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A wife’s sexual transformation

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We have been swinging, off and on since early in our long-term marriage. When we got married just out of college, I was the first man who had ever fucked her. Up to that time, she had only had some heavy petting and hot make-out sessions. Only one guy had actually gotten her panties off, up to that time. Which has always surprised me, since she loves French kissing so much, that her pussy gets wet almost immediately. But, I must have been the right guy because I had her panties off and we were fucking regularly within the first two weeks of starting to date. I can still remember that incredible feeling the first time I slid my cock into her wet pussy. What a fantastic feeling! And she was hooked on that wonderful feeling of a man?s cock entering her for the first time as deep as it will go.

After reading articles in Playboy and PentHouse Forum back then, we started talking about swinging and had our first opportunity with some friends. That night at our house, I took our friend?s wife to our bedroom and my wife got naked with our friend in the living room on our couch. It didn?t take long for my horny buddy to have her legs spread as he knelt before her and inserted his cock into her willing and open pussy. I had finished with his wife and was excited to come out and see what my wife was doing. The light from the end table was shining right down on the two of them on the couch and that was the first time I saw another man?s cock fuck her. I loved watching that! That?s all I could think about after that, and I told her how fantastic it was to watch another man spread her legs and slide his dick in her pussy. After that first time, we found other friends who would join us in 3-somes and also went to the nearest swing club where we selected single men to join us and also played with other couples. We always fucked bareback then and there were nights after going to the club, that she would have several loads of different men?s cum dripping out of her cunt. That turned me on so much and being able to fuck her last while other men?s cum oozed out around my dick and dripped down the crack of her ass felt so fantastic. Her pussy felt like wet, slippery velvet. And, I am a visual person and seeing her swollen, pink pussy oozing with cum kept me hard for weeks.

Unfortunately, to my frustration, we stopped swinging for a long time. She felt we needed to concentrate on raising our family. But during this time, I continued to talk about how much I had loved seeing her get fucked in the past and we would fantasize during our love-making sessions. I continually told her how much it would turn me on to see her have sex again with other men. And for a long time she resisted. She later told me the reason she resisted was because she was really afraid of how much she would love it again. I also told her how much better her pussy would look shaved bare. So, I started shaving her pussy totally smooth as a prelude to playtime. And the incredible look and feel made her feel extra sexy and just a little slutty with me. She liked being sexy for me and she really liked men paying attention to her, but would it be too much?

She was also concerned that as a more mature lady, men wouldn?t be attracted to her like they were when she was in her 20s. She is 5?2?, and still has a great ass and nice D cup breasts. So, after many years of not playing, we started back into swinging, slow at first, but the feeling of another man?s cock in her again for the first time brought back those fantastic feelings. The first guy I found for her was a 6 foot 6 hunk 20 years younger than her who had a beautiful, thick 8 inch cock. She had multiple orgasms and was so turned on, she just melted. Her pussy ached with pleasure from this man?s beautiful cock as he slid it in her wet willing pussy. She was in total bliss and was hooked again, right then. I was so turned on watching my wife lay there naked being taken willingly by another man. And she told me afterward that being wanted by men really turned her on. Being the object of their wanton desire to fuck her made her pussy wet.

She has always dressed somewhat conservative, unless we were on vacation or in Hawaii or alone just with me. I told her I would love to see her dress more sexy when we go out, so I started buying her shorter skirts and more revealing tops. At first, she was hesitant to go out in public to meet the men from the SLS site for drinks dressed like that. But, soon, she couldn?t wait for the chance to dress sexy for the next guy I would arrange for us to meet. At first, when we met men, she would wear thong panties and no bra. And if she really liked the guy, she would excuse herself and go to the restroom and take off her panties. She would then ride with the guy in his car back to our house and I would rush home first to set up the video camera. Sometimes, they even stayed in the parking lot for a few minutes and had a hot make-out session before heading out to our house. But during the ride to our house, the guys would always slide their hands up her smooth thighs and feel her wet bare pussy and sometimes she would even take her top off in his car so they could play with her bare tits.

Now, she has totally stopped wearing any panties ? even g-strings ? and never wears a bra. I have continually added to her slutty wardrobe with sexy dresses, super short skirts that barely cover her ass, and tops that show her nipples that will give men easy access to feel her up. Now, when we meet a man for a drink to get acquainted, she loves to slide into the booth next to the guy and looks forward to him putting his hand on her thigh under the table. She is not someone that needs a lot of preliminary small talk. I have told guys just to start flirting and turn the conversation sexy right away. This almost always leads to the guy feeling all the way up to her turned on pussy running a finger along her wet slit. She is a very oral person and loves French kissing and sucking cocks. So when a new guy she just met starts making out with her and she feels his tongue dart in and out of her mouth, that just turns her pussy on even more. And the whole time, I am watching this new man enjoy my wife. And she loves showing off in front of me and doing what turns me on.

