Swingers Article: swingers fall forecast

Fall Forecast

We are headed for the Hottest Fall on Record. Ladies and gentleman, to feel your hottest. Highlight your favorite body part. Do you realizeF that the part of you that you that you like best is usually your sexiest part. Whether it is your neck, shoulders, chest, flat belly, perfect bottom or long long legs? If it makes you feel your sexiest, highlight it and go for it! Style out this fall in Basic Black or Angelic White. The little black dress is a must, unless you look ravishing in white. the suggestive innocent look can be very sensual. You will find Animalistic Animal Prints in warm earth tones on one end of the spectrum and Neon Neons on the other. Both groupings are perfect for the fall for men or women. Try Passionate Pink and Sapphire Blue with uneven hems on short or long skirts. Sexy boy shorts, halters, flare legged and split pants are important parts of her fall casual wardrobe. For the men, Basic Black and White are very sexy, especially when done in microfibre and just a little see through. Lingerie is for every night, not just special occasions. A surprise this fall for the ladies is everything adorned with ribbons and bows in a wonderful return to sexy adolescence. Gentlemen, animal prints always bring out those "instincts" when used in silk boxers, boxer briefs and hot hot thongs. Make your lady growl. The best for the fall. Custom Corsets made of silk, brocade, satin and velvet are designed to be worn on the outside and are perfect with velvet or silk skirts, both long and short. Don't forget a casual-dressy look of pairing a trim pair of slacks or dressy jeans with a silk corset. Long and glittering gowns, and short and sassy cocktail dresses, the more glittery the better are important assets to your fall party wardrobe and will carry on into the Holidays. Hot Hot Red, green and burgundy are your best bets for the Holiday. Rhinestones will be found everywhere and on everything! Jeweled ears, necks, bodices, waists, ankles and feet will make you the spotlight of the night. Heels, heels and more heels in bright colors, faux animal skins, pointed toes, open heels and platforms. Select a heel that shows your legs off to perfection, add your favorite outfit and strut your sexy self. For all occasions relax, look and feel touchable.