my ass. I never been fuck in the ass and this guy was going for it. I tried to pull off but now the 2 are holding me as he driving his cock deeper into my ass. the first guy kind laugh and said you wanted 2 guy and now you have them. I never had a cock in my ass before and never when one was in my pussy too. It didn't matter where I move I had a cock going into me some where. But with all our juice as lub the pain didn't last to long and now I'm fucking them both, even finding myself pushing back into the second guy I do believe they have done this before. I was cumming again as they both started to blow their loads again, Pumping their juice to me again. We all kinda fell down trying to recover. Then I figure I better get out of here and back to hubby. so I got up and told them thanks for the tour lol. The one guy was still laying on my robe, so I ask him for it, He laugh and said I couldn't have it. That if I was going to leave the fun, that I would have to go back to hubby naked and dripping with juice.. I tried to get it but he wouldn't get off it lol. It was late and I didn't see anyone around, but that dam porch light was on and light up the whole driveway. I had to go, so I climb out fast and made a dace for the house. I heard a banging noise off to my left as I ran, but I figure it was our neighbor dog again. I ran into the house to fine my hubby standing there with a smile. He ask me how was my tour? I told him I was right and that they where to horny drivers lol. He pick me up and took me and laid be right there on living room floor and started to fuck the hell out of me, He never fuck me so hard and good. Look out for part 2 and I'll tell you about the noise I hear when I ran into the house.

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