Secretly, I have always wanted my wife to be a sexual exhibitionist. When she was younger, I would have loved seeing her be a nude dancer and have all those men watch her naked. And, I know she used to love having an audience at the swing clubs when we or another guy was having sex with her. The idea of being totally exposed while men look at her pussy and tits does make her juices flow.

Over the past year, I started telling her how wonderful slutty she was and how much I liked her dressing as slutty as possible for other guys. She liked dressing classy and sexy, but wasn?t sure about being slutty. But the more times she dressed slutty and the more I enjoyed it, the more she got into it. And then after a particularly hot session with a well-hung single guy and after re-watching the video porn I took of her and the guy, I called her my whore. Now, we had joked for a long time that I was her pimp for bringing her single guys to fuck. And I had told her she was a call-girl for their pleasure. She enjoyed that scenario. However, she had never considered herself a whore. But, she was already turning into a willing slut and she was enjoying the men who really just wanted to take her ? after just meeting her. The feeling of a man taking her in his powerful arms and covering her mouth as he plunges his tongue down her throat and then undressing and feeling her up while he is ravishing her, has become an incredible turn on for her and me. She loves pulling a man?s pants off and seeing his cock spring out at full erection. Having a man just want her because he wants to get off and fuck her or have her suck him off makes her pussy wet. That was turning her on more and more, and she started referring to herself during our hot sex sessions as my slut-whore. And I love fucking her after she has had sex with other men and telling her how good of a slut-whore she was with the latest guy.

The hottest thing is that she is willing to have sex with anyone that I like and want her to fuck. She loves feeling like the guys whore as I pimp her out to single men. She loves dirty talk in bed and tells the guys she wants to be their whore for their sessions and wants him to fuck her as his whore. This always turns on the guys and they fuck her that much harder, which is what she loves! And, as I mentioned earlier, I video them fucking her, so we have our own large collection of porn movies, with her as the star. I have been wanting her to have sex with some of her lovers by herself. After I am comfortable with a guy, I would love to take her to their place and leave her there for several hours to be their whore for an afternoon. Then when I pick her up she can tell me everything she did with the guy. She has fucked guys alone in our second bedroom without me in the room and that turns me on. I can hear her moaning and having screaming orgasms with these men just down the hall. She has loved the totally private time with these guys and I know she would love being taken and fucked like a whore at their home.

I also know that once she started doing it, she won?t want to stop. She loves being naked with a man and feeling and playing with his hard cock. She truly has become addicted to the taste and feel of a man?s cock. And she has told me repeatedly that nothing in the world feels as good as a dick sliding into her cunt. She especially loves 7+ inch cocks with a nice mushroom head with a pronounced ridge. She says the feeling that delicious ridge makes going in and out is beyond pleasure. So, I always have the guy send me a picture of his hard dick to be sure it will please her.

She has become so uninhibited in her sexual desires over the past 2 years. I love how she has become a free spirit and loves hot sex. She?s no longer just my personal whore, now she loves being a whore with all these sexy single men and even the husbands of the couples we swing with. They aren?t used to hearing their wives talk that dirty in bed.

The other thing that she loves doing is pleasing a man to orgasm and then sucking his cock back up after he comes in her. She wants him to keep fucking her or to feel him cum again as she sucks him off and drains his cock of every last drop of cum. Many men have told me she gave them the best blowjob they?ve ever had. It really turns her on when men want to use her cunt for their pleasure. She wants to hear men talk dirty to her and call her a slut and whore. Her biggest pleasure is cumming on a cock just as the guy erupts into a massive orgasm in her cunt.

She continues to please me and many other men. She likes turning me on as I watch man after man use her for their sexual pleasure. My next desire for my whore is to tie her spread eagle naked on our bed with a blind fold and have 5-6 men come in and use her. I want them to stick their cocks in her mouth and cunt and cum as many times as they want. When we have talked about the idea of her being taken like that it has made her pussy super wet and her body quiver with anticipation. The more we have talked about this, the hotter she gets. I know her pussy would be wide open and wet and willing.

A few years ago, she had her first black guy. And since then she has fucked about 8 different black guys and a couple of them, multiple times. So, if they were all black men fucking my white whore it would be even hotter. I?ll write another update after I?ve arranged her gangbang. In the mean time, she is looking forward to the next single man I give her to fuck. Her pussy is wet and willing. I am a very lucky husband!

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