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Casual, Elegant, Sexy or Slutty, I All Depends.... By: Danielle www.shopfantasy

We've been talking with another couple and we've decided to meet. What should we wear? The most important thing to remember is to treat meeting with someone for the first time as a "First Date." Look your best, as first impressions are truly lasting impressions. Because first dates are about the unknown, you might indulge your own romantic fantasies by selecting outfits in which you feel you look your best. Choose fashions that show your best assets to their advantage without revealing too much. A "slut look" for your first date is not your best choice. Attire all depends on your personality, the other couples personality, and where you are meeting. Keep in mind the location. Do dress appropriately for the venue. Are you meeting in a coffee house, restaurant or other public location? Be sexy in your short skirt, but leave the micro mini in the closet. A little cleavage can be a good thing. Being almost bare at a public venue is a definite Don't. For him, again, look your best and keep in mind where you are meeting. Slacks and a nice shirt are always appropriate. Guys, no matter how comfortable those jeans and sneakers are, avoid the temptation and leave them at home. Don't forget about shoes. Ladies, very high heels can be very flattering to the leg and add some sought after height, but will you look out of place in 6" platforms at the neighborhood coffee house? What if you all decide to go for a long romantic walk? For both of you, unless you are meeting on the beach, flip flops and tennis shoes are Don't choices. We have been invited by a couple we've just met to a house party. What do we wear? Always feel free to ask the host what type of attire they would prefer. Private home parties vary in appropriate dress. Depending on the host and type of party, dresses, tops and skirts or pants and even costumes are appropriate. If there is no special theme for this home party, choose a dress, skirt or pants, depending on what you feel comfortable wearing (Note: Don't wear ripped or torn jeans and t-shirts unless you have been instructed to by the host). Because these are people you have just met, do dress a little on the conservative side. It is far more comfortable to unbutton or remove an article than to feel as though you are very "under" or "un" dressed. Dressing sexy is fun and a good choice, but be considerate of the host's neighbors. Remember, the host will still live there after the party. If you choose something very revealing, you might try a shawl or cape that would add to your outfit, but will hide what you want to show until you get inside. Shawls and capes also add a little drama and mystery to your look. For him, conservative is also better. Men have the advantage. They can be Mr. GQ on the outside and have a very hot pouch underneath. We have never attended a club. what should we wear? Many clubs have a dress code and they may have a theme party planned for the night you are attending. Check with the club for these particulars. Do dress as if you are going to meet your fantasy couple. If you always try to look your best, you will never have that "Oh my gosh, they are so Hot, why did I dress like this" feeling. If there is no theme, Saturday night at a club is your night to shine brightly. A little black dress is always #1, but you can be glitzy with rhinestones or casual sexy in a denim mini skirt and sexy blouse. This is the night to bring out the 6" platforms, the rhinestone earrings, belly rings and belly chains. Rhinestones and rhinestone belly chains are, by the way, very hot for the fall and Holiday season.

Get the most out of a theme night. join in the fun and dress all the way. Yes, that means you too, male half of the couple. Dressing as a Naughty School Girl and the Headmaster, The Pirate and The Wench or whatever the theme, can add playful fun to meeting other couples. Let your imagination go wild and it just might lead to even more imagination later.

One recommendation, especially on theme nights, leave a change of clothes in the car. You don't want to be the ONE couple that mixed up the dates and is dressed in a toga.

We have won a trip to a Resort in Jamaica. What should we take?

Me! Oh, OK not me. take your sexiest things from the most casual to the slinkiest and from the least to the skimpiest. That just about covers it and does not cover you! Remember it is HOT down there in more ways than one. Daytime apparel, in most resorts you will find to be fairly open. Topless beaches and pools, nude beaches, and semi nude fun abounds. Bright neons and colorful print fabrics are perfect for the island moods. Many resorts have special theme nights. Find out what these special nights are from your travel agent or online through the resort's website. Do plan to dress for these nights. Many couples do and the fun seems to follow them. Not every night requires a costume. Some are sexy dressy and some are sexy casual. All nights are Sexy with a capital S. Take that long see through dress you have been dying to wear and have not had the right occasion. It will be perfect for the resort. Find costumes or casual wear that you are both comfortable with and go for the fun of it. Enjoy yourself. You can both just be yourself at the resort without worries. Don't worry. Be happy!